Woosh – I Must Be Missing Something

I’m sure most everyone is familiar with the following post:

Summed up:

  1. Ruby Sanctum was delayed so that the release cross-region would be better alligned (although, admittedly, not necessarily concurrent).
  2. Today, 72 servers are down for 24 hour maintenance.
  3. Today, Ruby Sanctum was released.

Uh, what?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand EU servers are used to getting patches and the like a day later, but why would you intentionally delay an instance for the expressed desire to partially right this wrong… only to have EU/Korean/Taiwanese servers still get the instance later, but also have US servers suffer as well?

Although individual servers have occasionally gone down on patch/instance release days, I can’t remember Blizzard ever intentionally taking down a handful of servers in advance (and for reasons unrelated to the patch/instance release) on the day, and it’s rather bizarre that they would do so on one of the first times they’ve tried to make up for the lack of synchronization in region release.

Color me clueless.

Yes, full disclousure – my server is one of the ones still down. Even if such wasn’t the case, it would still seem just as illogical and mind-boggling… I just might not be bored enough to comment on it!

9 Responses to Woosh – I Must Be Missing Something

  1. Insolence says:

    And they wonder why people hate them.

    I’ve emptied out my vocabulary list on what to say to BE anymore, I just learned not to expect much of what they promise to deliver. The instance timing would have never been perfect anyway because of the time zone differences. US has and always will get stuff in advance, just because they’re about 6-10 hours ahead of EU, its nothing that Blizzard can work around no matter what they claim.

    At best they’d what, have to launch something at EU lunchtime and US morning and probably TW/KR Midnight? Yeah, sure, smart right?

    • Consider says:

      Exactly. I understand the issue may be a difficult/impossible one to solve, but you don’t really showcase your intelligence as a company when you claim to be trying to alleviate it to some extent, at least, but actually just make it worse than in the past!

  2. OtherStuff says:

    i dont see whats wrong with releasing at different times of the day so that everyone has access at the same time, they would know this ahead of time hopefully (scheduled consistantly the same if possible, or maby on a round robin where each country has its own patch day that releases for them in the morning and the rest deal with that release time)

    but i think what they did here was pretty redicilous… so are you saying that there were EU servers included in the 24hr maintnence? if so thats so bad…if so that would mean they basically released it for just a small random percentage of users while the rest wait a day? just seems off….i agree if it hadnt happened to my server id prob have nothing to say about it, but just the same, i still would ask, Why?

  3. Insolence says:

    I think it’s only US with the 24 Hour Maintenance actually. We have an extended one until 12 PM Paris Time for the new Patch but I haven’t heard of 24 Hour Maintenance. Had some a couple of weeks back actually.

    If they really want things to come in equal for everyone they should figure out the Tuesday US Lockout Reset issue I think.

    As it is US is getting every Buff (just to use something as an example) before us (us as in EU), meaning if we were still on Progress for LK Heroic they’d have almost a full 24 hours head start with each new Buff Tier to get things done, just as they did when Heroic ICC was unlocked.

  4. Shrakx (US-Undermine) says:

    Today on my server, we actually could go in RS about 1 hour before they announced it, Blue posters were still saying that it was not up though … What I think happened is some kind of bug that opened it prematurely on some realms. Since they probably couldn’t fix this easily, they had no choice but to release the instance to everybody …

    I’m not sayin that’s what actually happened, but it’s the only “logical” explanation, if there still is something logical about what Blizzard is doing …

  5. Askevar says:

    Don’t have a clue myself… I’m on a realm that’s up and has RS up… The guild’s Tuesday 10 man took a shot at it [got the three mini bosses down]. Our 10 man will hit it friday… but I feel bad for those realms that are down.

  6. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    Talk about snafus!
    I can just imagine some GM-only forum where an angry discussion on how this happened is raging, the topic being “Oopsie!”

    This definitely wasn’t intended- someone screwed up. I’m quite amazed at how they managed to let this slip past them considering how much flak they got for releasing a buggy LK (ergo the Ensidia fiasco).

    I’m guessing the only reason they didn’t ban those of us who went in there and found everything up and ready was because there were just so many of us.
    It’s a pretty ironic situation because I’m seeing absolutely horrible guilds on my server snatching “top 500” world kills. Hell, an impromptu 10 man formed by my guild got him down. I would have been part of the second 10 man, had my power not gone out for several hours.

    Even worse, I’m hearing reports that the 10 man heroic version does NOT need require a 10 man normal kill, and that guilds here actually worked on it tonight!

    • Insolence says:

      Grats to Premonition on the fastest released Heroic Kill ever, 10 and 25 Heroic Halion on Day 1 of RS. (And I say Day 1 of the whole Instance, not day 1 of un-locked Gated Heroic Modes :P)

  7. Joe_nothin says:

    Well, seeing as the patch was originally ment to test the new Bent integration, and was pushed in the US first becuase they needed to test it in real, and that they have found problems, and that maintanece is supposed to resolved said problems, i’d be guessing that the shut down is not to slow down the raping of the ruby sanctum, but to, you know, resolve some of the known problems that’s been found.

    The delay was becuase they needed a week, and thought it would be unfair to give the US an extra week’s worth of gear and pratice time when something like world first is somewhat of a big deal. The extra 24 hours, i’m guessing have nothing to do with it.

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