12319 – Nothing Much

Hemorhaggic Fever (the debuff from the talent) has no classification – disease or otherwise.

Corpse Explosion was flat out removed from the files. There’s no longer a player version, accessible or otherwise.

That’s about it, unfortunately. Notes updated.

16 Responses to 12319 – Nothing Much

  1. Leviatharan says:

    Well, at least they removed the gimmick and the numerous fears of PvP Blood DKs with three diseases.
    Sadly nothing to say Scourge Strike is a FU Strike still. :-[

    • Joe_nothin says:

      It still seems to me that blood would be a great pvp spec, actually, even if it has only 2 diseases. Vengence, self healing and other small toys would still make it a good spec.

      I would miss corpse explosion, i have to say. It was one of my fav abilities, and i was allways a little sad that i had to skip it in favor of dps talents. I allways thought it would be one of those “fun talents” that i’d finnaly be able to take with the new vision of the talent system. Shame.

  2. Insolence says:

    Does that mean we’ll be dropping HMF from Blood Builds?

    • Vulgor says:

      Unlikely since its still a good a tanking talent in a tanking tree that gives a significant amount of damage reduction regardless of its status as a disease for dps.

      I mean 10% less tank damage ain’t to be sneezed at imo.

  3. xtatik says:

    Kind of disappointing that they’re removing Corpse Explosion, if that’s the case. It has always been a cool concept that they could never get right.

    • Vorga says:

      I agree. Sad to see it go because of the cool concept, but they never got it to be useful and convenient…

  4. OtherStuff says:

    yea i want corpse explosion back, it was one of my favorite talents, back durring nax raiding i had a unholy presence build that used corpse explosion quite effectively, but it got nurfed and unholy pres killed ect, to the point where corpse explosion was only worth the point if you wanted to clear corpses, which was also a great utility, i REALLY was looking forward to having corpse explosion as a base skill, but id be more than happy to still pay for it as a talent over a dps talent ANY DAY…..


  5. Zibi says:

    The only place endgame that corpse explosion has had recently has been in arena, where it still sees a good bit of use, but it is too situational. Too many people saying they wish Blizz had made it work, but how could you? Make it do something that doesn’t explode a corpse? Then it’s not corpse explosion. Put corpses all over a boss’s room just so DKs can use corpse explosion? There’s no real way for them to “make it work” and still have it be the talent people “want” it to be.

    • Ledge says:

      You could still have it be baseline as a “fun” ability. DKs have a pretty big shortage of those.

    • Joe_nothin says:

      Sure there is – simply make it a baseline ability.
      Thr problem wasn’t the ability itself, but rather that you had to choose between it and raw DPS talents. With an already bloated tree [Trees, actually], there was just no room for anyone to take it. I kept trying to fit it in my specs, but 0.5% more dps was allways better.

      As an ability, it works and works well. Hell, its a great tanking ability in the very least – an AOE RP move, something we could use more of.

      • Consider says:

        I have to vehemently disagree as it working well as an ability. An AoE RP move is great, in theory, and the damage it did wasn’t bad. The issue (aside from it competing with raw dps talents) is that it required a corpse per cost, which ruined the whole thing. The majority of AoE damage is equal to each target; that’s just how it works. What that means is that mobs tend to die at the same time, more or less. Thus having to wait until mobs die to start AoEing means you’re guaranteed to be hitting less mobs and getting fewer, if any, opportunities to use before everything is actually dead. It guts the ability.

      • Zibi says:

        Exactly what Consider just said, and if you removed that cost of a corpse per cast, you no longer have “Corpse Explosion” anyway. If they want an AoE RP move, they’ll add one that isn’t corpse explosion.

      • Joe_nothin says:

        An aoe finisher, then. There will allways be one mob dropping first.

        I think the ability has such a huge cool factor that being less then usfull at all times is ok for it – the only problem with it was that its limited use wasn’t worth the talent point. I’d use it if it was baseline, and i’d like it.

  6. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    I’m not sad to see Corpse Explosion go. It was fun in Diablo II as a Necromancer (muahahaha, enemy players beware!), but has absolutely no place for me in raiding right now.
    As it is, I find enough ways to keep myself busy during trash pulls (since the ability would probably be useless in most boss fights without adds), and the prospect of having to wait and watch as one monster died 2 seconds before all the others, JUST to make use of its corpse was thoroughly unappetizing.

    • Cazock says:

      Sad corpse explosion is gone, but I would rather them bring shadow of doom back in some form, dying and coming back as a ghoul was way cooler.

  7. Theldonn says:

    I’m surprised corpse explosion lived this long. Removing that skill from the game was long overdue.

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