Hallelujah – Beta Begins + New Build


Quite happy.

Yes, this means no more NDA which means you can verify everything I’ve said up until now (and see that I was, indeed, right! Elementium Poleaxe, for example). Not that anyone should have doubted it!

Yes, I will continue to keep the Notes page up to date. I’m sure Mmo-Champion and others will have their info and their calculators, but unlikely in the same format that I’ve been doing it in, so it still has worth.

Yes, along with this announcement a new build (12319) was pushed, and I’ll have whatever relevant info up as soon as it’s downloaded and picked apart.

So on and so forth!


Woosh – I Must Be Missing Something

I’m sure most everyone is familiar with the following post:

Summed up:

  1. Ruby Sanctum was delayed so that the release cross-region would be better alligned (although, admittedly, not necessarily concurrent).
  2. Today, 72 servers are down for 24 hour maintenance.
  3. Today, Ruby Sanctum was released.

Uh, what?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand EU servers are used to getting patches and the like a day later, but why would you intentionally delay an instance for the expressed desire to partially right this wrong… only to have EU/Korean/Taiwanese servers still get the instance later, but also have US servers suffer as well?

Although individual servers have occasionally gone down on patch/instance release days, I can’t remember Blizzard ever intentionally taking down a handful of servers in advance (and for reasons unrelated to the patch/instance release) on the day, and it’s rather bizarre that they would do so on one of the first times they’ve tried to make up for the lack of synchronization in region release.

Color me clueless.

Yes, full disclousure – my server is one of the ones still down. Even if such wasn’t the case, it would still seem just as illogical and mind-boggling… I just might not be bored enough to comment on it!

3.3.5 – Frost BiS Lists

As promised, here are various BiS lists for Frost. A quick disclaimer – no, I’m not as well versed with Frost as I am with Unholy (although I’m by no means ignorant of the spec), and thus these lists may be slightly more error-prone than their Unholy counterparts. If you notice any errors, certainly bring them to my attention, but I’m relatively confident they’re accurate (aside from expertise/spell hit* weights, but since I provide capped versions, not a worry!).

One more short note – no, I will not be posting these in the Frost thread over at EJ, as I respect Darkside’s stance on the subject of BiS lists (even if I don’t completely agree) and certainly wouldn’t want to show any disrespect or what have you.  You’re obviously free to refer to them and/or discuss them there as you wish.

Anyways, here you go:

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Best in Slot – What, How, Why

I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning and, as such, in a bit of pain. Thus, if any of this seems a bit poorly written, oh well. Hopefully it makes enough sense to get my point across.

And what, exactly, is the point to this piece?  To discuss the previously released BiS lists; what they are, how they’re determined, and why they’re of any value.

What exactly is a Best in Slot list?

To be as specific as possible: a BiS list is a gear set up which, when taken as a whole, theoretically provides the greatest single target dps, on paper while ignoring abnormal and personal circumstances, for a specific spec. If you have all gear available to you, you play the class properly, and you don’t have any special issues (high latency, unusual raid composition, etc), then a BiS list should maximize your single target damage moreso than any other possible combination of items.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

It is not gear which will magically make your dps increase ten-fold, nor is it a set which will provide every player with their highest potential damage. It’s not immune to the pitfalls of good ol’ RNG, and the items which make up the set are not necessarily optimal when taken individually.

How are Best in Slot lists determined?

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3.3.5 – Unholy BiS Lists

Rather self-explanatory title, I would think! I’m still working on additional variations (non-heroic, 10m only, etc), but figured I would throw these ones up, as it’s getting late and the others will take a bit of time (the more limitations you place, the longer it takes to perform the calculations), and thus probably won’t be ready until tomorrow.

The EJ thread will take slightly longer to be updated, largely because I have to format all of this into tables, and since I’m not entirely sure I’ll include all of these variations there, I have to make up my mind and pick and choose among the lot.

When looking at these, ignore the total score number. For set bonuses and such I don’t enter the actual value, but just a placeholder since I can simply force it to take the bonuses anyways (and it’s guaranteed that you’ll want to, of course).

Without further ado:

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Super-Ego – Not What Freud Meant

I was in the process of writing up a piece on various guild-related topics – applying, recruiting, and the like – but then I came across a site which I find absolutely ridiculous, and begging for immediate comment:

I speak, of course, of Landsoul’s Coaching.

For those who aren’t yet familiar, I do highly encourage checking it out… for a good laugh, if nothing else.

Now, before I start, don’t get me wrong: Landsoul is obviously an incredibly intelligent person. You can’t put together one of the most complex class spreadsheets in existence without a high level of mathematical proficiency, nor can you write a novel about your spec without a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience to tap into. He knows warriors better than probably anyone else out there, Blizzard employee or otherwise, and has been at the top of PvE progression for ages.

He’s an exemplary player, there’s no question about it. And what he does with his time is his own business, and if he can get people to willingly pay him for a piece of that time, then by all means, go capitalism.

But, honestly, the whole thing is just a tad bit ridiculous.

There’s so much wrong with it, I don’t even know where to start!

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Time Flies – *Another* New Build

Update: No, nothing about Death Knights, oddly enough.

Yes, another new build (12266) has been pushed.

No, more information isn’t yet available.

Yes, this will be updated once anything of interest is known.