Cataclysm Notes – Updated

Just a quick little point of interest; the Cataclysm Notes have been completely updated and reformatted. It now includes all of the talent changes/additions, as well as the changes/additions to base abilities, separated into those two categories by tree. All information is up to date as of Alpha build, which was pushed on May 28th.

If there is anything missing or otherwise incorrect, certainly let me know, but there shouldn’t be. Similarly, if you have any complaints as to the format of the page, just leave a comment, and I’ll see how I can improve it. It’s a lot of information to take in and list, so it was somewhat difficult to think of a user friendly manner in which to organize it all, but hopefully what I did works.

Anyways, enjoy, and have a good weekend.

4 Responses to Cataclysm Notes – Updated

  1. Ali says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you putting all this useful info all in one place. Excellent website, excellent resource for all DKs. Thanks very much!!!!

  2. Derah says:

    I also thank you for doing all of this, I just can’t stand not knowing what the heck are they cooking up for my favorite class, also we are in a diferent situation than most classes, as our 3 specs will get a massive reshuffle and change due to blood being tank now, and all that stuff.

    I have a really big question that’s burning my curiosity.

    Hemorrage fever….. I just HAVE to know, that’s a magic efect? (like frost vulnerability from razorice, or unholy blight) or is it a third disease for blood (like cript fever/ebon plage is for unholy)

    I NEED to know…….

    • Minaka says:

      Since we don’t yet have access to an actual spell tool-tip for Hemorrhagic Fever, we can’t really tell if it’s magic or disease. We’ll have to wait on that information.

  3. Roth says:

    Heres another little Cataclysm tidbit (and possibly an explanation as to where Subversion went).

    “We’re getting rid of all threat reduction talents.”

    That little sentence was taken from the MMO champion front page (the section on MMO talking about Warlocks…the big blue post).

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