Guild Talents – The Point?

Digging through Alpha spells revealed a couple new gems:

  • Fast Track – Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5/10%.
  • Mr Popularity – Reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5/10%.
  • Mount Up – Increases speed while mounted by 5%. Not active in Battlegrounds or Arenas.

Due to the fact that all of these spells have ranks (including Mount Up, although it appears to only have one currently), there’s little else they could be aside from talents, and due to the fact that all of these spells are unlinked to a specific talent tree or class, there’s little else they could belong to aside from guilds.

Before judging these, one has to question: What is the intent of guild talents?

Is it to encourage people to stay in their current guild, and not constantly switch? If so, these incentives fail. All these talents do are make things take a bit less time; leveling, farming, and travelling. They don’t allow you to do anything you couldn’t do otherwise, they simply make it go by slightly faster, and it’s extremely doubtful that that’s all it takes to keep a person in a guild. If it was, then you wouldn’t see people with heirlooms moving around, or humans with Diplomacy applying here and there.

Is it to give guilds more motivation when progressing through PvP/PvE? If so, these incentives fail. All of these talents benefit alts or those otherwise approaching/new to the level cap. They do not benefit those participating in end-game content (be it raids, arenas, or rated battlegrounds), and from what little Blizzard has hinted it or said, that end-game content appears to be the primary means by which you advance your guild talents. You push progression in raiding so you can experience harder raids, earn the rewards of those harder raids, and better enjoy the raids you already do. You push ratings in arenas (and battlegrounds) for the same reason – to go up against harder teams, to earn the rewards of beating those harder teams, and to better enjoy the time spent playing any teams. You don’t do either so you can level faster, grind rep quicker, and run around swifter.

Is it to promote the social aspect of guilds? If so, these incentives fail. Leveling, grinding, and travel are all solo activities. You do not need otherwise to assist you in them and, in many cases, it’s most optimal to do it by yourself even if someone else is willing to lend a hand. Thus, if anything, these talents take away from the social nature, not add to.

The list could go on, but I believe you get the idea – whatever the intent of guild talents may be, these specific ones do not seem to meet them.

Now, yes, of course these three aren’t the only ones there will be, and it’s completely possible these are simply some “fun” talents while others will go towards meeting one/some of the above potential goals. But if these are actually a glimpse of all that is to come? Color me unimpressed!

Until next time.

Note: Shortly after posting this I discovered that there’s apparantly a faction labeled Guild Reputation, the description of which reads “This reputation represents your standing within your current guild.” The speculation one could derive from this is near endless, so all I’ll say is that this could be Blizzard’s way of tackling that first stated potential goal of encouraging people to stay in the current guild and not constantly hop around. It will be very interesting to see how it’s implemented, if that’s what it is. Expect more on the subject another day.

5 Responses to Guild Talents – The Point?

  1. Angvard says:

    I suspect that the guild-talents allow guilds to offer a more specialized playing environment to their (potential) members. If you like to level a lot of different toons, join us, if you want endgame progress, well we do our best but we don’t want to spec mass resurrection to save time on whipes (was mentioned as an example on blizzcon), we like our 10% ep bonus instead.

    You’ll probably have all the bonuses you want if you are in a guild that is either hardcore or more casual, so they don’t really matter anyway. If you are in a guild that has members from both sides, there is bound to be some drama.

    Let’s hope Blizzard has some surprises in store for us.

    • Consider says:

      Moving from what the talents are and to what the talents do for a guild: It all depends if you actually have to pick-and-choose talents, or if a guild can get all them (if eventually and through some work).

      If a guild has to pick-and-choose, then that becomes problematic for, like you said, there are many guilds with members which participate in both PvE and PvP, or both hardcore raiding and casual alting, and people won’t like feeling hurt in one area of the game because their guild primarily focused on the other. Not to mention the fact that it makes no sense for Blizzard to discourage people from exploring all aspects of the game.

      If a guild can get all of them, however? Then Blizzard has to tackle the issue of it either being so easy that all guilds have them, or it being so hard that you have the “haves” and “have nots”. Finding a middle road will be key, and the best way for Blizzard to tackle it will be to enable multiple ways to unlock the same ability/talent. Mass Ressurection, for example, could be attainable by either completing a specific hardcore raid, reaching a specific ranking in Battlegrounds, or running a specific number of five-mans below the level cap. Something of that sort gives every guild a means to progress, but one which can be done by their own chosen path.

      As I’m sure is obvious, I’m thinking Blizzard goes with the “all guilds can eventually get all talents, although how they get them and how quickly they get them is what differentiates the guilds from one another” method. At any rate, it will be interest to see how Blizzard addresses the issue.

      • Zibidideath says:

        And to answer whether you have to pick and choose them, there is a guild talent tree, and guilds have a max level obtainable, and as the guild levels it gains talent points to spend as the guild leader deems.

  2. Zibidideath says:

    Well, one of the biggest tings with this is that they’ve already announced guild talents such as ones that reduce repair costs of everyone in the guild, and ones that take a certain percent of all gold looted by guild members and adds it immediately to the guild bank (not at a cost to the person). These, along with the ones announced back at Blizzcon like the full raid rez could definitely benefit a guild, but they aren’t ever meant to be something that “impacts the game” to use their words, just makes things a little more convenient. Also, ways to advance guild achievements aka guild levels aren’t limited to doing “endgame” content. Leveling, raiding, leveling professions, and even pvp are all viable ways to level guilds up, but a guild won’t be stacked by leveling alts due to their announced capping to the top x contributors to the guild being the only ones that give points every week when guild experience for the past week is determined.

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