Hallelujah – Beta Begins + New Build


Quite happy.

Yes, this means no more NDA which means you can verify everything I’ve said up until now (and see that I was, indeed, right! Elementium Poleaxe, for example). Not that anyone should have doubted it!

Yes, I will continue to keep the Notes page up to date. I’m sure Mmo-Champion and others will have their info and their calculators, but unlikely in the same format that I’ve been doing it in, so it still has worth.

Yes, along with this announcement a new build (12319) was pushed, and I’ll have whatever relevant info up as soon as it’s downloaded and picked apart.

So on and so forth!


11 Responses to Hallelujah – Beta Begins + New Build

  1. Insolence says:

    FUCK YES. *Begs to have gotten a Key….*

  2. Waylandyr says:

    Hallelujah indeed. Finally not going to be bored all the time!

  3. Mark Miller says:

    Where can I find the talent calculator again?

  4. Gravity says:

    Hi mate, I’m in the beta (was in alpha) and am posting as much stuff as I can. I’ll also test things you or the other DK community want, and have forums set up for us all to talk about it. DPS and tank, of course.


  5. Coldfire989 says:

    Consider how do you like the new rune system? I have heard that it is not working out very well at all yet.

  6. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    Two Handed Frost is just looking perfect right now. The only talent I can’t max out is Virulence (2/3) which is more than fine. Even better, it uses Pillar of Frost AND Unholy Frenzy.

    Sadly, the same can’t be said about Unholy, and Desolation is still very much there 😦

  7. Anonymous says:

    So on mmo champion anti-magic shell still energizes our runic power.

    I remember reading otherwise on here and i sorry if this is old.

    • Consider says:

      So reads its tooltip at the moment, yes. But Magic Suppression’s description is also unchanged – it still says that it causes damage absorbed by AMS to generate RP. Something is wrong. Blizzard hasn’t done a second pass of DKs yet, it appears, so I’m sure the discrepancy will be fixed at some point, but until that point, who knows what they’re going for.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yea in my opinion the unholy tree looks like crap and i am disappointed :P.

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