FYI – Talent Trees Back Up

Just a quick little note, but at long last Raevyn has the alpha talent trees back up and working, without any apparent issue:

For those who enjoyed the site as a greater whole, it can now be accessed from here, and is currently in the process of being improved and expanded to a general WoW website, as opposed to the Cataclysm-specific entity it previously was.

In regards to this site, expect extra posts this coming week (to make up for my near-absence this past one!). In addition, there’s also a very solid chance that a new Alpha build will be pushed and, if so, it would likely include DK tweaks (considering our trees are the farthest along of those classes which Blizzard hasn’t officially released yet, and thus probably the next to be polished for a blue announcement). Any news will be posted here as soon as it’s known, of course.

6/13 1:30 EST: Also, since I’ve gotten some questions about it: the NDA is not ending at midnight PST Sunday, nor is the beta starting quite yet! Nothing of the sort. Many of the fansites – Wowhead, Worldofraids, Tankspot, etcetera – had a visit to Blizzard headquarters the other week, and at midnight will then be legally allowed to share whatever interesting news they may have been privy too. From what I hear it’s stuff relating to guild talents, archaelogy, Path of the Titans, and so on. I could certainly be mistaken though. 90 minutes until we know the specifics.

At any rate, I’m sure I’ll be sharing my two cents on anything of worth and relevance.

5 Responses to FYI – Talent Trees Back Up

  1. dmdskitzo says:

    mmo-champion posted some expected but at the same time disappointing news.

    • Consider says:

      Most of the stuff was leaked a couple days ago, actually. That’s how mmo-champion, despite not being there for the event, had all the information ready to go up immediately.

  2. typhron says:

    You think discussing the Cata wiki will get it taken down like last time (with Wrath)?

  3. Branith says:

    One last thing, archeology will now become a mundane task that will see very little play time by alot of people. I could very well be wrong but I think this new secondary profession is much like the achievement system of today, I know an awful lot of people who dont care for it (One look at the armory of most mid tiered progression guilds validates this statement) cause it serves no useful purpose and very very limited rewards.

    Call it a product of the times but unlike the old school MMO’s the idea of actually seeing tangible rewards for playing is paramount for maximum enjoyment. I’ll sum it up like this: You think if Raiding, Arena’ing, and random dungeon daily’s would see much light of day if the reward was as limited as say Fishing? Nope cause adding a reward is the carrot that keeps players coming back.

  4. Bogardan says:

    My question is this? Subversion is gone now so I assume we are just going to have to live with the threat redux baked into frost and unholy presences?

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