Alpha – DK Talent Trees

June 4, Update: The below linked site is unavailable, potentially permanently. Currently, I know of no other site with the physical talent trees for Cataclysm, but fear not: all the information which was contained therein is still available from the Cataclysm Notes, and that page will still be updated every time a new Alpha/Beta build is pushed. In some ways that format is weaker than actual trees, and in some ways it’s stronger – regardless, hopefully it suits the needs of most.

Yeah. Self-explanatory title. A new build was recently pushed, and we get one of the most important things for our class – talent info:

I just got home from work, and am in the process of making dinner, so I’ll leave my thoughts and analysis for later this evening – and although it’s obvious the trees are far from complete, there’s still a ton of new talents to dissect and debate. I simply wanted to post this as soon as possible, so people could get their own minds wrapped around it all.

I will say this much: Sudden Doom + Runic Empowerment will go a long, long way in eliminating most of our empty GCDs as Unholy. Might of the Frozen Wastes just might make 2H Frost a possibility (coexsiting with DW Frost). Blood is actually a real tank tree, with tons of utility (although I have mixed feelings on the new Will of the Necropolis).

Anyways, off to eat. Actual talent-by-talent analysis, along with heavy edits to the Cataclysm Notes page, later on.

6 Responses to Alpha – DK Talent Trees

  1. Roth says:

    Dont forget, Unholy gets the new modified (and nerfed) Hysteria…”Unholy Frenzy.”

    Few other things:

    DKs will play in their specs presence. Aka, Blood DKs will tank in Blood Presence, Frost DKs will dps in Frost Presence, Unholy DKs will dps in Unholy Presence.
    Improved Presences appear to actually be good talents to take now.

    DRW now = a defensive cooldown.
    Blood Boil = AoE + Demo Shout
    Death Strike had 1 more point added to it
    Bone Shield moved to the Blood Tree
    Heart Strike now hits 3 targets
    Sanguine Fortitude now means Icebound Fortitude will be 60% (unless they nerf its base back downt o 20%)
    Blood Parasite = Improved Leader of the Pack?

    Frost gets Savage Combat (Brittle Bones)

    Epidemic made into a 5 point talent
    Reaping was moved down the tree…buffs inc maybe?

    • Consider says:

      Like I said, this post was just a quick little entry so people could look over the stuff themselves. I’ll go through and do a post on each tree specifying the exact changes, for those who don’t catch them/aren’t sure what to think. The Unholy one is now up, and I’ll get to Frost/Blood shortly.

      The Presence-per-Tree thing is something I’m quite happy to see. Anything to make the game more logical!

  2. IceFire says:

    Yep, that confirms the death of DW as a viable tanking option. Unless ToT was to be switched with Glacier Rot…that would make DW tanking viable again at least talent-wise.

  3. Leviatharan says:

    So… uh.. apparently whoever made the talent trees was suspended today (I guess Blizz wasn’t happy with their alpha leak?)… Guess that makes this post null and void until someone finds a new one..?

    • Consider says:

      Yeah, I noticed that early. Was rather amused. Wondering if it’s actually because Blizzard requested them to take it down (and they refused?) or for something unrelated – the website had been having various bandwidth issues and such for the past week or two. Who knows. Quite unfortunate. I’m sure it will be back in some shape or form by beta, if not sooner.

      At any rate, the Cataclysm Notes are perfectly up-to-date. In some ways, primarily if you want to try speccing different builds, it’s not as good as actual trees, but on other ways, primarily if you’re trying to see the changes between live/alpha or what have you, it’s better than actual trees. If someone had the technological know-how, they could easily use that info to code trees, but I certainly don’t know how, and sites like war-tools forbid alpha trees.

  4. vuvuzela says:

    Hello there i know i am late to the party but would like to inquire about consider’s opinion on a couple of talents as they are currently implemented.

    1.Blade Barrier
    I allready understand that just the % damage reduction makes it a must for all dk tanks but is not the mechanic still a bit gimmickly even with the way runes work in cataclysm,or schould it just be left alone?

    From my understanding these two work together to give a reward to dk for successfull killing an enemy but then again aint talents like that useless at endgame where it supposedly matters?

    3.Raise Ally
    Another “flavor” death knight spell that again provides too little of a benefit in actuall raiding or pvp situations because of its nature and making most people getting targeted with it either exploding at instant or staying afk with it
    .Do you believe it would be valid for it given its cooldown to work similar to soulstone or battle rez come cataclysm?

    Going straight to the point.With the loss of +defence as a stat rune’s like stoneskin gargoyle lose their actuall effectiveness even with the 2% stamina it would be a bit too bland just like other runes as lichbane,spellshattering.Any idea how some of those less “usefull” ones could be combined or made “free” with talents?

    Lastly a big thank you for both of the work in your elitist jerks section as well as this current site,keep it up

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