Epidemic – Weaker Than Ever

Epidemic seems to be such an essential talent for a DK: it increases the duration of your diseases, which are the cornerstone of our rotation regardless of spec. I mean, if we have to waste less runes on Plague Strike and Icy Touch, we can spend more time using abilities which we actually care about – Death Strike, Obliterate, or Scourge Strike as appropriate. On top of that, there’s the fact that it’s so high up in the tree that it’s easily accessible to all three specs with minimal sacrifice.

All in all, it would appear to be one of those core talents to a dps DK, much how Omen of Clarity is to dps Druids or Deeps Wounds is to dps Warriors. Each and every class has some talents which are more than your basic X% damage/crit/hit increases, but are still so good and so easily reached they’re taken by all specs of that role, even if it’s not that spec’s primary tree. By first impression it would appear as if Epidemic fits that description to a tee.

Unfortunately, however, no… it doesn’t. In reality, it’s an incredibly lackluster talent which we take because there’s nothing better to move down the tree.

And the best part about it?

The talent grows even weaker in Cataclysm, and despite the fact that it’s getting additional ranks, we have no reason to put more point than the bare two we’ll still need to delve deeper into Unholy!


Currently, without Epidemic, you revert to a ~10 second rotation from what would otherwise be the classic ~20. What this means is that you do one less Plague Strike + Icy Touch and one more Scourge Strike per 20 seconds. This makes finding the value of the talent a very simple equation* : [((Average SS) – (Average PS + Average IT)) / 20] / 2 = dps gain per talent point.

Take any of your parses, any of your recount results in plug them into that equation. Try not to laugh at the result you get.

Don’t have a parse, or not seeing what I’m getting at? Fair enough – check out Devah’s latest Deathbringer Saurfang parse:

  • Average SS was 11,398 + 5,645 = 17,043. Average PS was 7,600. Average IT was 6,005.
    • [((17,043) – (7,600 + 6,005))/20]/2 = 85.95 dps per point.

Considering he did 17710 total dps, that’s 0.485% dps per point. Compared to almost any other talent – Desolation (which is about 0.85%), Necrosis (which is about 0.8-0.9%), or even Unholy Blight (which is about 0.6-0.8%) – and you see that such a number is shockingly low.

Now, yes, there is that asterisk you say earlier – such math ignores the additional GCD Epidemic grants you every 20 seconds, in addition to the additional 5 RP Epidemic costs you every 20 seconds. If you wanted to properly model this, you can just add the value of 5 RP/20 seconds to Epidemic (i.e, you would be comparing IT + PS to SS + HoW). If you do, you’ll find it’s still behind all those talents listed about as well as most others… with the sole exception of Morbidity, which is the single target which Epidemic competes with (to move further down the tree), and one of the few talents it beats.

The fact is, the talent is incredibly weak, and we only take it because the other option is even worse. If we could take those points and dump them into, say, Subversion, we would.

We essentially take it by default, but at least we take it – and take all of it at that.

There was a point, a few months back, where we didn’t. Where we forwent Epidemic because, despite it’s iconic and seemingly mandatory nature, it just wasn’t worth it. Blizzard didn’t like it, and nor did the majority of players. It was changed.

So surely we couldn’t possible be returning to such a time, now could we?


Yes, in fact, we could. We are. If Epidemic is bad now, it’s even worse in Cataclysm.

With Scourge Strike costing a single Unholy rune, Epidemic becomes nothing more than a talent which lets us trade one PS for one SS. There’s no additional GCDs or differences in RP generation to factor in. It’s much more straightforward in evaluating its worth, and its worth is obviously lessened. What more is that diseases are being increased to 30 seconds baseline, and Epidemic to a five point talent – this means that such a trade off will occur once every 90 seconds!

Wrath: Epidemic = 2 talent points = 1 PS + 1 IT for 1 SS + 1 HoW every 20 seconds= worse then basically every talent except the one it competes with.

Cataclysm:  Epidemic = 5 talent points = 1 PS for 1 SS every 90 seconds = ?

The talent is weaker, and incredibly more expensive. Although it’s unfortunately too early to try and do anything exact with the numbers, I think it’s fairly obvious that Epidemic is absolutely atrocious. We’ll have to invest two points into it to reach the third tier of Unholy regrardless, unfortunately, because of literally no other dps option, but that’s no excuse for it being absolutely atrocious.

There’s a million and one ways to resolve this, of course:

  • Increase the total effect. Epidemic is a decent talent in theory – trade having to use a weak ability for a potent one – but it doesn’t work if such a trade off happens only a couple times a fight. SS isn’t that good, nor PS that weak.
    • The downside is that even if they changed it to increase disease duration by 90 seconds total, we still wouldn’t need invest more than the mandatory two in it. Thus such an option likely wouldn’t work out.
  • Reduce the cost. Instead of 15 second increase for 5 points, why not a 15 (or 18, for divisibility’s sake) second increase for 2 points?
    • The downside is that even if they reduce the cost but maintain the total effect, it’s still going to end up weaker then it is today, and it’s awfully weak in the present.
  • Add another aspect to the talent; 2/4/6/8/10% disease damage, for instance, or something similar to maintain the flavor.
    • There’s no real downside to such an addition.
  • Nerf PS and/or buff SS. Instead of making the conversion more often or less expensive, make it more worthwhile.
    • The downside is the huge balance implications which this would entail for one single talent.
  • Combine any two/three/four of the above.

Could go on, but you get the idea. Something needs to change.


Wrath: Costs 2 points, trades a PS + IT for a SS + HoW every 20 seconds. Has another dps talent as an option if necessary.

Cataclysm: Costs 5 points, trades a PS for a SS every 90 seconds. Has no alternative for moving deeper into the tree.

Does that not speak for itself?

Unholy will put its two points in it… because it has to. DW Frost and 2H Frost will likely subspec Blood… because the first tier of Unholy is even worse than the first tier of Blood.

It’s a rather grim fate to resign such an iconic talent to.

46 Responses to Epidemic – Weaker Than Ever

  1. dmdskitzo says:

    Hell i have a question regarding the new ghoul fury. Do we think the 25% haste buff for one minute could outweigh a sinister strikes dmg or am i looking at this the wrong way.

    Basically is it possible the extra hits a ghoul would ( and energy? if it works that way now ) going to outperform a single rune scourge strike.

    Maybe thinking in terms of a single rune scourge strike with a single weapon.

  2. Insolence says:

    What about for Tanking? There’s so many custom builds running around by people just clicking numbers and they all go for Virulence but not Epidemic which to me seems laughable since Epidemic would let us throw off at least 1 more DS, so what do you think?

    • Consider says:

      Yeah, it would let you throw an extra DS, but it’s stilll only one every 90 seconds. That’s still pretty horrid over the duration of a fight.

    • Scar says:

      Wouldn’t the worth of Epidemic for Blood Tanks depend on the value placed on Blood Swarm? Presumably, with Hemorrhagic Fever lasting 30 seconds, a tank will want to refresh it when/before it falls off. This works well with Blood Swarm since, when we refresh our 30 second diseases with an IT/PS, we will get a free Blood Boil to refresh Fever as well. It seems that, if we want to take advantage of the benefit conferred from the Blood Swarm mechanic, it would be better to only take two or three points in Epidemic.

      • Insolence says:

        Blood Swarm needs a serious make-over and right now has no place in any viable Tanking Spec, so I wouldn’t take Epidemic depending on whether or not it coincides with Blood Swarm.

  3. Joe_nothin says:

    Actually, with outbrake, its even less worthwhile.
    Over 180 secs, you would use 3 ps+its and 3 outbrakes without epidemic, and 2 ps+its and 2 outbrakes with it. Which means you only get 1[!] SS every 3 mins with epidemic. Which is horrid.

    There are, however, other places it might help in, such as flying dragons that you cant hit with IT+PS, and then you’ll get 15 more secs of dots on them. I dont think that in itself warrants spending 5 points, though.

    Maybe if it gave you another 30 secs, and you would eliminate ps+it compleatly out of your rotation, but it would still mean only one SS every min…

  4. Baphomette says:

    Epidemic looks pretty dreadful without a FU strike to take extra advantage of. Unholy doesn’t have anything (that I can see) to do with extra Frost runes besides IT anyway… Is there any chance of Obliterate getting used by Unholy again? (can Ob outweigh IT+ScS?)

    • Rebellion says:

      Wouldn’t that kill off the purpose of SS in the first place ? If Ob > SS + IT (including all other benefits like additional RP) turns out to be true why would you want to use SS anyway except for the rare occasion of a deathrune that used to be a blood rune ? I think a design like that would be flawed beyond anything, they could have kept SS as a FU strike to be honest.

      In the end it all boils down to what blizzard plans to do with our rune system and the “basic rotations”. For now there are a lot of clunky mechanics, like deathrunes w/ the new rune system, that make hardly sense at all. I don’t even think we had a real overhaul yet, they just shifted a few things because they needed blood to work somehow for tanking and the rune system to work at least ruidmentarily. Our trees are still bloated like a blowfish amd we have no designer tag on our talent trees like classes that had some serious work done to their talents, which leads me to the conclusion that we can expect alot more in the future ;).

      • Baphomette says:

        Obliterate surpassed ScS briefly (3.2?) so they went on record saying Unholy was supposed to use ScS to the exclusion of Oblit. That may no longer hold if ScS ends up as a single rune though.

        1U is fine for PVP, even good. We probably need something besides IT to use Frost runes on in PVE though. Epidemic seems like even more of a mockery when we’re refreshing one of our diseases every five seconds anyway. :l

  5. Lawlknight says:

    I don’t think it is implemented yet in the beta, but, is epidemic still considerably weaker even with diseases scaling with haste? This assumes that the increase of frequency of ticks also lowers the duration of the diseases, as it does with Corruption with the Glyph of Quick Decay.

  6. Rune says:

    I don’t see how the first tier of blood is better than the first tier of unholy, the first tier of blood has butchery (2 rp/5s) and that’s it, the second tier has Bladed Armor (compared to 3% str from unholy), and the third tier this is where I am uncertain about the specs that might be taken.

    By looking at it, I’m under the impression that the third tier of blood, with BCB and Bone Shield will make it the more ideal second tree, instead of the rather lacklustre Unholy Frenzy and Necrosis from Unholy. I just wondered which would be better, going down the blood route for BCB and Bone Shield does seem better to me, but I’m no theorycrafter. If Consider could just jump in here and set me right, I’d appreciate it!

    Also, Consider when there is more info released about the professions etc could you please make a post on which professions might work out the best for us in Cataclysm? I’d really appreciate it!

    • Consider says:

      I suppose I shouldn’t say better, so much as equally bad, which is saying quite a bit in and of itself! The second tier is about equal for DW Frost (and far superior for 2H Frost), and then third tier is slightly superior for both.

      Going Blood will probably be better, but can’t be any more sure than “probably” until we know more – i.e, if BA will scale properly to 85, for instance, among other things.

      I’ll certainly look into professions once more is known.

    • Leodar says:

      I think the question of which subspec is better will come down to how many points we are going to spend in the Unholy tree. With the changes to haste there has to be serious consideration to the possiblity of Imp. U.P. Also, reaping has been such a lackluster talent in Wrath, but with the changes to a single Unholy rune it might be more important to be able to spam 3 of them after running through an initial rotation. I’m consistently getting to 53 points in the Unholy tree, but 56 wouldn’t surprise me.

      At 53 UH points, you can either pick up Abom’s Might +Bone Shield (Blood) or Pillar of Frost +Brittle Bones (Frost). Even though Blood’s talents are a bit better here, they are so inferior in the first tier I think frost will win out.

      Finally, Sudden Doom is interesting. It might actually cause problems to not be able to dump RP when you’ve got too much, but our RP generation is supposed to be less than Frost. Unfortunately, without a beta key I don’t know what it looks like.

      • Consider says:

        PoF + BB > AM + BS, easily. And, like you said, the rest of Frost is much better than the rest of Blood, in terms of Unholy. There’s no question what Unholy will sub-spec into.

      • Leodar says:

        Yeah, I see that now, I misunderstood the original post was about Frost DPS.

        On that note, as an Unholy DK ….. sorry my frosty brothers, your subspec has so many wasted points it almost hurts me to theorycraft. Pick your poison.

  7. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    Can I assume the ides of a Blood subspec means Unholy Frenzy is not worth it for Two Handed Frost? I’m a little surprised by this- wouldn’t it interact quite well with Might of the Frozen Wastes? And wouldn’t it be worth bringing for the sake of overall raid DPS (not necessarily going to the DK themselves)?

    Of course, I can see why Bone Shield would be attractive, and maybe even Blood-Caked Blade. I would assume that Bladed Armor however, would start being phased out as 4.1, 4.2, etc came out. I remember using a Blood subspec for Two Handed Frost towards the beginning of Ulduar and then slowly but surely phasing it out in favor of Unholy, the more into Ulduar gear I got.

    Oh and last question- what if Scourge Strike went back to being an FU strike (with damage raised appropriately)? Would this result in Epidemic being more worth it?

  8. Andreas says:

    Somehow it feels like this is gonna be one of those talents that Blizzard refers to as the “optional” points rather then the dps increase points, and claim that it will lessen the burden of a tight/hard to maintain rotation or whatever nonsense they can conjure up. I’m glad they decided to move it to tier 1 though, but it’s still a horrible talent.

    I seriously doubt that they will change anything concerning this talent. They recognize it’s weak, moved it to tier 1 and edited it a bit and decided to leave it as one of those optional talents.

  9. Leodar says:

    Yeah, I had come to the same napkin math conclusion when I played with the Beta talent trees.

    I had another question, and despite my calculations was having a ton of trouble getting a straight answer with. The Magic Suppression talent is getting a big change, and I can’t figure out if the point/rp gained is worth the talent points, especially now that Sudden Doom is an Unholy talent. Basically, I couldn’t figure out how much RP would be gained per talent point, but without talenting into this, AMS is no longer our RP soaker.

    Knee jerk reaction is that Unholy DK’s are going to continue skipping this.

    • Consider says:

      If AMS doesn’t provide RP by default, and if 3/3 Magic Suppression has it provide RP at the same conversion rate as live, then MS is an excellent talent – superior to Dirge, for instance, on a point for point basis.

      That said, AMS’s tooltip still says it grants RP (while Magic Suppression’s tooltip still says it grants AMS the ability to grant RP!). So something is up and, unfortunately, I’ve yet to see anyone test the two. If there are any beta testers reading this, please do look into the matter! All you have to do is find a caster to duel or a mob, have them nuke you, and use AMS. Does it provide RP? If no, then the tooltip simply hasn’t been updated and good to know, if yes, then just screenshot the numbers and I can do the math to see if its at the same rate as it is now. Then just use AMS on a nuke with 1/3 MS, 2/3 MS, and 3/3 MS, and screenshot/log each scenario. It should take a person less then ten minutes to test it all, and you don’t even have to do the math and analysis if you don’t want/can’t – screenshot or logs provided, I can figure it all out. I just can’t test it myself, of course.

      It would be very nice to know what’s going on with these two, as MS’s desirability definitely impact Unholy’s perceived level of bloat, and whether AMS provides RP (with or without a talent) certainly affects Unholy and Frost’s rotation and potential empty GCDs.

      • Leodar says:

        I hadn’t even looked at AMS tooltip, that makes this impossible to figure out until we get more info.

        Sorry for the double post, but because AMS situational, wouldn’t that make it more likely that Dirge would be superior due to its ability to grant RP through our normal rotations/priorities?

      • Consider says:

        There would, of course, be fights where you couldn’t use AMS on cooldown for RP, so Dirge would pull ahead on those. On the other hand, on fights where you could use AMS in such a manner, MS would blow Dirge away if you knew how to use it.

        Personally, *that* is the type of talent decision I would like to have to have to make – between Dirge, a talent which is consistently useful on any fight but is independent of player skill, and Magic Suppression, a talent which would be very useful on some fights and potentially useless on others, but whose value would be heavily influenced by the intelligence of the player using it. Although some fights would prefer one over the other, ultimately the choice would come down to whether you were willing/able to put in the extra effort to use AMS wisely for maximum dps benefit at the potential cost of using it for survival, or if you would prefer the more thoughtless but consistent nature of Dirge which lets you use AMS solely for survival.

        Now obviously I would prefer MS, but regardless – that’s such a more interesting talent choice then stuff like “Virulence or Epidemic” or “Reaping or Sudden Doom”. Those talent decisions are decisions, there just math problems with one option clearly ahead of the other when all is said and done. MS or Dirge… oh so much more intriguing.

      • Rebellion says:

        The situational use of AMS is probably the one thing which will decide if the take the skill or not, given AMS does not grant RP anyone, which is a logical choice for me, as it would solve alot of op-ness problems about the skill. Still confirmation would be awsome. The situational use will be determined by the encounters we meet in the raids to come. What use is AMS if the aoe is supposed to oneshot you or places a nasty debuff on you,what if it is very unlikly to hit you in the first place or if it hits you then you are no longer entitelt to be in dps range anyway. Not to mention that AMS is often used to lessen the stress on healers or save your own hide, who could guarantee you don’t already have 80 RP. Depending on the alternatives I’m not yet sold on these 3 talent points.

      • Leodar says:

        Agreed Rebellion – although Consider brings up a good point: it finally looks like one of those talent decisions that isn’t a right or a wrong. One could easily outperform the other in certain situations, or just with certain players.

        Suck at using AMS? Get Dirge instead.
        Master of soaking spell dmg? MS it is.

  10. Roth says:

    They should remove Crypt Fever and roll its effect into Epidemic. Frost/Blood DKs already get the 30% disease damage buff anyways, because lets be honest, what serious raiding guild DOESNT have at least 1 Unholy DK?

    • Consider says:


      CF/EP is still an issue – it’s a unique raid debuff which is a pretty big deal to any DK spec but only brought by one. It still all but mandates your first dps DK being Unholy unless they balance Frost/Shadow dps around not having it (which then makes them overperform when they do). Then there’s EP’s spreadability compared to EM and the like.

      It doesn’t seem like Blizzard has touched the talent though, and I can’t imagine they aren’t aware of the problems – likely they’re just trying to think of the best way to solve it while keeping the flavor of CF and the utility of Unholy intact while not causing balance reprecussions.

      Rolling the 30% into Epidemic (and then perhaps just merging CF and EP into one talent – less bloat and solves the problem of having to rework CF, two birds with one stone!) would be quite nice to see.

      • Roth says:

        Yea, I definitely think CF is going to get the Shadow Weaving treatment: instead of being placed on the mob, itll be a buff on the DK who specs for it. Well, more specifically, itll be a buffed placed on the ‘diseases’ of DKs who spec for it…not necessarily a buff (like MotW) on the DK. Also, EP still has its buff listed as 13%. So Im fairly confident we’ll see a fairly large overhaul of Unholy talents when they do another pass-over.

        Quick question. EM stands for…Earth and Moon?

  11. Leodar says:

    Actually, regarding the conversation on CF/EP, I was more surprised to see that Wandering Plague was left in our tree, even if it did get a big damage reduction. It seems like one of those “talent and forget it” things that Blizzard was hoping to phase out. Its a very boring talent, and now its a less powerful one, and I would much rather be given an optional talent that would be a DPS gain if used properly. In fact, I’m not sure that with the change from 100% at 3 points to 50% at 3 points it’ll be worth taking anymore.

    Alas for balancing between too hard and too easy.

    • Consider says:

      I don’t think WP is that bad of a talent, although I suppose it would have been more interesting if it was converted into our mastery (much like EO for Ele Shaman, Ignite for Fire Mages, and so on). Would beat the rather mundane “X% disease damage increase”, but then again, so would most things!

      • Roth says:

        Did WP really get nerfed though? With haste and crit affected our dots, I think WP is going to be even stronger in Cataclysm than it is now. WP might be weak at the start of Cataclysm when Haste/Crit/Mastery values are low. But once we get into the 2nd and 3rd tier raids of Cataclysm…I wouldnt be terribly surprised to see Wandering Plague pulling ~10% of our DPS.

      • Leodar says:

        Its possible that this is the reasoning behind the changes, so I hesitate to call it a nerf, but yes, according to the talent tooltip, its now 17/33/50%, down from 33/66/100%

      • Roth says:

        No no I realize it was nerfed down to 50%. But my question is…will that really be constituted as a nerf? If anything, it seems like the nerf was done to keep WP’s damage in line with where it is today. But Im not sure even that will work. WP is going to get benefit from our 2nd and 3rd Masteries, Haste, Crit, AP, etc. Its going to be a monster of a talent even with the 50% nerf.

        Likely quite a bit stronger than it is today. Maybe even stronger than it was with 4pc T9.

      • Rebellion says:

        Well now that DoTs can actually crit and scale with haste it was a nesseary nerf to keep the talent in line, I’d say it was also done to reduce our AoE capability so we won’t keep ruling supreme in every AoE-scenario. But If you want a blue post stating it was done for that very purpose, I can’t give you that, because there isn’t one afaik. Of course it is speculation, but a plaussible one at that ;).

  12. Roth says:

    No Im not arguing against that…though I am failing to get my point across unfortunately. What Im saying is, Wandering Plague doesnt work like Whirlwind or Divine Storm (obviously). While a 50% nerf to those abilities is an actual nerf…with the changes to diseases (haste/crit/mastery benefit) Im not sure the percentage of damage WP gives us will really change.

    Atm, Wandering Plague averages about 6-8% damage on a single target boss. What Im saying is, with the upcoming changes to our diseases, Wandering Plague is likely going to stay at 6-8% single target. And once we get into 2nd and 3rd tier dungeons, itll likely be stronger than it is now.

  13. Zeran says:

    Don’t forget the ICD problem with WP and synchronized diseases. Just as GoD lowers the value of it (preventing one disease from procing it) so too will Outbreak. That will make WP significantly worse (since it has roughly half the process rate compared to live for roughly half the fight… am I right in thinking of this as at least a 25% indirect nerf?)

    • Vegah says:

      GoD synchronizes the duration of both diseases but not the times they’re ticking. If you apply BP and the next GCD FF and then later use GoD to refresh, the ticks of BP and FF will still be one GCD apart.
      This is also the reason why using GoD increases the number of disease ticks you get on live – it does not clip the ticks.

  14. Alrenous says:

    The point of epidemic is to get blood plague to line up with your haste, or secondarily to loosen up the rotation timing a little. A couple points does that very nicely.

    Speculating, I think they’re letting you put more points into it for tanking. On live I don’t take it as the extra damage=threat is not necessary, and the bonus healing…well, people get overhealed a lot. But with the physical bubble you now get from death strike, I am delighted to get an extra several thousand hp every 90 seconds.

  15. Vorga says:

    Are we talking about Epidemic for multi-target or single-target? I would think epidemic becomes more useful when fighting multiple targets, using Glyph of Disease, and having to use only one Pestilence to spread it all around, but I don’t know the math.

    It would burn 1 blood rune, vs. 1B 1U and 1F for the same effect.

    Just Glyph of Disease and Pestilence, but still no Epidemic? Does anyone use Glyph of Disease for anything?

  16. Any thoughts on the RealID official forum changes that you’d care to post about?

    Guess the US already have a 600 pager to whine about it, but even so.. I think it’s going to be a serious blow to feedback in general!

    • Consider says:

      That’s probably going to be the topic of my next post (which, at the rate I keep getting sidetracked, might not be up for a few years!).

      Suffice is to say, I think that although the goal is commendable, the actual means are just ridden with faults. They could just, you know, increase moderation, apply new rules (if necessary), cause it so you could only post under one name (of your choosing, like any other forum, which would eliminate alt trolling), apply the post ratings, etcetera. Making the forums a better place is something I’m all for, but first and last names… that’s a very slippery slope with a ton of privacy implications.

      Would it stop me personally from posting? Honestly, no, but my last name is essentially google-proof, especially in regards to forum posts (if you knew what it was, trust me, it would make more sense that that statement probably does!). Most people don’t have such a luxury and even if they did, that still wouldn’t justify anything or prevent the potential backlash.

      Hell, for those who have read my bio, you know I’m majoring in education – what if I already were a teacher, and one of my students saw me posting on the forums?! That would just be flat out bizarre. Of course, I would be surprised if the game was still going strong and/or I was still playing, say, ten years down the road, not to mention I’m looking at elementary eduction, but still. There are probably high school or middle school teachers, let alone college professors, who play. Just odd. Then celebrities, or politicians, or whatever.

      So many issues. I don’t see it going live as stated.

      • Waffle says:

        Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. I’m (as of this posting) completely google-proof. My name is fairly common and none of the people with my name that come up while searching are me, so even if you were to check each on an individual basis I would never appear.

        That being said, while I feel that many people are blowing this far out of proportion, I do understand the concerns that are being raised. I don’t think it would be a good idea from both a business and ethical standpoint for Blizzard to roll out the changes as stated.

      • Minaka says:

        My name can be googled, but all of the entries are about other people.

      • Rune says:

        I must admit once this is rolled out (if it is as they have planned) then I won’t be able to post on any Blizzard forum if I wish to keep any privacy at all. If I search my name, every single result in the top 20 apart from two are actually me. From that information, it is possible to find out where I live, what I look like, what degree I have, what A-levels I have, what at least two of my hobbies are and I didn’t care to look further than that to be honest. I think it is utterly ludicrous to do this.

        I share my personal name and information with friends online, and they with me. Not with random strangers or anyone who cares to look, and I think it is a terrible system. There are much better ways of reducing the amount of flaming and trolling on a forum without killing it for some unfortunate people like myself =(

      • Minaka says:

        This only regards the new forums they plan on opening, by the way. The old ones will stay the same, though they may eventually be closed. Not many people seem to understand that.

  17. Panache says:

    Seems like your wishes are coming true, Consider. I would love to hear your thoughts on the revamped talent changes (31 point talent trees, specialization into a tree at lvl 10 and getting it’s core ability e.g. Lave shock, shadow step etc). If not more, it will serve to trim some fat from the frost tree and clean up the unholy tree.

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