Inflation – A Glimpse Of 85

Update: If you’re solely looking for the specific stats on some level 85 items, jump down to this comment.

Up until now, I’ve pretty much overlooked specific numbers (aside from weapon damage, as it inherently scales) on abilities and items in regards to Alpha. There’s a couple reasons for this: many numbers are likely still placeholders, without knowing the stat/rating conversions numbers don’t mean a whole lot, numbers are generally the last thing to be balanced, and so on.

That said, it’s obviously a very important aspect of the expansion, at least in terms of spec balance and the like, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look at it. Although individual numbers may be tweaked, the overall trend of stat growth likely won’t drastically alter (i.e, if we have roughly twice as much stamina, it’s doubtful Blizzard would pull a 180 and just cut stamina in half globally. Individual items and buffs might have their values tweaked, but the big picture is what’s of more importance, and that’s unlikely to drastically shift one way or another).

The reason I’m approaching this topic now is largely due to the fact that although this build didn’t contain any DK-specific news, it did include one of the first glimpses at level 85 itemization which is obviously of incredible interest.

For reference, in terms of item budget: 10 str/agi/int/spi/crit/haste/dodge/parry/def/hit/exp/mastery = 11.5 spell power = 15 stam = 20 AP

Burning Crusade JC ring enchant: +12 spellpower
Wrath JC ring enchant: +23 spellpower
Cataclysm JC ring enchant: +50 int (equivalent of 57.5 spellpower)
BC – > Wrath = 92% increase, Wrath -> Cata = 150% increase

Burning Crusade flask: +70 spellpower
Wrath flask: +125 spellpower
Cataclysm flask: +300 int (equivalent of 345 spellpower)
BC -> Wrath = 79% increase, Wrath -> Cata = 140% increase

Burning Crusade 70 Strength of Earth: +86 str/agi
Wrath 80 Horn of Winter: +155 str/agi
Cataclysm 85 Horn of Winter: +419 str/agi
BC -> Wrath = 80% increase, Wrath -> Cata =170% increase

Burning Crusade 70 bandage: 3,400 healing
Wrath 80 bandage: 5,800 healing
Cataclysm 85 bandage: 34,800 healing
BC -> Wrath = 71% increase, Wrath -> Cata = 600% increase

Burning Crusade 70 spellthread: +35 spellpower, +20 stam
Wrath 80 spellthread: +50 spellpower, +30 stam
Cataclysm 85 spellthread: +60 int (equivalent of 69 spellpower), +45 stam
BC -> Wrath = 45% increase, Wrath -> Cata = 42% increase

Burning Crusade 70 craftable epic 2hander: 127 dps, 579 top end
Wrath 80 craftable epic 2hander: 186.5 dps, 761 top end
Cataclysm 85 craftable epic 2hander: 623.3 dps, 2836 top end
BC -> Wrath = 47% increase, Wrath -> Cata = 234% increase

I could go on and on with other comparisons, and if anyone is interested in a specific one just say so in comments, but I’m sure the picture is rather clear. It’s pretty crazy stuff, and in almost all cases it’s a drastic leap compared to the jump in stats we saw in the Burning Crusade to Wrath transition (and from the Vanilla to Burning Crusade one as well).

Of course, what’s of most interest is the weapon, to which I’m sure many people’s first reaction would be “wtf” – if they weren’t left utterly speechless by the absurdity of it.

Now, of course, after that, one might just assume I’m joking /making stuff up or go ahead dismiss it as a placeholder (its name – Elementium Poleaxe – is certainly bland enough to be one). There’s no actual way I can really disprove either of these at this point in time.

To the possibility that I may just be pulling this stuff out of thin air – it’s certainly there, in the spells, although obviously not yet attainable in-game (as you can’t yet get to level 85 on Alpha). Spell ID 76451 is the recipe for that specific poleaxe, although if you go a couple up/down, you’ll also see the mace/sword/etc versions. The Cataclysm Wiki’s IRC has a bot which lets you look up IDs (!s # being the command) if you’re a doubter! No need to try and data-mine yourself, as I certainly don’t know how and doubt most do.

To the possibility that it’s a placeholder value – there’s honestly no way of knowing. I doubt it is though – remember, health pools are going to be incredibly inflated (I would predict between 75k and 100k for dps/healers, and 100k and 120k for tanks), and so dps doubling or even tripling would actually be rather minor in comparison. That, and the ilvl is 359 (Shadowmourne being 284, for reference), so the dps does appear to match that aspect of the weapon, and isn’t a completely random number.

Not quite as interesting as talent changes, I know, but close enough to appease, right?

20 Responses to Inflation – A Glimpse Of 85

  1. dmdskitzo says:

    All i have to say is that i am excited to be able to solo everything at lvl 70 now 😀

    • Zeran says:

      And here I was worried that soloing wrath content on my dk and pally was going to be difficult. Looks like sarth3d may be easily solo-able.

  2. Roth says:

    623 dps? Holy god.

  3. Alex says:

    Keep in mind that since WotLK item values scale exponentially with item level, so it is to be expected that items grow beyond belief in value.

  4. Hatch says:

    The difference between blues and top tier raid gear is much bigger in Wrath than it was in BC, right?

    BC heroics dropped ilevel 115 gear. Sunwell Plateau dropped 154-159. (not counting Kil’jaeden)

    The leap in LK is from 200 to 277. (not counting LK)

    That’s almost twice as many ilevels added. Thus the hard mode-caused gear inflation GC keeps talking about.

    So it sounds to me like the actual jump in Cata is roughly the same as it was in Wrath, just from a higher starting point. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  5. dmdskitzo says:

    I never looked extensively into this but lets say we have 100k health and a deathstrike with ebon plague frost fever and blood plague heals us for 15% of our maximum health. 15k per deathstrike is insane.

    Even more so with that new blood shielding mechanic.

  6. Laraque says:

    Why does it matter?

    If the current tier is balanced around that gear/stat level it does not matter if we increase by 1% or 1000% as long as it is balanced.

    Really the only issue with jumping up so much is to what degree of trivial the old trivial content becomes.

  7. Consider says:

    Since a couple people asked, and I didn’t think to completely include it, the full stats of the two-hander in question:

    Elementium Poleaxe
    Two Hand
    1527 - 2836 Damage
    Speed 3.5
    (623.3 DPS)
    +341 Agi
    +512 Stam
    Requires lvl 85
    ilvl 359
    Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 228.
    Equp: Increases mastery rating by 228.

    An example of non-weapon itemization:

    Elementium Deathplate
    3426 Armor
    +341 Str
    +512 Stam
    Requires lvl 85
    ilvl 359
    Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 228.
    Equip: Improves mastery rating by 228.

    An example of caster itemization:

    Elementium Hammer
    One Hand
    614 - 1412 Damage
    Speed 1.9
    (462.3 DPS)
    +219 Stam
    +146 Int
    +97 spirit
    Requires lvl 85
    ilvl 359
    Equp: Increases mastery rating by 97.

    Also, yeah, I understand inflation doesn’t *really* matter if it’s done equally (or relatively so) across all affected areas, but it’s still a rather wild jump in numbers.

  8. Typhron says:

    So, the tBC gear reset was higher than Wrath’s (as per design, as they didn’t want the same kind of reset that happened at BC’s start). Then in Cata it’s going to be higher than BC’s?

    I wonder what’s with the sudden about face. Or if it has something to do with the loss of hit/crit/arp on gear and the higher stats making up for it.

    • Roth says:

      I think the reset is being done for the purposes of pvp.

      Blizzard realized that damage and healing in pvp are both out of control. They tried toning it down by beefing up resilience but it really hasnt worked. WoW is a CC heavy game, compared to most MMOs, so having the “100% or 0%” factor in pvp just tips the scales in directions they cant balance around. Basically, it means any class with 50% MS or spammable CC has the capability of bursting someone down in the span of 1 sheep/cyclone/stun/whatever.

      I think the gear inflation is being down so that we get most of our extra hit points from gear. Im sure blizzard could simply make epic 85 gear ilvl 280-300 and just give us 10-15k HP per level up from 81 to 85. But I think they would rather give us 3-5k HP per level and put the rest of the stamina on our new gear.

      The only problem I see with this is leveling. Mob HP is going to go up drastically from 81-85 to compensate for our health pools and increased damage. That makes me wonder if the current ICC gear will see some sort of buff to help us get over the 80 to 81 to 82 hump (the point which we will likely have a ton of access to new Cataclysm items).

      • Zaronic says:

        Remember, leveling has to work straight through from 1 – 85 without stopping at 80 to farm a bunch of badge gear. So a level 70 player in quest greens/blue under ilvl 178 or whatever gear needs to be able to go to the new cata zones an level. So they will have to provide quests in the transition zones that give rewards at nearly as good as the ICC T10 gear. So my feeling is that the lifespan of our current even BiS gear will be short in cata. Depending on if they retrofit gear or not, tanks may be forced to upgrade their ICC gear right away to take advantage of STA inflation on the new gear.

      • Andy says:

        Zaronic, the rewards in the transition zones needn’t necessarily be as good as T10 gear – the alternative is for player equipped in T10 stuff to be overpowered from 81-83 or so, before their gear starts to become obsolete, just like Sunwell gear at the moment can serve you well into the high 70s.

  9. Seratha says:

    When the alpha first released, Blizzard added a couple of new DBC files that deal with the scaling of weapon DPS based on item level. From what I’ve seen, these are fairly accurate for every weapon I’ve found when it comes to Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Artifact. According to the file, by item level 272 Uncommon and Rare items will have the same DPS and by item level 285, Epic items begin matching the same DPS as Uncommon and Rare items.

    The interesting thing is that, to accomplish that, epic two handed melee weapons take a hit from a DPS value of 347 DPS at item level 284* to having 312 DPS at 285. The reason I bring this up is because from 285 until 1000, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic items all share the same weapon DPS values. At item level 359, which is the level of the Poleaxe, they all share a DPS value of 623.3 DPS. By contrast, Poor and Common weapons have values of 380.6 and 543.0 DPS, respectively. What this means is that unless Blizzard’s redoing weapon DPS values so that greens, blues, and epics all share the same DPS, or the DPS values for blues and epics are, in fact, placeholder values that will be increasing by the time Cataclysm launches.

    Now, the only weapons I’ve seen are the poleaxe and the two one handers at item level 316 and two one handers at item level 359, but they all match the DPS values listed in the DBC. The strange thing is that I haven’t heard any leaks of complaints about weapon DPS. This could be because there haven’t been any blue weapons that have the same item level as green weapons to compare or that Blizzard could have done something different and is using the columns of Poor and Common weapons as the Uncommon and Rare and doing away with the former two qualities of weapon.

    * Yes, I’m aware that Shadowmourne and the LK Heroic weapons are 284 and have 344 DPS. According to the DBC file, they should have an item level of 283, which has a value of 344 DPS.

  10. Bas says:

    any chance you could leak some more items

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