Yes, GC is right – As am I

I assume by now, judging by the number of messages I’ve received, that everyone has seen Ghostcrawler’s latest post concerning Death Knights and Cataclysm, which appears as follows:

There’s no question that GC obviously knows what he’s talking about, but does that make me wrong when I still have the Mind Freeze change listed in my Cataclysm Notes?

No, it does not.

Look at Mind Freeze from Wowhead, and note the spell ID. Understand that all of Wowhead’s database is that of the current patch.

Now, look at Mind Freeze from Sigrie, and note the spell ID. Understand that all of Sigrie’s database is that of the leaked alpha client.

Notice the similarity? Both spells have the same ID.

So, yes, Ghostcrawler may be right in saying that in the expansion Mind Freeze will still cost runic power, and that’s likely already the case in whatever version of the expansion he has available to him. But for at least one build of Alpha, Mind Freeze did indeed cost a Frost rune, and considering that version is all that was leaked, that’s all we can go by.

Until a build is pushed and revealed which shows it going back to runic, I intend to keep the change in the notes. Not because I think GC is possibly wrong – there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s right – but because there’s nothing available to the public to support his words, while the leaked client which everyone can see clearly says a Frost rune.

Please note, the intention of this post is simply to explain why the change is remaining on the list, nothing more. Just figured I would dash off a quick comment on it.

Until my next, regular piece – have a good afternoon.

5 Responses to Yes, GC is right – As am I

  1. Okkita says:

    How about he is right because he is the person ultimately responsible for ANY system changes. Then how about you just fix the notes and move on instead of trying to be “right” through the use of wordplay.

    There was no reason to write a somewhat apologetical, yet stubbornly upnosed entry about this. It didn’t even make any sense that those abilities had a rune cost. How about this as a blog entry instead: ” Don’t fret, Mind Freeze data is wrong in the leaked alpha. It still has a runic power cost, as expected. Nothing else to see here, move along.”

    • Consider says:

      Relax. There’s nothing to fix, and that is the reason for the post – the notes are what changes are in that build of the alpha, and that’s a change there. Yes, that change may not last, and yes, it might not even be there in the internal build, and yes, GC is undoubtedly correct – but based on what concrete information we have available to us at the moment, it’s there, and the notes page specifically says that all of those changes are ones actually there, not announcements (as the latter may not always come to pass).

      This isn’t a “I’m never wrong!” or “I do what I want” post. It’s merely my reasoning for not removing it from the notes, and if it comes off in a different light (or if you disagree with my opinion on the subject), then I apologize, but still stand by it, as I consider it quite reasonable and logical.

      If I didn’t make this post, I would keep get questions as to why it’s still listed there. And if I simply removed on based off the words of a blue, no matter how likely they may be to come to pass, then that opens up a whole new can of worms as to what to put on the list and what to ignore.

  2. Rhaevos says:

    I’m suprised there was so much drama from this change from either side of the issue. Some people where all doom and gloom from it costing a frost rune and others are pissed they were fooled. It’s not a big deal either way and even *IF* it was changed to a frost rune, I’m sure it would have to do with the changes to the game mechanics that Cata is supposed to be bringing anyhow. Another example of that is the dispel change that half the WoW community is QQing about right now, I’m waiting to see the overall changes before going all doom and gloom.

  3. Zumal says:

    Speaking on the subject of blues, Boubouille of got slapped with a notice to remove all cataclysm alpha leaks from his site. I realize that people who read mmo-champ never signed a NDA, so what are the legal ramifications of people that post leaked info? Also, what does that mean for the info on this site?

    • Consider says:

      If I was officially asked to delete it, I certainly would, but I don’t otherwise plan to remove it (and it’s highly unlikely anyone at Blizzard is even aware of this site, much less cares! I’m sure there’s plenty of places where the information is still available which are much more widely read than a week old blog by a bored individual).

      Besides, there’s no trouble I could get in unless they did indeed ask and I refused. As stated, I doubt the first would happen and I know the second wouldn’t.

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