Time Flies – *Another* New Build

Update: No, nothing about Death Knights, oddly enough.

Yes, another new build (12266) has been pushed.

No, more information isn’t yet available.

Yes, this will be updated once anything of interest is known.


17 Responses to Time Flies – *Another* New Build

  1. Anonymous says:

    “We are reverting Death knights back to their old rune system because in the end we have changed nothing”


    • Anonymous says:

      was that actually said or are you quoting what you hope to be? i like the new system because it calls for more rune management and as such will let good dk’s be able to separate from bad ones even further

      • Anonymous says:

        Neither, it was simply a joke. I like the new system also because it may actually be a challenge which for me equals fun.

  2. disargeria says:

    More hunter changes and more mage buffs against melee.


  3. Matt says:

    Maybe Blizz is keeping the best for last? I really cant wait to see the next round of changes, here is to hoping they are worth while.

  4. Angvard says:

    Well it looks like there were no DK-changes at all 😦
    I am still looking forward to the promised empty global cooldowns.

  5. vuvuzela says:

    I would say that they are trying to squeeze the “1st” pass of talents/skill changes before they go to the beta testing so it does not feel weird to testers when it starts

  6. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    It’s time to exercise our Death Knight powers of mental domination!

    Aim your thoughts at Ghostcrawler and repeat after me:

    There will be less bloat. There will be less bloat. There WILL be less bloat!

  7. Kovak says:

    Question about Alpha.

    Is Hemo Fever (the debuff they added to BB for tanks) counting as a disease?

    If it is, then Death Strike will heal for 26.25% of max HP, with the new talent being 75% improvement and 3 diseases. With the mastery “bubble” on top of that, DK’s might go back to being OP.

    • Leviatharan says:

      Well, the mastery bubble would only activate for people who spend most of their points in Blood, so at least you won’t have an Unholy DK run up to you, stun you, and spam Death Strike with 4 diseases up to get a pally bubble. 😛
      But yah, Blood DKs may end up being nerfed damage-wise during PvP. But won’t everyone by that point? xD

      And besides, if Blizz had a problem with bubble-wielding classes, they’d nerf Pallies more. Much as I’d love to see that, it’s unlikely.

    • gravethought says:

      If it does it certainly will be interesting for unholy being able to reach 4 diseases (provided going sub-frost gets nerfed enough to want to) and frost being able to have 3 diseases (which I think will want to seeing as blood caked blade is now in blood, plus bone shield is still yummy).

      Remember, while deathstrike heals for much more, it will be used much less often.

      • Consider says:

        I doubt it will be worth grabbing 4 diseases as Unholy or 3 diseases as Frost. The additional disease for each spec isn’t all that valuable, not when you consider all you have to sacrifice to get it (at least 3 talent points which yield literally 0 dps to get past tier 1 Blood, 2 talent points in Butchery which is laughable damage, 4-5 points in MoM which is incredibly weak for Unholy/Frost, and then HF itself costs two… plus there’s the fact that BBing every 30 seconds is almost certainly lost dps). The slightly stronger SS/Ob + BS isn’t all that big of a gain, really.

        It just isn’t worth that huge investment – even if the top of Frost gets nerfed for Unholy.

      • Kovak says:

        I play as a Blood tank if that clears anything up. I guess I was curious because a 3rd disease would mean 50% more healing from DS than only having 2.

        I wasn’t thinking about the DPS concerns.

  8. gravethought says:

    While I agree tier 1 blood is lacking for dps, all it would really take is a swap of bladed armor and blade barrier to ease much of that pain. While butchery is laughable, two-handed spec is incredible ( I am under the assumption they actually make two-handed frost a real option like they said). You get the incredible protection of bone shield we all know and love. I said it would be interesting, not necessarily ideal.

    Without knowing how much having epidemic will impact dps, the beginning of unholy doesn’t look “all” that hot either. Mostly due to no longer having blood caked blade past necrosis.

    Maybe I am just looking at the possibility of a Two-Handed Frost build putting the smackdown on some poor sap in a BG with a 3 disease Obliterate.

    • Zeran says:

      Unless they’ve got some super sneaky trick up their sleeves, I don’t foresee the need for a 3 disease obliterate to smack many bg-heroes back to the graveyard. Think about the fact that our strikes will hit 1.5-2x as hard as today’s strikes, then add that you don’t need to waste FU to apply them (1m cooldown), chain 2-5 primary strikes (if you’ve got deathrunes and bloodtap up) plus your secondaries (bs / bb) plus your RP dump (dc / fs / rs) and you’re looking at a “metric crapton” of burst.
      Honestly, I don’t see a way for them to reconcile our sustained dps with our burst potential given the new rune system.

      • Silarn says:

        Let’s not forget that the newly massive health pools are there partially to reduce burst death. If DKs end up too bursty such that we’re killing others in PvP in just a few seconds, they will almost definitely take steps to reduce it.

  9. Zeran says:

    The question then arises, what can they do about our burst since we’ll be able to squeeze 2 “rotations” (4 with ERW) into the time of one?

    It seems that anything they do to lower that burst will neuter our sustained dps. The only option I see is nerfing our damage output and buffing our rune regeneration which puts us back into gcd-capped piano player mode thereby making the runesystem change a waste of developement time.

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