Necrotic Strike – Version 2.0

Recently tipped off by a pair of trustworthy sources on the following change to Necrotic Strike: Where it was originally described as “A vicious strike that deals 50% weapon damage and absorbs the next X healing received by the target,” it now reads “A vicious strike that deals 80% weapon damage and absorbs the next ${0.4*$AP} healing received by the target.”

The “${0.4*$AP” gibberish simply means 0.4*AP.

Weapon damage going from 50% to 80% is nothing all that important. The ability isn’t about it’s damage – even at 80%, it’s still weaker than every other strike and spell we have (yes, even Blood Strike, which goes up to a base 80% coefficient in Cataclysm), largely because it doesn’t have a disease coefficient.

The healing absorption mechanic, on the other hand, is what the ability is all about, and with a .4 coefficient, that’s very potent. I’m hardly an expert on PvP matters, but some quick math is enough to tell me that if you assume that heal absorption is equally as valuable as its equivalent damage (i.e, 4k healing absorbed = 4k damage dealt), then it leaps up above every other available option… especially when you remember that it’s not disease dependent, has no cool down, ignores armor/resistances (essentially), and still seems to cost a sole Unholy rune. Assuming it’s not dispellable or some nonsense, the healing absorption is more than a gimmick at such an amount – it’s actually useful, and perhaps too useful at that.

As such, it wouldn’t totally surprise me if the ability were further modified. Possibly the amount absorbed will be nerfed, but have a disease coefficient added, and the cost or cooldown will change.

Still, quite nice looking at the moment. For those who PvP, anyways.

15 Responses to Necrotic Strike – Version 2.0

  1. Rebellion says:

    It’s defineatly nice to see some definite numbers, but are you sure a 0.4 coeffient is that good ?
    Last time I checked, my AP in raids wasnt that much over 6k-7k, which leaves you at about 2,4k-2,8k healing absorbed. In my PvP gear it is alot less. Even plaguestirke will already hit with 100% base attack and diseases are not a problem at all for unholy with the last couple of changes to unholy blight.

    Of course we don’t know about the new talents and if they will affect the strike in any way, but by the nature of the strike, the associated talents should be in unholy, which makes it even less likley to be THAT good for other trees. With the lack of a good frost filler (at least in the dmg department) to use your other rune on I wouldn’t be so sure if a scourgestrike/obliterate might be the better choice. PvP is of course mostly situational, and in cases where you need to use chains alot the strike might come in hand if it out-dps a plague strike.

    In the end the strike is limited by the amount of runes at your disposal, which will be alot less come the new rune mechanic.

    • Consider says:

      Even at 2.4k-2.8k absorbed, you have to remember – that ignores armor, resistance, buffs (such as Pain Supression), etcetera. You don’t even have to worry about diseases, being in Blood Presence, or anything at all. When you look at the numbers and see 2.4k-2.8k, you’re getting exactly that, on top of the 80% weapon damage. All for a single rune – if you have to choose between spending a Death Rune on a Blood Strike or that, the choice seems pretty clear to me. If you have to choose between spending an Unholy + Frost rune on a Scourge Strike or on that plus an Icy Touch, the choice seems similarly easy.

      But, like you said, it does depend a lot on what talent support it does (or does not) get, which could completely make or break it. I’m simply commenting on the base numbers, since that’s all that’s available. Alpha analysis is inherently limited and 95% pointless, but it’s fun nonetheless!

      As to being limited by runes, that’s certainly true, but the same can be said for half our abilities, so what can you do. It would be a nice touch to see it switched from runes to runic power – especially when you consider we only have one thing (DC or FS, pending spec) to spend RP on in PvP, since MF is going to always be talented. It would be nice to have a choice of some sort, even if it’s only “DC if UB isn’t up or is about to expire, otherwise NS”.

    • Angvard says:

      Even with the new rune mechanics you can still line up 7 strikes in a row (2x U 2x D 2x ERB 1x BT) which sums up to about 17k healing absorbed. Plus 80% weapon damage. That seems quite potent to me 😉

      • Insolence says:

        Perfect way to counter those damn Resto Druids that never run out of Mana! 😀

  2. Rhaevos says:

    You can’t forget that this will be with mortal strike as well. Even nerfed to 20%, MS plus necrotic strike will be very potent. Especially if you use it tactically. Save 2 unholy runes and then do 2 of these when the kill target gets below X%. We also don’t know if it stacks or not. Maybe doing 2 necro strikes in a row will stack the effect or maybe the 2nd necro strikes will simply reset the strike to prevent spam of the ability (death runes). Of coarse then people will simply hold an unholy rune for a crutch kill.

    This is also why I like the new rune system, the player is not punished as much for holding runes. Mkaes DK pvp much more tactical than it currently is.

    I am greatly looking forward to this ability.

  3. Raaj says:

    Question – can the healing absorb debuff be removed? It is classified as a magical effect, or a disease effect? If the other players can dispell it, then it isn’t as powerful as you think.

    • Insolence says:

      That’s one bomb of a good question you got right there, it’ll be interesting to find that out!

  4. Roth says:

    We dont know yet, though I would imagine itll either be classified as a disease or physical debuff (like Unholy Blight).

  5. Shisho says:

    I think the jury is still out on this one. There’s still a few details we’d all like to know about it. IE – Dispellable or not? Stacking or no?

    Since SS is going to be 1 unholy rune, if the damage ends up exceeding the sum of the 80% wpn + absorb, then it simply won’t find any use. Then if they make it better than SS, it might just be all you ever use unless you’re fighting solo against a class with no self heal options.

    .4 * AP honestly isn’t a lot, especially if there is no stacking involved. For most PvP DKs in the current model that’s around 1-2k healing absorb. I imagine the scaling might yield some equivalency. Yet the expense of doing this skill is losing out on desecration. So it might be difficult to use against druids even if you think it to be a counter, since good spam shifters will shuffle out of melee range (even if by a hair) if you’re using globals on chains alone for snaring.

    Should be interesting if it’s implemented properly. I do look forward though to the serious changes in Rune costs and the serious increase in burst.

    I would like to see more PvP utility talents in both Frost and Unholy. Frost could use a disease protection talent as well, because that knock back prevention skill looks interesting. Wonder if it prevents being gripped as well.

    I would hate to see Blood end up being the PvP spec of choice by resembling the survivability+burst situation we see now with certain prot specs.

  6. Kraav says:

    As long as it’s Physical debuff with a duration of 20seconds, along with any additional Necrotic Strike will refresh the duration and amount required to “heal it out” will be acceptable.

    Blizz has already earned my respect with the fact that they have made this strike scale with gear. The true question lies in what co efficient *AP should be used. Currently the chosen co efficient is far to low but at least they have a baseline and can adjust it without having to re-design this strike every 2 months (HELLO SCOURGE STRIKE)

  7. Roth says:

    We dont know if that coefficient is low. Just look at the new Horn of Winter: 419 Str/Agi. Thats 2.7x stronger than the HoW we have now. If our AP numbers go up dramatically, that 0.4 coefficient could end up being really lethal.

    As for Desecration…I would be surprised if they left Necrotic Strike off of Desecration.

    • Sag says:

      I would be really surprised about that as well. Though I wonder if desecration is really that great. I notice quite a bit of lag when I PS or SS something and when I see desecration pop up. Am I the only one that gets that?

  8. Kraav says:

    If we go with the standard of say 10k AP self buffed w/horn in pvp gear(because this is a pvp strike) then with that coefficient that will equal 4000. Im sorry but healers in current gear with wolk stats can do a 4k heal like it is nothing.

    I understand we will have to use this strike at the correct time(timing will be everything), but based off the stat inflation being predicted 4k will be far too low. Maybe we will all be rocking 20k AP but i find that highly unlikely, hence my comment about the .4*AP being a tad low atm.

    I would like nothing more then to log in and test this for you guys but sadly I am not an alpha tester.

  9. Roth says:

    Im pretty sure blizzard has said healing wont go up dramatically. I could be wrong, but Im fairly certain of that.

    You also have to keep in mind what kind of buffs youre going to have. Might? Kings/Mark? Those will all add a lot of AP. Not to mention Fallen Crusader (which is probably going to become REALLY strong in Cata with the stat increases). Lets use your 10k AP self buffed for reference.

    At 10k AP, we will probably have around 4000-4500 strength. For the sake of this example, lets use 4000. Then lets add Might and Kings. Kings puts us at 4200 Strength…increasing our AP to ~10400. Might adds another 10% AP, giving us 11440 AP. Now add in Fallen Crusader procing…that puts us at around 4830 Strength and 12700 AP total.

    Thats an anti-healing shield of 5080. When you add in the damage of the strike (which I would guess will be around 4-8k) thats pretty lethal. ~6k damage with a 5080 shield…for (likely) 1 Unholy rune that isnt bad.

    • Roth says:

      Especially if it cant be dispelled (I would imagine itll be classified as a physical debuff like Unholy Blight) and can stack.

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