Alpha – Unholy Talents

Although it’s difficult to completely analyze any one tree without taking into account the changes of the other two, there’s simply too much here to try and do otherwise. Tackling all three at once would be suicide. Since Unholy is currently the least modified tree, it’s what I’ll start with.

Reminder: Complete trees can be viewed here.

Talents removed:

  • Blood-Caked Blade
    • Moved to Blood
  • Bone Shield
    • Moved to Blood
  • Anticipation
  • Corpse Explosion
    • Made baseline

Talents Added:

  • Resilient Infection – “When your diseases, other than those applied via Pestilence, are dispelled, you have a 50/100% chance to have their cost refunded.
  • Unholy Frenzy – “Induces a friendly unit into a killing frenzy for 30 seconds. The target is enraged, which increases their melee and ranged haste by 10%, but causes them to lose 3% of their maximum health every 2 seconds.”
    • Currently no resource cost and a 3 minute cooldown.
  • Sudden Doom – “Your autoattacks have a 5/10/15% chance to make your next Death Coil cost no runic power.”

Talents Modified:

  • Epidemic increased from a two-point talent to a five-point talent. Moved up two tiers.
  • Outbreak renamed Corrupting Strikes. Now increases the damage of Plague Strike and Scourge Strike by 10/20/30%, up from increasing the damage of Plague Strike by 10/20/30% and the damage of Scourge Strike by 7/13/20%.
  • Virulence no longer provides disease dispell protection.
  • Morbidity moved down two tiers.
  • Night of the Dead no longer provides AoE reduction for pets.
    • Presumably baseline.
  • Magic Suppression no longer provides passive magic damage reduction. Still increases AMS by 8/16/25%. Now causes AMS to provide RP when it absorbs damage.
    • Considering AMS already provides RP when it absorbs damage, it’s most likely that it no longer does so without the talent.
  • Anti-Magic Zone reduced to a 45 second cooldown (down from 2 minutes).
  • Improved Unholy Presence no longer reduces the refresh time on runes, but instead grants 3/6% haste.
    • Note: Based on the new Imp Blood Presence, BP appears to be the tanking presence. FP and UP are both changed, although who knows by what extent.
  • Ghoul Frenzy had its duration and heal doubled.
  • Reaping moved down two tiers.
  • Wandering Plague damage reduced from 33/66/100% to 17/33/50%.
  • Ebon Plaguebringer now increases magic damage taken by 3/6/9%, down from 4/8/12%.
  • Scourge Strike redesigned. Now costs one Unholy rune (down from one Unholy and one Frost) and has a base 100% weapon damage modifier (up from 70%).
    • Because you know it has to change every at every opportunity.

My first impression: Quite incomplete, but one hell of a start.

Removed Talents

Losing Anticipation and Bone Shield were givens, thanks to Blood becoming the sole tanking tree. And, let’s face it – BS was (and currently is) too strong of a dps talent. No one likes to admit one of their skills is overpowered, but it’s absolutely true. 1 talent point for 20% damage reduction and 2% damage, both nearly passive with nearly 100% uptime? It’s way too good. Combined with AMS, IBF, and plate level health it meant we were essentially the dpsers least suspectible to raid damage deaths, no matter how bursty the damage. And 2% damage for 1 point is simply way overbudget.

BCB going to Blood is kinda random, so who knows why it was done. Corpse Explosion being removed (or made baseline) makes perfect sense, considering no one would currently spec into it.

Added Talents

Resilient Infection is solely a PvP talent, of course, but an utterly useless one at that. It would be great if, you know, Unholy Blight didn’t exist. Diseases being removed can easily be applied – but doing so still costs a gcd, even if it doesn’t take any resources. Simply preventing the diseases from being removed in the first place seems infinitely more intelligent. Perhaps a true PvPer could correct my mistaken impression, or perhaps Blizzard designed the talent without UB in mind (and thus plan to now change one or the other accordingly).

Unholy Frenzy is nice. It is very, very nice. Obviously, it’s a slightly watered down version of Hysteria, but that’s not a bad thing – not in the least. Being able to give yourself (or another) 10% haste on demand, at no cost, can’t be complained about, especially when you consider haste is likely to leap up in value (due to it affecting rune refresh time). It goes without saying that this will be a must for any Unholy build (and, likely, any Frost build, due to its low position in the tree).

Sudden Doom has always seemed like it should be in Unholy, to me anyways, and it’s nice to see it moved their – and the fact that it makes the next DC free instead of shooting one off instantly makes no difference, considering the rune system change. Making it proc off autoattacks instead of BS/HS means we’ll get, on average, at last one proc per 15 seconds, and means it further enhances the value of haste (which seems as if it will be Unholy’s stat-to-stack). Fun, fun.

Modified Talents

Epidemic seems a bit weak, when you remember that diseases will inherently last 30 seconds. Spending 5 talent points to go from 30  -> 45 isn’t near as good a deal as spending 2 talent points to go from 15 -> 21. We’ll spec into the talent regardless, as we have to max it out to reach the third tier. Beats having to take Virulence.

Magic Suppression being changed has to mean that AMS no longer inherently provides RP, otherwise it’s completely nonsensical. How does this make MS as a dps talent?  If it takes all three points to make AMS cap your runic, then you can look at it as giving 33 RP/point every 45 seconds, which should make it better than Dirge (under the new rune system). If it takes less points to provide capped RP, than it becomes even better. Suffice is to say, unless they make the conversion factor at 3/3 worse than the current one, MS will become a must have for PvE. Amusing, to say the least!

AMZ having it’s cooldown reduced is nice, although it’s still likely to remain a PvP-only talent, even with MS being taken in PvE. We simply won’t have the points to spare.

IUP will be a must. I don’t quite have the specifics yet, but it does appear that Unholy will run in UP (while Frost runs in FP and Blood in BP). As such, 2 points for 4% haste is most likely a good deal.

Scourge Strike costing a single rune is odd. Don’t get me wrong – considering the buff to Corrupting Strikes (Outbreak), and the increase to its base damage, SS will do fantastic damage for that price. But what does it mean for our rotation? More specifically, what do we do with all of the leftover Frost runes? Just spam IT? Seems rather clunky. Perhaps it’s simply a typo, or there’s some other change not yet implemented. More SS damage is never a bad thing.

As to the rest of the talent changes – little to say.

What this means?

Between Sudden Doom and Runic Empowerment (which I’ll talk about more when I go over the Frost changes), and then all of our new sources of haste (Unholy Frenzy, Unholy Presence, and Imp Unholy Presence), we’ll have no trouble filling the gaps in our rotation the new rune system brings. That said, our rotation will, without a doubt, be a priority system, which is generally more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, Unholy is as bloated (if not more so) than ever. It’s impossible to get all the dps increasing talents, which seems a bit odd considering Blizzard wants there to be choice and wants us to be able to get “fun” stuff (like AMZ or Ghoul Frenzy).

If I had to guess, based on our present knowledge, our build will look something like this or maybe this.

Without knowing more specifics – such as the cooldown on Pillar of Frost, the damage->RP conversion of Magic Suppression, and other such areas – it’s hard to do more than that educated guess.

All in all, I must say, I’m quite pleased.

Update: Confirmation that Pillar of Frost does, indeed, have a 60 second cooldown, which places it at an uptime of approximately 33%. Suffice is to ay, a must have, and thus our build will, without any doubt in my mind, be some variation of the above linked 0/21/55. The only question is how we spend 4 points between Desolation, Dirge, Magic Suppression, Morbidity, and Sudden Doom, with three of those points having to go in the first four of those talents.

40 Responses to Alpha – Unholy Talents

  1. Roth says:

    Scourge Strike being 1 rune…Im wondering if thats simply a typo. Not to mention Scourge Strike getting buffed from 20% to 30% from Corrupting Strikes. More damage + 1 less rune cost? That would make for one very strange rotation unless they give us a single Frost Rune attack.

    The most interesting thing will be our talent build. Its certainly too early to make any concrete builds, but Pillar of Frost looks really strong.

    • Consider says:

      The more damage is a given, considering the change to the rune system. The cost is still quite the oddity though.

      Yeah, I considered Pillar of Frost and some sort of 0/21/55 build. It’s a possibility. You’ld take the points from the Desolation/Magic Suppression/Dirge trio, and/or Sudden Doom. Whether it’s worth doing so depends on a lot of different factors, primarily what the cooldown of PoF is.

      • Roth says:

        Probably 1 minute. It looks like the Unbreakable Armor replacement and a way to give Frost PvP viability. Frost’s biggest issue in pvp is mobility…and a 20 sec ability with a 60 sec cooldown solves that.

  2. Roth says:

    Your site needs an edit function. =(

    Concerning the Unholy talent tree bloat…Im wondering if Desolation is going to be removed. Its nothing but a fancy “+1/2/3/4/5%” talent. That would be a prime candidate for removal. Moving Impurity down to where Desolation currently is would make sense.

    • Consider says:

      I can edit comments, and I believe I can make it so others can do so as well (with their own, of course). There’s just some reasons against it, which is why it turns it off by default, and why I haven’t bothered enabling it. I’ll consider doing so, though.

      Desolation being removed would take away 95% of the headache in choosing talents. In fact, if that were the case, we would spec into something like this if PoF is worth it, and something like this if it isn’t.

      Yeah, true about RI, and the reason why it’s inherently problematic to look at one tree at a time.

      • Roth says:

        Desolation is also incredibly boring. And I expect that they will remove it or perhaps combine it with Reaping (theres no reason to move Reaping down the Unholy tree without some sort of buff, imo).

    • Rebellion says:

      The same thing I though when I saw these. Im thrilled by the new stuff, but still, the unholy tree is way to bloated, even 5 pts less is not enough imho. They wanted us to be able to pick up fun talents I though. Well mission not accomplished so far 😉

      Its early ofc, but given how much they already tweaked, i wonder why they didn’t remove a few of these talents already, should be the easier approach.

  3. Roth says:

    About Resilient Infection…I think thats meant to be a Frost PvP talent. Unholy DKs will skip it for PvP but Frost DKs will take it.

    • Sag says:

      Given that Frost should generally casts more spells, the extra 3% to spell hit would be good to have as well.

      While not yet determined given current strength of tanks in pvp it may be that a blood DK would pick this up as well, since there is no disease protection anywhere for frost or blood.

  4. Ghostwalker says:

    SS being 1 rune doesn’t sound that great unless Iam misunderstanding, Aren’t we stuck with only three runes come Cata?

    • Consider says:

      An ability costing less resources is always a buff. Always. It might not make sense and might cause some odd rotations, but all else equal, it’s still a buff.

      Besides, we have the same number of runes in Cataclysm. They simply refresh differently (meaning slower, essentially). I cover the topic over here, but the new rune system would simply make SS costing 1 rune better, not worse.

  5. Anaroth says:

    Yeah the changes are interesting. The SS change especially. It’s actually a nerf on the previous alpha damage (remember the doubled the damage of them all), but it does make reaping more viable (for single target at least, we don’t have any useful unholy or frost based ae).

    From the descriptions of imp frost presence and imp unholy presence it looks like frost is increased damage and RP generation while unholy is movement speed and some sort of haste.
    Assuming the haste will affect our rune regen, unholy presence is probably more useful for unholy builds.

    Hopefully it’s melee haste that affects the rune regen, because then a self cast unholy frenzy should be a very useful boost for unholy.

    Assuming they make ghoul frenzy useful (presumably the energy regen is also hasted), we have a lot of single target uses for unholy runes, so making reaping pretty much necessary. On the other hand we have very little use for frost runes. It seems to be worth going down to 21 points in frost for the Unbreakable Armor replacement, but other than that our only real use for frost is icy touch. With the way Runic Empowerment works, it might even be not worth using frost runes beyond keeping up diseases.

    There’s actually a lot of talents in unholy that would provide a dps boost of some sort that I can’t seem to fit into my build, but I guess there’s still a lot of changes to happen.

    I ended up doing a 21/54

    • Sag says:

      Haste is haste. Given the way that Unholy Frenzy is worded it should increase rune regeneration, but since we do not know how much haste it takes to increase rune regeneration speed, even by one second, it could be better spent on a different raid member. As DW frost I could see that being very powerful, assuming that you could get all of the frost talents you want…

      • Insolence says:

        Considering the new Fury Warrior Mastery right now on two feet I’d say Unholy Frenzy would most probably (just an estimate now, don’t flame me!) be best used on them. – “Increases the benefit of abilities that cause you to be enraged or consume an enrage effect by a percentage.” (80% when fully talented)

        So our “Hysteria” priority may change from Kitties to Fury Warriors for a higher overall Raid DPS Buff rather than a personal buff, who knows.

  6. Vulgor says:

    From the phrasing of the magic suppression talent it sounds like it gives more rp on top of what it gives normally.

    ‘and increases the runic power generated when damage is absorbed by Anti-Magic Shell.’

    • Consider says:

      If that’s the case, then MS becomes quite literally useless, as almost any non-trivial source of damage will cause it to RP cap you already. As such, I just can’t possibly see that being the case. Such an effect on the talent would just be worthless. Thus by “increases”, I just assumed that meant relative to lower versions of the talent.

      Of course, it’s possible that they nerfed the damage -> RP ratio of AMS at base, then MS basically buffs it back up to the current level. If that’s the case, then the talent (at least one point of it, but potentially more) will easily be worthwhile, at least relative to Dirge, for the same reasons as if they I were correct in my initial assumption.

      Time will tell!

      • Roth says:

        I would expect that Consider is right…AMS providing even more RP generation would be insane in pvp with Death Coil’s damage doubling.

      • Insolence says:

        The Tooltip says exactly this – “causes damage absorbed by Anti-Magic Shell to energize the Death Knight with Runic Power.” I believe this means they’ll be removing the RP generation from the base Anti-Magic Shell and applying it to he Talents instead. What this means – that I believe AMS will no longer generate Runic Power from absorbed damage and it will only if you have at least 1-3 Points in Magic Suppression.

      • Sag says:

        It’s a crazy thought, but maybe runic power will work like rogue energy in that we don’t get it in chunks, but it builds. So if I hit IT, I don’t get 10 rp, but I ramp up to 10 rp. If that is the rp works, which is possible, it might sort of stablize our runic power generation and make talents/abilities that increase the generation rate very, very powerful.

        Of course Blizz could have already said this and I missed it.

      • Minaka says:

        They haven’t said so, and I think they would have mentioned it in the preview if they were changing how we gain Runic Power.

  7. Rebellion says:

    I just checked the other classes and some of them have a “designer tag” in form of a talent with the legend of the current proccess on them: overhaul status in % for each tree, to-do list and explanation of abbreviations. Check out Warlocks, Priests and Druids for example, its always in the bottom right corner. Which means either the first pass is already done on the DK trees or they haven’t even started. But given the amout of change already it looks more like the first pass is already over.

    • Rebellion says:

      And for the lack of an edit button and my inablity to make a posting w/o editing it 20 times afer sending it:
      “… or maybe the guy just forgot to add that tag to other classes.”

  8. Rhaevos says:

    The whole resilient infection this is actually pretty nice for pvp, even with unholy blight. Currently in arenas or pvp in general, dispelling classes can and will remove your diseases when a fight first starts or when you switch targets. This is because the standard opener for dk’s is chains of ice. A standard cleanse will get rid of chains and usually a disease.

    Also, unholy blight is not perfect. It takes a few gcd’s to actually get the rp for a death coil. More annoying however is that any kind of damage shield that a target has needs to be removed before unholy blight applies to the target. So if the shield is still up, cleanse will still remove the diseases leading to having to apply them again and use another death coil to finally get the shield down and have dispell immunity.

    So this change makes sense in the current context of how unholy blights mechanics work, dk’s won’t be hugely punished for havings diseases dispelled before unholy blight can be applied, getting dispelled and hen refunded the rune will help out quite a bit.

    This also helps frost like someone posted.

  9. Leviatharan says:

    While I know that Unholy Blight isn’t perfect in preventing diseases from being dispelled, I still wonder how much value Resilient Infection will be. Unless, by ‘dispelled’ it simply means that the diseases ‘fall off’, which would make a ton more sense (allowing us to instantly break rotation and hit Plague Strike and Icy Touch… or Outbreak, and then a Scourge Strike, depending on the fight).

    And speaking of Scourge Strike… I had a ‘WTF?’ moment when looking at that. Last I read, isn’t Icy Touch getting a CD, since it gets a huge bonus as a damaging taunt? So how are we supposed to burn those extra frost runes if we have Summon Gargoyle on CD too?
    Obliterate? No, otherwise Scourge Strike wouldn’t remain in the tree… and the Unholy Rune cost would be a thorn in Ob’s side anyway.
    Chains of Ice? Even with the glyph, it’s nowhere near as good as Icy Touch, and the glyph may end up being a waste in Cata anyway.
    I guess the solution is seeing if Icy Talons removes the CD on Icy Touch, just deep enough that Blood Tanks won’t want it but Unholy DPS still may. That way it keeps the taunt in mind.

    One last thing: I’m kind of sad now that Blood DKs get Hemorrhagic Fever. Now 3 diseases won’t be something totally unique to the Unholy tree, which is depressing in and of itself (after all, the three things that make Unholy unique are focus on Pets, Diseases, and Shadow Damage, and now the Disease advantage is leaving us a little). But then again, it sounds like ‘Unholy Blight 1.0’ all over again, so it may end up being nerfed or removed.

    • Leviatharan says:

      Edit (kinda): Huh… looks like Summon Gargoyle is back on RP cost instead of U/F. Personally, I like it better that way. So… nevermind using it to burn a Frost Rune anyway.
      Lets just hope that we either get a new baseline damage attack, a new talent to remove IT CD, or an increase in SS cost/damage. At the current state of SS, it looks like it’s a disease-less replacement for Plague Strike with a bonus per disease, just like Howling Blast with Icy Touch.

      • Consider says:

        IT doesn’t have a CD in the current build, nor did it have one in past ones. That’s just people who don’t know how to tell a player’s spell ID from an npc’s spell ID!

        I.e, see this. Oh my, IT has a cooldown on live and none of us knew! Sneaky Blizzard.

  10. Leviatharan says:

    Well, now I just feel stupid. Can’t even remember where I read that IT would have an 8-sec CD. Wait- I think it was here! Oh well… conveniently, no proof now. >.>

    Anyway, I personally hope that we don’t have to go back to using Obliterate as the main FU strike for each DPS spec. The unique thing about SS always was the Shadow damage portion of it which ignored armor for the most part, which- almost- made up for the constant nerfing (until it got down to about 40% weapon damage, then it was just stupid). That, and the fact that Blizz nerfed Unholy so Obliterate would be completely useless to us.
    Meanwhile, it looks like this build has Scourge Strike basically as an uber-Plague Strike instead of a competitor for Obliterate. That’s just… wrong. Hopefully it’s just a typo and they’re gonna boost it back to the 140% I heard about before… while they add the extra Frost rune cost.

    And something that occurred to me a little while ago: Blood isn’t going to have just 3 diseases like us, oh no. They’ll have SIX. Because of Dancing Rune Weapon, naturally, they’ll be able to inflict 6 diseases on the target, Pestilence, and then just Heart Strike spam through multiple targets. So am I crazy in thinking that it is possible a Blood Tank could be stronger at DPS in this build than the Unholy DPS?

    • Consider says:

      SS + IT will outdamage Obliterate for Unholy, and Blood will obviously keep using Death Strike, so no worries there. SS still has the 12%/disease shadow damage portion like it does on live, if I made it sound like that had changed.

      Diseases which DRW put up don’t count for you.

      • Roth says:

        No, SS will not be an uber-Plague Strike. Plague Strike is simply weapon damage + bonus weapon damage. SS is weapon damage + bonus weapon damage + disease modifiers. Very big difference.

        Also, SS has already been changed since Alpha started (they never seem to miss a chance to change SS!). From 140% weapon damage and 2 runes to 100% and 1 rune. That kind of makes sense because given the overall changes to stats and such…140% weapon damage would be kind of insane. That kind of burst would lead to immediate nerfs.

        And overall (perhaps my math is wrong) but 100% for 1 rune seems like a buff compared to 140% for 2 runes.

      • Roth says:

        Oh and 1 rune SS makes Runic Empowerment AMAZINGLY powerful. Quite possibly one of (if not THE most) powerful tier 1 talents in the game.

        And it appears Death Grip got a change as well. Its been changed from 1-30 yards to 8-30 yards. Thats good because attempting to use Death Grip on anything that close never works anyway (DG goes off but the mob doesnt move).

      • Insolence says:

        SS 140% Weapon damage was just them doubling the weapon damage on every DK Strike, they did it with all. of them Then they re-thought it out and changed it to 100% apparently. The 100% 1 Rune and 140% 2 Runes don’t seem to be related changes, at least I think so, I’m assuming so because of the new Rune System.

        They actually nerfed Death Grip if they’re doing that. They accidentally did that with a PTR Patch 3.3.3 Build once and there was insane QQing about it on the Forums immediately while it turned out to be an accident. This will be a pretty bad nerf if it hits live since it means adds will probably be able to strike healers and/or ranged DPS before we can Grip them and we’ll have to wait for Taunt to come back up for Meele-range adds.

    • Leviatharan says:

      What I basically mean by ‘Uber-Plague Strike’ is basically that it’s a one-rune ability with relatively the same limitations as Plague Strike in terms of use (ie the range/cost/base damage, as opposed to the actual effect with diseases active).
      Plague Strike’s damage was doubled, wasn’t it? So it’s a 100% weapon damage modifier, plus X damage. And Scourge Strike is also a 100% weapon damage modifier plus Y damage, only instead of applying Blood Plague, it deals damage per active disease.
      Sorry if it sounded like I meant a replacement in the same sense of “Heart Strike > Blood Strike”. 😛

      I more mean that I find it odd that Unholy’s main damage dealer is being dragged down to one rune with equal damage to Plague Strike (without diseases, that is), while Frost’s burst damage in Howling Blast is also being reduced to 1 rune just like Icy Touch, with the same range but more Frost damage over Frost Fever (and AoE burst). So it *almost* seems like Blizz wants us to replace them by making the costs the same. But that’s just me being paranoid. Hence, ‘Uber-Plague Strike’.

      And I didn’t mean I was worried that Scourge Strike was losing it’s shadow damage ability, I meant I was worried it would lose it’s appeal as a strictly damage-dealing strike as opposed to Obliterate: DKs picked Scourge Strike because Unholy benefited from it more and because it ignored more armor. But in the case of FU strike, we’d be forced to choose Obliterate (since, why would we use Death Strike?)… or just spam SS+IT. If that makes any sense. Which it prolly doesn’t.

      Sorry if I confused everyone! >.<

      • Insolence says:

        No, the costs are being reduced for the new Rune System since with the same costs we have today we’d be burning through Runes way too fast and have way too many free GCDs.

  11. Vanq says:

    The one rune change to SS maybe a method of making reaping viable seeing you would only have one blood rune at a time you could never use reaping as a viable dps talent but with 1 rune requirement it brings SS/reaping back into play as viable dps talent. Viable but still lacking, always been curious why Blood of the North increase strike dmg and made death runes yet reaping just made death runes very expensive dps talent if you ask me even with SS being 1 rune.

  12. PB says:

    They could design a talent to make it interesting to use icy touch for more damage via an added effect on frost fever (more disease damage, feels like uunholy to me).
    For an example, a 5 point talent that causes reapplying frost fever while its still up causes the affected’s fever to peak and causes a % of its damage immediately.

    Looks a little like shadow priest’s improved devouring plague.tho, so some might not like this. I would think its a interesting effect to add a controlled burst, considering how the new rune system works

  13. Rhaevos says:

    Truth be told, the one rune Scourge Strike change kinda turns me off, but only when in comes to play style. One of the reasons I never rolled blood for dps is because the mindless spamming of Heart Strike whenever death runes came up was very bland in terms of having a dynamic and fun (to me) rotation.

    Of coarse I know that it won’t be as bad because we will have to apply Plague Strike sometimes and unholy spec gets less death runes than blood, but still.

    It may be a moot point anyhow if 2h frost makes a come back, always loved frost before it went all dual wield on me. Fun as hell.

    • Roth says:

      One rune SS works just fine if we have something to use Frost runes on. There are issues however. Epidemic increases our disease time to 45 seconds, but if all we have is Icy Touch for Frost runes and SS for Unholy runes, then the interaction of Epidemic and Runic Empowerment becomes awkward.

      Without a 1 Frost rune attack for Unholy, were basically spending 5 points on Epidemic for 45 seconds of Blood Plague…since our Runic Empowerment procs for Frost runes will be used on Icy Touch.

      A possibility is that Obliterate could become a 1 Frost Rune attack and an alternative to Icy Touch when Frost Fever is on the mob…but then Frost has the same issue with Unholy runes that Unholy does with Frost runes. More specifically…Frost would need a 1 Unholy rune attack that isnt Plague Strike.

  14. Kraav says:

    Scourge Strike: Needs to be a full replacement for Plague Strike. 1 Unholy Rune, deals x% weapon damage+xxxx, and applies blood plague to your target. If your bloodplague is affecting the target of your scourge strike, then scourge strike instantly deals xxxx additional shadow damage.

    My reasoning is this: Blood Tree has Heart Strike replacing Blood Strike. Frost Tree has Howling Blast replacing Icy Touch. Why shouldn’t Unholy have something replacing Plague Strike?

    Think on it a bit. 😉

    • Consider says:

      All they need to do is make Glyph of SS like Glyph of HB, and that would do the trick.

      The issue with SS completely replacing PS, and Unholy having no UF strike, means that Epidemic is utterly useless. Which wouldn’t be a problem, per se, except we have to take Epidemic (at least 2 points of it) to move past tier 2 of the tree, and taking any of it is unnecessary in such a case.

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