Expected – New Alpha Build

Update: Nothing specific to Death Knights, quite unfortunately. Still, there are some interesting nuggets of information to be analyzed regardless.

Unsurprisingly, Blizzard just pushed a new build (12232) of the Alpha client. Nothing DK related as of yet, but obviously if there’s anything of notice, it will be thrown up asap.

I will say though that this is an absolutely incredibly looking mount, especially considering the lightening spark effect it has (which, unfortunately, you can’t see from that shot).

Who knows what the story behind this could be!

16 Responses to Expected – New Alpha Build

  1. Roth says:

    Actually, there was one thing. DnD was changed from 1 Blood rune to 1 Unholy rune.

    • Consider says:

      Already knew of that, and not part of this build. It was actually something I and others had seemingly missed the last time around. I’m not perfect (unfortunately. It would make life much easier if I was!).

      • Roth says:

        Ah ok, thanks for the clarification. I thought that was a chance that went through with the new build.

  2. Raaj says:

    Hmm, playing around with unholy builds, and I have a question. Is taking Improved Icy Talons (if your party doesn’t have a enhance shaman or frost DK) a dps increase or decrease compared to the Garg? I am considering a 0/26/50 build instead of the more usual 0/25/51. I suppose we would also be missing 1/50th of the Mastery bonus from unholy as well if we do this. Or will we have to wait to see how gearing changes things before we can work out a valid answer?

    Talent build I was thinking of was this one:

    • Roth says:

      Im pretty sure theres a post by GC saying everyone will want to do 51/xx/xx or xx/51/xx or xx/xx/51. Not spending 51 points in a tree will be sub-optimal for all specs.

      • Raaj says:

        Here is the quote from GC you are referring to:


        “Almost everyone at max level will want at least 51 / something / something to gain full benefit of their passive talent trees.”

        From where I am sitting, “almost everyone” is different than “everyone”. Perhaps unholy DKs are one of the “almost” exclusions, where having only 50/51 mastery points might just be worth it.

      • Raaj says:

        Just to answer my own question, IIT is on the incoming nerf list. From this post:


        “For each talent point spent in the Frost tree, the death knight also gets:

        # [ul]Damage – Improves your melee and spell damage by X%.

        # Haste – Improves your melee Haste by Y%. This might allow us to remove some of the Haste in the Icy Talons line of talents.”

        So, if they nerf IIT in order to make frost mastery more worthwhile, then the Garg + 1/50 more Unholy Mastery will likely end up doing more DPS than IIT.

      • Roth says:

        Whatever talents youre taking for that 26th point in the secondary tree has to beat out not only the damage contribution of the 51 point talent, but the damage added by the 51 point talents maximized mastery bonus.

        The chances xx/26/50 beats xx/25/51 are extremely small.

  3. Demerson says:

    Are you going to post additional class info, or just DK stuff for the new patch?

    • Consider says:

      At this point in time, likely not. The class changes in this patch were actually rather small (aside from hunters, who had their trees heavily redone. Aspect of the Fox: The hunter takes on the aspects of a fox, increasing your focus regeneration by 20% and allows you to Auto-shot while moving. does sound pretty amazing, I’ll say). Warlocks are to be looked at and revamped next, for the curious. I’m sure they’ll look back at us soon.

      I was going to throw up notes for the other classes, but it just seems silly to at this point. I was essentially done with the pages, but then Blizzard went ahead and released the four – Rogue, Druid, Priest, Shaman – which had the most work done to their trees, thus invalidating much of my work (not that I’m angry at Blizz, of course. Glad they relased it, and hope they continue). Warriors, Paladins, and Mages are almost completely untouched. Hunters were unchanged until this build. Warlocks have a few new things (very cool sounding AoE spell in Demo, for instance), but not a whole lot going on either. There just doesn’t seem much reason to do it, although if you have something specific you’re curious about, I can always look up an individual talent or ability.

      I will, of course, keep the DK notes up to date.

  4. Vorga says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the instances are like. It’s hard to make a judgement about what talents are going to be good or bad without knowing how we’re going to have to use them.

    The blood talents look pretty pimp.

    Right now I’m dual specced blood tanks. One version forgoes some of the higher blood talents to get Morbidity.

    I’m curious: 1. Will BB and HS be sufficient for multi-mob threat (without tab cycling, hate it)? 2. Will it be likely that some blood tanks will still go for Morbidity for 5mans? Can’t wait to see how the new instances pan out.

    • Sag says:

      Honestly no one can answer your question yet. Even in Alpha things haven’t been balanced completely. I still haven’t found an answer to if hemorrhagic fever will be considered a disease for DPS multipliers yet. I would be willing to bet the rotation will start pretty much like it does right now for blood with DnD IT PS Pest. Now if DnD is 1 UH Rune then we can BB, and maybe IT/OB(if one rune), or we could sit on the frost rune and wait to DS DS BB/HS. That might not even have the correct rune regeneration in there. Just a small example.

      At this point I doubt that blood will go through those poorly designed lower tier UH talents just to get Morbidity. Morbidity just moved too far down the tree for it to really be worth it with all of the juicy blood talents. You have to drop 18 points in unholy just to get it, and that is not considering that every deathkight will probably want frost’s Runic Empowerment. I can see suffering through early unholy to get unholy frenzy as a raid buff, but that is about it.

      I’m actually looking more at a Blood frost tanking spec. You never know when something like Lichborne will be handy, as well as Runic empowerment and 10% increased shadow/frost damange

  5. Theldonn says:

    I really hope that the incredible looking mount isn’t the Cataclysm answer to the Spectral pony.

  6. Kumduh says:

    Deathwing’s return causes a giant tidal wave that the boat rides for a bit, before being unfortunate enough to be dropped on a tree. Any idea what the mount is a reward from?

    • Consider says:

      But how does the ship stay in the tree! It’s not exactly securely positioned.

      The mount is skywall related – perhaps a rare drop from the dungeon, or part of a hard mode/achievement with the raid.

      • Kumduh says:

        Maybe it’s being held up there with magic? You’ve got to admit, the lookout on that boat would have one hell of a view!

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