How best (if rather unoriginal) to start off a fresh blog with nothing other than an introduction?

To begin with, I am Consider of Laughing Skull, a Death Knight of some minor repute: Aside from proudly being a member of Deus Vox, one of the top guilds in the world, I’m best known for my work on the popular theorycrafting site Elitist Jerks. There I run the Unholy Death Knight DPS thread – not only is it one of the most popular on those forums, averaging over 15,000 views a day, it’s often complimented as the best organized and most informative.

Although you’ll undoubtedly catch me referencing my thread at various times, this blog won’t primarily be about theorycrafting. What would be the point of saying the same thing in two places?

Instead, I hope to focus on the other side of the game – subjective analysis and musings, along with personal background and advice. Ideally this blog will provide me with a platform less restrictive than EJ in which to ramble to my heart’s content about thoughts on Death Knights, hardcore raiding, and the game as a greater whole.

For the time being, I don’t intend to publicize this page. What would happen if I managed to start attracting readers only for me to decide a week later that this format of writing isn’t my type of thing?  Once I have things formatted to my liking, a number of solid posts up, and the knowledge that I’ll keep at it for the foreseeable future… then I’ll bother to get this link out there through subtle means and hopefully readers will start trickling in. And if readers don’t start happening by? Then so be it; I find it as relaxing to ramble to myself as it is to ramble to others!

If you somehow manage to stumble upon this page before that point in time, then kudos. Enjoy, and hopefully things won’t be too chaotic while under construction!

For now, that’s about it. Off to test out some various themes, then to sleep.

Tomorrow look forward to a brief background on the actual guy behind the toon.

Until then, have a pleasant evening.

8 Responses to Preliminaries

  1. Hey, just wanted to stop by and say I like what you’re doin’ here. And if you’re curious who I might be:

  2. Michael Muslovski says:

    Enjoy the blog. It’s nice to read your take on things outside of EJ. If you keep it up: awesome. If not: we’ll always have EJ.

    I know how you feel though; why would anyone want to read what a complete stranger has to say? That was my experience with my ill fated blog.

    • Consider says:

      You know, I did briefly consider the possibility of essentially deleting my EJ post (turning it into something along the lines of the moonkin thread, where the first post isn’t actually a guide, just a link to a guide and some general guidelines for discussion), and then putting all of the information on this site, along with information on Frost and Blood. It would guarantee I kept up both sides of the work – EJ and blogging – without letting one go at the cost of another (not that I think either will happen as is, but it could).

      There would be a lot of advantages. I could present information on all specs (whereas I’m limited to just Unholy on EJ. Not that the Frost/Blood threads there are bad, but past versions by others have been, and it’s frustrated me). I would be able to add more information even to just Unholy and present all of the information – new or old – in a more innovative manner (using a single forum post is incredibly limiting, in so many ways. Having a whole website would open numerous possibilities). I wouldn’t have to worry about getting infractions for silly reasons (which I have, once for simply pointing out Kaubel made a mistake, but that’s neither here nor there) which in turn can cause me to get a temporary ban, preventing me from editing stuff when it needs it most. It would have the side benefit of automatically guaranteeing the blog aspect of the site got views, so I couldn’t complain there!

      There are, however, just as many disadvantages. For one, it would be a lot of work, and it would almost certainly require an actual website (meaning my own domain and such). For another, there is a level of convenience to having the information on Elitistjerks, and although the high level of moderation can occasionally be overdone, for the most part, it’s all very much ideal for and promoting of intelligent conversation.

      I haven’t ruled out the idea, completely, as it’s very much an interesting possibility to consider. Who knows.

      • Zumal says:

        My thoughts on the matter are split as well. But man, would I love to see you do a Frost Guide :D. Not that Darkside’s is bad, its just he doesn’t update all that much, and the guide could do with some more sections (like BiS lists, generic stat weights for different setups, etc). How much experience do you have with DW Frost and 2H Blood, out of curiosity?

  3. gravity says:

    I could broaden the current catch-all forum at pwnwear to have a proper “DPS” section if you wanted to put your threads amidst an existing DK community. I’ve got a dedicated server (expensive hosting) and so there’d be no capacity/hosting issue, nor would you need to worry about technical maintenance (I’m doing that).
    You’d not have a site branded after yourself though, if that matters to you (note you won’t make any money out of your own blog).
    But you would go towards concentrating worldwide DK knowledge a little more in one location; currently pwnwear is tank focused and I have no personal intent to broaden it, but if a prolific writer like yourself were interested that would work.
    I think the site rules we’ve set up make a lot of sense, and were somewhat my own response to dkinfo decline and to EJ’s elitism.

    • Consider says:

      A very interesting offer, and certainly an appreciated one which I will have to seriously consider.

      The whole self-brand isn’t a factor, nor is making any money (for some reason, I was going through my billing history the other day. Over 1k spent on this game over the past 5 years. Just ridiculous!), but there are some other aspects to contemplate, of course.

      Either which way, very nice site you have going on there, and it’s a shame there aren’t more like them around (for other areas/classes). Or that if they are around, that they aren’t really ‘out there’ and known.

      • BigKoala says:

        I, for one, would definitely welcome your voice and ideas on pwnwear — I’m secondarily a tank and first and foremost a DPS and, as you’ve said, following all of the discussions on EJ simply isn’t practical. (I’m not sure that any large scale forum is practical, but that’s a larger issue. I don’t know of any content management system that can hold up well for extended communal discussion.)

        As for the $1k, I agree that it’s ridiculous, but in the other direction. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you played only half of the days during those 5 years. That means that you’d be paying less than $1 a day for what was probably at least an hour of entertainment. Don’t know about you, but I usually spend more than that of soft drinks during the day!

  4. Shadovar says:

    I’d like to throw my support in for a DPS area in pwnwear too. Like BK I’m a DPS/Tank who has followed both your own and Gravity’s work for some time now and I can’t envision a better marriage of dedicated moderators in their respective fields of expertise.

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