Cataclysm Buffs – A Couple Missed

Somehow, these two changes totally slipped past me when I scanned the Alpha spell IDs for my previous post:

  • Death and Decay now costs a Blood Rune, down from a Blood, Unholy, and Frost rune.
  • Corpse Explosion now costs an Unholy Rune, changed from runic power.

Suffice is to say that the DnD change is a huge buff; an ability costing fewer resources is always a plus, but especially so in this case due to the nature of triple-rune abilities and how their use affects our rotation.

As for the CE change, it’s hard to say whether it’s a buff or a nerf, considering we never currently use the spell. If CE does decent damage (equivalent to Howling Blast, which is also down to a single rune, for instance) and doesn’t require a corpse for use, then this is excellent news and the ability will become a staple for Unholy DKs. Judging by the available information, however, neither of these things have come to pass yet, and a means to remove the corpse requirement is especially paramount, for without it the spell is quite literally unusable in the vast majority of cases. Blizzard has plenty of options for doing so without harming the ‘theme’ of the spell; add a major or minor glyph to allow you to bypass the need for a corpse, cause the spell to do triple damage if used on a corpse (similar to how Howling Blast will deal triple damage if used on targets afflicted by Hungering Cold) but normal damage otherwise, allow corpse dust to be consumed if a corpse isn’t present – the possibilities are endless, but something has to change for the ability to be more than a gimmick. Knowing Blizzard, though, it’s a safe assumption they’re aware of the issue and have a change in mind to implement.

It’s interesting that all of our AoE abilities will now be single-rune, instead of single-rune (Blood Boil, Pestilence), double-rune (Howling Blast), triple-rune (Death and Decay) or runic power (Corpse Explosion). It should make it much easier for Blizzard to bring the three specs in line AoE wise, and it will means AoEing doesn’t cause our rotation to become extremely clunky due to unsynchronized rune refreshes and additional empty GCDs

It’s also interesting that the talent trees are each shaping up to have one AoE which is unique to itself (BB/HB/CE), while already having it’s own unique double-rune strike (DS/Ob/SS) and it’s own unique runic dump (RS/FS/DC). Although there is currently some overlap with BB and RS/DC, I would expect them to become more enhanced for their respective trees while diminished for the others. It’s good, though, as more flavor never hurts, and it sometimes feel as if different specs are handicapped because one is stuck using an ability which is primarily intended for that of another tree (BB currently, for instance, which is just laughably weak for Unholy).

I’m still digging through spells to see if anything else is different, and will make a new post if I make any catches. Otherwise, I’ll be on to other topics in the meantime.

Until then, pleasant dreams.

5 Responses to Cataclysm Buffs – A Couple Missed

  1. Zumal says:

    I just wanted to comment on the fact that Corpse Explosion has remained so bad for so long. It is a gimmicky spell just like you said, and I think the last time I ever used it was in the Wrath beta. People flipped that we had a necromancer-like ability, but it turned out to be a complete disappointment. It has been a crap ability for too long and it either needs the axe, or to be redesigned. I have faith in Blizzard too, though, so here’s hoping they will get it right the second time around.

  2. vitae says:

    you couldn’t have said it better, corpse explosion is the biggest waste of an ability out there. I hope they change the requirement to corpse dust or make a minor glyph for it because i think its arguably the worst ability in the game.

  3. Communism says:

    The problem with Corpse Explosion is itself. It doesn’t make sense for it to NOT use a corpse, else what is it exploding? Corpse dust is a potential solution, but a pure damaging ability costing a reagent is pretty absurd.

    • Consider says:

      Hence why you just then add a glyph along the lines of Glyph of Raise Dead.

      But, yeah, there’s very few ways to tackle the issue as the flavor aspect is just so essential, even if it cripples the actual spell. It needs to be done, however. Or the entire spell renamed and/or reworked.

  4. I’m pretty new to BlogEngine and noticed that a number of your other readers have different avatars. Any idea as to how I can change mine? Is it possible to put a custom one?

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