Consider IRL – Zach

It’s always interesting (to me, anyways) to find out who the person is behind the player.

Of course it doesn’t actually matter. If a person is ten or twenty or fifty, if a person is in high school or in college or in a career, if a person lives off their parents or their own hard work or their lucky lottery winnings… it doesn’t affect what type of player they are and how good they may or may not be at the game. I’ve played with adult men with families or jobs who were plain horrible. I’ve played with teenage girls still living at home going to high school who were amazing. I’ve seen everything between those two extremes. The fact is, real life circumstances have near zero relationship to in-game performance.

However, let’s be honest: human curiosity demands one know. Could that person you’re playing with be your fifth grade teacher, that creepy neighbor in the house next door, or that celebrity all over the news? Is that person who claims to have a son who sounds suspiciously like you actually your dad?  Is that person praising every little change in the game, no matter how controversial or poorly thought-out it may be, actually a Blizzard employee? The possibilities are endless, and you have no way of actually knowing who they are short of them explicitly telling you (and even then you only have their word to go by).

And, besides, there are some genuinely legitimate reasons to be interested in the person behind the player, especially if you’re a guild leader evaluating a promising application. What if the person is still in high school, and thus doesn’t have full control over their own playtime? What if the person lives with their parents, and thus can’t talk on vent late at night for fear of waking them? What if the person is in the military, and thus is subject to long periods of unplayable time or poor internet conditions? Real life can cross into the game, particularly if you’re younger.

So, it does matter. Somewhat, anyways. The obvious question then: Who am I?

Located in Florida, living in an apartment with a single roommate, I’m currently a full time student working on my degree in elementary education, while at the same time holding down a part time job at a nearby after school elementary program. Aside from the occasional HoN game, there’s nothing I really play outside of WoW. I’m an avid reader who can go through a book or two a day and am interested in authors as varied as John Grisham to Ayn Rand to George R. R. Martin (as if he’ll ever come out with the next book!).

Oh, and my name is Zach.

Am I the most fascinating person on the planet? Of course not – not even close! However, that is me in a nutshell, and hopefully it sheds a bit of light on where I’m coming from in regards to some of my writing.

Until next time, good night.

8 Responses to Consider IRL – Zach

  1. Valtiel says:

    Ayn Rand – check (heck, I’m sporting one of her quotes as my current WoW forums sig)
    G.R.R Martin – check (I haven’t read A Feast for Crows due to me being incredibly pissed at some of his recent writing – and being horribly spoiled by my gf about it – but should he manage to go on with the tale, I know I’ll pick it up and keep reading).

    Elementary school education? No wonder you have the best thread on EJ.

    Pranks aside, nice to meet you Zach. I’ll be following this with interest.

  2. Zumal says:

    And I will be following this with interest as well! I love following your thread on EJ, and I’m sure you’ve seen me from time to time on the forums. I wanted to mention how cool it is that you live in Central Florida…I literally just moved out of there a week ago after graduating from UCF (is that where you are studying at the moment?) and finally moving back home to Miami.

    It’s my favorite time of the MMORPG lifespan…expac theory-crafting! I can’t get over the excitement I had when reading and watching videos of the new Death Knight class (I followed Jayde’s blog religiously) and I imagine it’ll be much of the same come Cataclysm beta. Keep up the good work here (and the Unholy thread, although you’re all done there 😛 ) and I’m sure we’ll have much to talk about later.

    • Consider says:

      Ugh, I hate it here. Born up north, and do not do well with the heat! Living here is bad enough, I can’t imagine being even *more* south.

      Familiar with both of your names, of course, and hopefully I don’t disappoint. This just gives me something else to keep busy with, especially with the current lack of time EJ is taking up.

      • Zumal says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty hot here, especially recently, lol. You didn’t mention what school you are going to, and I’m curious. My fiancee is also studying to be a teacher, and just got her major in English with a minor in education. I don’t know if you follow politics or not, but I’m sure you’ve heard what’s been happening with the state school system :P.

        Also wanted to admit something here: I’ve been DW Frost for a while now, doing sick dps and loving it. However, I should have Shadowmourne in a week or so, and I’m worried that switching to 2H Unholy will actually make my dps drop! Just wondering your thoughts on the matter.

  3. Zumal says:

    That sounds good, but are you saying that with dual 284 one-handers and BiS, DW Frost will win out? Something about that bothers me! A 284 legendary vs purple 284s should not really be equal in terms of overall dps. Otherwise, where is the drive to get the legendary? Its a rare class of item, and the fact that it’s so close at the moment really makes me worry. Not that Hard Mode Lich King is anywhere close for my guild, we’ll get there eventually, but a legendary should be…well…legendary! The other side of it is that Shadowmourne is easier to get than two 284 Havoc’s Call, and I guess with that logic it makes sense that they would be better. I’m torn, haha 😛

    • Consider says:

      2x Havocs Call Frost and Shadowmourne Unholy are near identical, more or less. Just comes down to the fight specifics and such factors.

  4. Communism says:

    Whoa, I’m a 21 Orlandonian at UCF too!

    All us cool DK tanks must be down here.

  5. Caeden says:

    This was actually a fascinating post. I’m in a guild around rank US 3000ish. Nothing super spectacular. Its interesting hearing exactly who the best players are. Myself, I’m a chemical engineer that just hit the 30 mark and is also writing a PhD dissertation while working for a major information technology company.

    At one time I did raid leading and can be very vocal on vent, but when I met a few guildies…well…former guildies while on vacation in Florida (coincidentally) they thought I was surprisingly quiet in real life. I always thought studying how ones persona morphs between your community outside a mmo-rpg and your community within the mmo-rpg would make for an interesting psychology experiment.

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