Twitter Discussion – Good and Bad

A large thanks to any and all who tweeted in Death Knight related questions. I was unfortunately prevented from doing so, due to last minute dinner plans which I couldn’t avoid, but I was quite honored to see that many of my suggestions from the bottom of my previous post were apparently asked (and answered!).

Generally speaking, I was pleased with the responses, with only two real exceptions (as you’ll see below). There wasn’t anything shocking or new, per se, but it’s always nice and reassuring to see the philosophy behind changes and the current thoughts on how they’re playing out come to light.

  • Q. Is there any intent to bring back the On A Pale Horse talent for Death Knights, possibly in a different tree?
  • A. Yes, On a Pale Horse is back as a sub-specialization-accessible Frost talent in our latest internal build.

Excellent news for leveling, as On a Pale Horse is probably the best possible talent you can get in that regard. Even better is the fact that it won’t be relegated to a single spec, but instead accessible to all. It will mean Frost leveling and Unholy leveling will be largely equal, which honestly isn’t the case on live – not that it matters a ton, since leveling is a relatively quick process regardless, but still.

  • Q. What is the intent and thoughts on changing the rune cost of Scourge Strike?
  • A. In Wrath of the Lich King, it is closer to being a clone of Obliterate with a slightly different feel than we’d like. We want to change that. We’re also very aware of the rotational problems inherent in decoupling the Unholy and Frost runes. Rest assured, our solution will not be expecting you to Icy Touch alongside each Scourge Strike.

I love this answer, and it’s stuff like this which makes me remember that Blizzard, for all the flack they may get when they have something wrong, really do get it the majority of the time, and do know what they’re doing.

That they want to differentiate it from Obliterate has been postulated by myself and others, so that’s no real surprise. That part doesn’t terrible excite me: it’s the fact that they acknowledge the issue with the Frost runes, and say they have a solution in mind! Music to my ears. One rune Scourge Strike is fine by itself, it’s what it does with the rest of your runes which is currently a problem. That they’ve heard are feedback regarding the issue and have something in mind is excellent. I’m pretty eager to see what they’ve come up with – the possibilities are near endless.

  • Q. Death knight tanks in Cataclysm seem to be gaining a lot of defensive buttons. As a death knight I love it, but will those numbers be changing soon?
  • A. It’s possible that some of it may need to be scaled back, but we like the cooldown aspect of death knight tanking and would like to preserve it.

As Blizzard saw in Wrath, the cooldown model is a very fine line to walk. You can’t make us too weak without them, as there will inevitable be times where they’re down, but at the same time, you can’t make us just as strong as other tanks without them, because then we blow others away with them. It’s a tough design problem to crack, and I don’t envy the challenge it must be. If they can pull it off properly, however, it will certainly give DKs a different feel for tanking. Time will tell.

  • Q. Since implementing and receiving feedback on the new death knight rune system, have you made any changes to it you can reveal to us?
  • A. It still needs a lot of iteration. We don’t want there to be significant “dead time” in death knight rotations. Also, the Runic Empowerment ability has some bugs with displaying the current state of available runes, which complicate the situation. Look for more death knight changes in the near future.

This is one of the questions which had me a bit distraught. Dead time?! Our Frost and Unholy rotations have no such thing with the current iterations of the Cataclysm trees! I have said as much here and here, and have personally experienced the reality of that theorycrafting in beta. I’ve yet to see any proof – theoretical or actual – to the contrary, although if I’m wrong, by all means, point out my error(s). Our rotations have too much in the way of filled GCDs, if anything, at least once haste and mastery rating come into play.

For Blood, yes, empty globals are a very real problem. As I’ve said in the past and still believe, that’s largely because Blood doesn’t have a talent analagous to Rime for Frost or Sudden Doom for Unholy. Crimson Scourge is just laughable; of course 1 GCD every 30/45  seconds isn’t going to greatly help! There’s a lot of ways you could fix this, but one I’m a fan of: self-healing has an X% chance to make your next Rune Strike cost no runic power, and be usable without have to have dodged/parried. There’s a lot of different ways you could go, though.

On the plus side, I’m happy to see some official confirmation of the Runic Empowerment bugs. It’s very obvious to beta testers, but still, this is the first time a blue has recognized it. Always nice to know you’re not seeing things!

  • Q. Do you plan to give the Unholy tree a more centralized focus, instead of split between Scourge Strike, diseases, ghoul, auto-attack, Anti-Magic Shell?
  • A. In a sense, that IS a centralized focus. Unholy death knights are about diseases and Unholy pets. Frost is about icy attacks and runic power. Blood is about tanking and self-healing.

And this is the second answer which I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see. Unholy death knights having half a dozen different themes isn’t necessarily problematic… except for when none of the various aspects interact with one another, which is currently the case. My diseases are completely independent of my ghoul which is completely independent of my Scourge Strike, and so on.

Compare to Frost. Oblit plays into Rime to foster Howling Blasts, which then generate extra runic power for Frost Strike. The haste talents benefit your auto-attacks which, in turn, proc more Killing Machine, thus benefiting those additional Howling Blasts and Frost Strikes. So on and so forth. It all synergies so well.

Unholy… not the case. If they want to keep Unholy being about ghouls, diseases, shadow damage, anti-magic, and everything else, that’s fine, they just have to make these different parts of the spec influence one another. Making Sudden Doom proc off our ghoul’s auto-attacks instead of ours would be one very simple, very easy way to start this process. Or make ghoul’s have an attack which does damage based on our diseases on the target. Or make SS give some haste/damage to our ghoul. So on. Make talents play with one another. Make our ghoul more than just an auto-attack bot.

  • Q. Dark Simulacrum for death knight has a pretty long cooldown. What’s the reasoning behind that exactly? (just curious)
  • A. It’s been reduced to 1 minute in the latest build, but it’s also an extremely powerful ability with which we expect players to pull off fun and scary things.

Without being able to test the reality of the ability in PvP, who knows how strong it will be, but it certainly looks lovely on paper. The shorter the cooldown, the better!

  • Q. Is there a plan to support dual-wield tanking for death knights (something like Threat of Thassarian versus Might of Frozen Wastes)?
  • A. It will be technically possible to dual wield and tank, but it will not be optimal threat-wise.

Unsurprising. It’s hard enough to balance DW and 2H in Frost (and Unholy, although its an unintentional problem for the latter), let alone Blood. Blizzard can only tackle so much.

  • Q. Death knights are the only tanks without a stun, which is pretty key for a few things, like adds on Heroic Lich King. Any plans to give them one?
  • A. There’s a video of a death knight solo-tanking 10-player Heroic Lich King. Impressive stuff. But just like stuns are incredibly good on Lich King, there are a number of fights where mechanics like Death Grip, or the ability to pre-drop a Death and Decay to pick up spawning adds, are incredibly useful. That’s part of class and encounter diversity.

I agree with Blizzard’s sentiments 100% here. We’re perfectly fine in this regard.

  • Q. It seems that our DPS with Runic Empowerment is very random, will that be changed?
  • A. Runic Empowerment is being changed to a trained ability so that all specializations can access it without feeling forced to, since we see it as a core part of death knight gameplay in Cataclysm. The way the talent is engineered, it should never disrupt your rotation, but rather give you bonus resources layered on top of your rotation. The proc rate is high enough that the actual variability in procs over time shouldn’t be excessive.

Considering Runic Empowerment was shaping up to be a must-have talent for any of the three specs, making it baseline is a rather logical next step. Why not? Gives more room for taking fun/utility talents. RE at a 45% proc rate is perfectly fine in terms of RNG, by the way. It’s almost every other runic power dump – nothing that excessive.

Anyways, I love stuff like this, and wish Blizzard would do it more often (although I completely understand why such isn’t necessarily doable). Good news, for the most part, and fun to read into.

27 Responses to Twitter Discussion – Good and Bad

  1. Jonneh says:

    Was just reading myself tbh, and yes. Looks great.

    I agree totally that Unholy needs more synergy with itself. For one it’d stop the unholy obiterate from ever happening again. Not to mention.. it just feels better when your abilities are like ducks in a row. You can visualise things so much better. I got shadowmourne last week and tbh its not really excited me like I hoped it would… I still just tunnel vision my way through everything.. cursing cause I can’t aoe and single target optimally because I need 2 specs (and i have to tank sometimes, so its less hastle to keep a blood spec (not to mention swapping specs to perform on trash is just zzzzz, pet misses buffs, forget to go back into blood presence grrrrrrrrrr..))

    What I’d really like to see is a bit more made of the ghoul. I mean, at the moment its just macro /petattack into everything and keep it on passive. Thats what I’ve done forever and it just works. I’d actually really like it if they at least made sure that the new pet haste buff was optimal. I enjoyed back in ulduar(?) when you at least had to activate it. Perhaps making that cost a frost rune could help us with that problem too? Hell, even just giving him a mini sudden doom so his claw’s proc mini deathcoils. I dunno. Something.

    Something thats bothered me lately has been the “Garg spin” we have to do to stop the bloody stupid thing from meleeing. Someone should mention that on the beta boards. Surely its as simple as making it so the blasted thing can’t attack in melee? Ramdom thought while I was talking about pets.

    One of the things that struck me back when they announced the changes was how much I was going to miss bone shield. It’s silly I know, but the pet and the bone shield are what identifies me as an unholy DK. Obviously its more of a tanking tool, but I would really like something to replace it. Perhaps thats just sentimentality talking.

    The major point and focus has to be, I really want to be able to spend those points they said we’d get. The “free and fun” talent points in even optimal builds. So I can grab on a pale horse when it comes back, or AMZ. That and the fact that we need GCDs. At least a couple per rune refresh in my opinion, even counting optimal procs and so on. I want my index fingers to feel a little less like hammering keys like a mad man so that I don’t lose dps.

    I guess retaining our AoE is going to be a moot point really since they’re snubbing aoe. Lets face it, wrath has made us all lazy really. We expect the tanks to spam spam spam and keep agro. Demo warlock in my guild (hi demo!) always whines when he dies, even though what he does to aoe dps packs is basically suicide, and would have been certain suicide in BC. It’d be nice to retain the feeling that DKs are a major force when it comes to AoE. I doubt it will happen though, since the “free dps when there are more mobs” model is exactly what pushes our numbers up to insane levels.

    Getting a bit rambley now so I guess I’ll leave it there for now.

    Thanks for the post Consider!

    • Raaj says:

      “cursing cause I can’t aoe and single target optimally because I need 2 specs (and i have to tank sometimes, so its less hastle to keep a blood spec (not to mention swapping specs to perform on trash is just zzzzz, pet misses buffs, forget to go back into blood presence grrrrrrrrrr..))”

      I have the same problem. I need to keep one spec for tanking for my daily Heroic (and 3rd OT on the fights that need it), but it would be very handy to have more than 1 dps spec to choose from, without having to stop the raid for 10 minutes between fights to go and respec and reglyph.

      Maybe if we all whine enough Blizzard will give us a 3rd or even a 4th spec choice (for a large sum of gold). There is lots of room on the side of the talent window for 2 more tabs 🙂

      Ya, I have mentioned I want this before. DKs, druids, and pallies would all like the option to be more versatile than we are.

  2. xtatik says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with ways to kind of tie together Unholy’s talents as Frost’s are, here’s something I came up with:

    Change Necrosis to something like: “You infect your blade with Blood Plague causing all of your autoattacks to deal 10/20/30% more damage as disease damage” This would essentially be the same thing, except it would cause Necrosis to scale with anything that increases our disease damage (like the current Ebon Plague Bringer and our mastery bonus)

    Since our ghoul is a rogue, give our ghoul a deadly poison-esque disease that can be applied by its melee attacks. It will stack and the ghoul’s damage could scale with the number of stacks kind of like our attacks scale with the number of our diseases. This could also count as an additional disease on the target to increase the damage of our strikes.

    Sudden Doom – This should proc off of damaging disease attacks (our disease ticks, our necrosis hits, and our ghoul’s disease ticks)

    It would also be nice if Unholy Blight counted as a disease so its disease ticks could proc additional death coils.

  3. Roth says:

    The SS thing is fantastic, as is the Frost rune ability theyre planning to make. Thank the lord.

    But they definitely need to make Unholy diseases feel unique and different. Not just “we tick faster, for more number and for longer periods.” It would be nice to see our diseases get various abilities that we can interact with.

    Perhaps things like “Your diseases not spread by Pestilence have a chance to summon a minion of the Scourge to attack your enemies.” Or give our Ghoul an Inhale Blight type ability here he consumes one of our diseases and gains a buff. This consumption of a disease could then proc Resilient Infection.

    Things like that would be fantastic.

    • Sag says:

      I wonder if there would be issues with changing something like ghoul frenzy to runic power. It’s something I really want to pick up, but I know that it isn’t very useful. If it only used runic power, as opposed to my very vaulable unholy runes I think I would love it. Keep it around say 20-40 so that I’ll want to use it every CD. Maybe have it ditch movement impairing effects for pvp stuff too.

      I think that trees with pets should have the pet and master be more interactive. These should be new things, not procs off of my rotation. Give me a button to hit, like the kill command, or demonic empowerment. Make it be relatively cheap, yet still effective.

      I like your idea about Inhale Blight, but let’s maybe just have it reset the rune instead of forcing me to spend 5 talent points.

      Maybe linking Unholy frenzy to your ghoul would be cool, as long as UH frenzy is cast on a target that is not your ghoul, your ghoul gets X% haste and energy regen

      Possibly in order to use at least one frost rune CD consider something along the lines of ghoul frenzy being a defense CD for unholy since we lost Boneshield. the DK purges the heat from around himself to infuse his Ghoul increasing the haste of the the ghoul by X% and increasing his armor, reducing damage, increasing AP, something…

  4. Baphomette says:

    I actually dislike RE and I’m not happy that I’ll be balanced around having it, but I guess until I get into the beta I’ll have to reserve final judgement on how it works. Thank goodness for OaPH, though, that was the one talent I sorely missed.

    1U Scourge Strikes are a godsend for PVP, whatever else they have in mind. The lowered cooldown on Simulacrum sounds about right.

  5. Casja says:

    It would be very simple to tie these all together. To do so i present:

    Gangrenous Bite
    Your Ghould critical attacks has a 5/10/15% chance to cause a gangrenous infection to the target. Gangrenous infection causes your scourge stike to do 5/10/15% more dmg and causes the haste bonus to diseases to increase by 5/10/15% while active. This effect lasts for 30 seconds.

    Times and percentages would obviously need to be adjusted to keep everything fom getting royally borked. But with a single ability you can make it vital to keep your ghoul alive and keep diseases ticking.

  6. Leviatharan says:

    I think it’d be interesting to see Blizz’s solution to the free Frost Rune issue. Perhaps if Scourge Strike worked like Arcane Blast, increasing the damage of some new Unholy-only ability that cost a Frost Rune to deal more damage per Scourge Strike previously cast (that way, 2 Scourge Strikes could be cast per [New Spell or Ability Here], taking advantage of Reaping)? That’d certainly grab my attention.

    Now the main focuses of Unholy should be Shadow Damage and Diseases. Frost’s is Frost Damage and Runic Power, Blood’s is Physical Attacks and Self-Healing, so it only makes sense for Unholy to take these two niches. This leaves the Ghoul, Gargoyle and AMS as the central issues.
    What if AMS not only gave us Runic Power (talented or otherwise) but also caused our Ghoul to automatically enter a Frenzy whenever AMS absorbs damage; that’d instantly kill one problem and make Magic Suppression central to the spec… Connecting the ghoul however…
    Perhaps if the Ghoul had an attack that caused a disease or stacking debuff that increases the shadow/physical damage the target takes (like Infected Wound with a reverse-Inoculated), directly increasing the damage of Death Coil, Blood Strike and Scourge Strikes.
    Or maybe a talent that allowed Claw to act like Scourge Strike on crits, dealing Shadow damage per disease and maybe even giving its master some runic power. It’d be weird, but if Unholy focuses on Shadow Damage it’d fit the bill pretty well.
    Or combine the two, allowing the Ghoul to act like an intelligent damage boost instead of some mindless drone pounding away at the enemy.
    As for the Gargoyle? Just change Gargoyle Strike from Nature to Shadow damage and it becomes less strange.

    Otherwise the abilities mostly have a purpose: SS and AMS give us RP to cast DC which initiates UB which protects our diseases from falling off, and abilities like Death Coil, Unholy Blight, Necrosis, Blood Plague and Scourge Strike are known for their Shadow damage in the first place, keeping in line with the main focus. And if Runic Empowerment is being made baseline, then not only does DC initiate UB but also increases our chance at another SS, creating a cycle.

    • Roth says:

      Theres a number of issues however.

      1.) UB is pretty weak in PvE right now with the talent tree redesign. And in fact, its not even required for PvP anymore with the addition of Resilient Infection. Hell, with our ability damage basically doubling…Resilient Infection is probably far stronger in PvP than UB.

      2.) Necrosis isnt buffed by any of our shadow damage modifiers. It doesnt really fit the tree at all. It actually fits the Frost theme far more than the Unholy theme (if it were converted to Frost damage.)

      3.) Cant really speak to SS atm since its going to be changed, but Blood Plague isnt even our strongest disease. Im not sure how accurate it is to include Blood Plague when Frost Fever is doing significantly more damage.

      Giving Unholy a theme really revolves around a few things.
      1.) SS needs to interact with our ghoul and/or diseases somehow.
      2.) UB needs to be redesigned. We dont need it for pvp anymore. And why would anyone be dumb enough to waste almost 2k mana dispelling 1 disease? Considering we have Resilient Infection and double damage on our abilities now…dispelling a DK disease is just flat out dumb.
      3.) The Ghoul needs to interact with us in some manner.

      What Unholy needs is more abilities like Resilient Infection (which is an absolutely fantastic solution to our disease problem in pvp, imo). Resilient Infection is basically Unstable Affliction + Overpower. Like UA, dispelling our diseases will cause something negative to happen to the dispeller. But unlike UA, that negative result will cause an ACTIVE response, much like Taste for Blood (Overpower proc) for Warriors.

      We need more talents like that.

      • Boneitis says:

        To go in the direction of knitting the tree more tightly, I’d kind of like to see ss evolve more into something that actually does damage based on the damage your diseases do, not just the number of them present on your target. It would tie in rather nicely with (one of) the stated focus(es) of the tree being disease damage, and make SS more unique than the other strikes all in one swoop. Something along the lines of “You ss does X% weapon damage + Y% of the damage your currently applied diseases would do over their full duration.” That’s worded poorly, but I guess you get the idea.

        Scaling would work better in the tree, as you could synergize very nicely with things in the tree that already increase disease damage – and you can pretty easily estimate how it scales as a direct function of diseases scaling. Should be fairly easy to keep it a much more attractive button than just an oblit clone. If they keep a decent portion of the strike still weapon based (say roughly 60 to 70% of the total damage), and make this other portion shadow based, it could bring the tree back into more shadow-based attack that currently, and in a far less confusing manner.

        The up-in-the-air aspect of this that I see immediately would be how to handle cf (or I guess it’s all just wrapped into ebon plague now). As that is on the target instead of a straight buff to your disease damage, integrating it with this approach would be a bit clunky. Although, I guess you could just balance around it being always present in the disease calculation in the background, since there shouldn’t be a case where you have a disease adding do SS without it also applying EP. I guess all this falls under coding semantics, really.

  7. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    I’m surprised nobody brought up the Ebon Plague change, which I found quite distressing. Yes, Cataclysm is going to focus less on AoE, but that’s no reason to take away the ability to mass spread the damage to multiple targets.
    I am all for giving Moonkins and Warlocks the ability to be able to spread their debuff with similar ease, not nerfing us down to their current level.

    • Rebellion says:

      Well it kind of puts the unholy dk need from “one as a must have” to “maybe, if he does enough dmg”. A warlock’s curse or the moonkin proc will be alot more reliable when movment or target switching is involved, too. With us no longer spreading it with our other diseases there is hardly any bonus to the unholy aspect tbh. Especially in 10 man scenarios I’d imagine beeing frost would make alot more sense in regards to support, if you have a versatile group with a warlock/druid of course.

      The rest of their upcomming statements at least give me hope, because they know about the situation. Given how much response other classes recieve I started to think they didn’t even get whats wrong with DKs at the moment. I’m with Consider on most the parts they mentioned anyway, so I guess there isn’t much to say. The only thing thats bugging me is the “we have time to do stuff” part, because it is defineatly not true. The fact that our haste already crippled itself during the leveling process kind of means that everyone who is level 82+ has significantly less haste. When we ding 85 later we would soon reach a point where haste were useless/less usefull because there are no empty CDs even w/o haste. Also I kind of miss a statement what they want for blood. Blood is utterly broken at the moment. I defineatly won’t tank as blood as it is now, because I don’t want to be a burden to the group …

  8. yeknom366 says:

    Regarding Runic Empowerment as a mechanic – do you know if it has one 40% chance on FS to refresh a rune, or two 40% chances on FS while DWing? The chance of gaining a refreshed rune would be increased to 64% with DW. I could see this as being rather deadly if they revamp it to their proposed idea.

    • Consider says:

      With the currently bugged display and complete lack of any sort of combat log entry for the proc, it’s essentially impossible to tell. I’ve tried to test it, but it’s like banging one’s head against a wall!

      • Rebellion says:

        I wonder if Blizzard is aware of the fact how terrible the basic rune interface is. With their goal to make the game more newbie friendly (even though level 55 means you know at least something) I have to say even experienced players are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the UI. I can hardly imagine how horrible it must be for someone who has zero knowledge of the class. Thats something I would have liked to see adressed as well.

  9. Roth says:

    “Outbreak doesn’t apply EP, so much for Unholy using it. Yet, Pestilence still spreads EP? What? Bizarre!”

    Gotta be a bug…same with the Necrotic Strike thing. I have a feeling those 2 bugs are similar to the one where only 1 Unholy DK could have EP up on the target (back in early WotLK).

    • Leviatharan says:

      Well the Necrotic Strike thing might not be a bug if it’s not a disease.
      DK A hits Necrotic Strike on target X to absorb 5000 healing.
      DK B also hits Necrotic Strike on target X 5 sec after DK A to absorb 3500 healing.
      Assuming the two debuffs stack, which Necrotic Strike application will be removed by heals first, the one applied first or the one that is faster to heal through? It does matter, cause one of them’s gonna fall off ~5 sec before the other without any healing… ;P

      • Roth says:

        Sorry, I didnt mean they will stack.

        What I meant specifically was that it sounds like there can only be one Necrotic Strike debuff on a target. This sounds like the bug we had with EP for a long time. Multiple Necrotic Strike debuffs should be allowed on a mob/player but only the highest debuff should count for the anti-healing shield. This might not seem like a big deal on face value, but consider this example.

        I hit Player A with a Necrotic Strike worth 5000.
        You hit Player A with Necrotic Strike worth 3500 5 seconds later.

        If Player A got healed for 5000+, both debuffs should be removed. If Player A isnt healed within enough time, my Necrotic Strike would wear off and your Necrotic Strike would still be on the target if multiple Necrotic Strikes on a target were allowed.

        Of course, if the Necrotic Strike debuff has no timer and stays on the mob/player until healed…that negates this discussion.

      • Wake says:

        So it works exactly like the current friendly damage absorption effects work.
        There’s no way to tell if PWS or Divine Aegis or Life Shield will be absorb damage before the other.

        I see no reason why Necrotic Strike shouldn’t be able to stack with multiple DKs in that sense.
        Sure, it might be overpowered, but that’s another issue.

      • Leviatharan says:

        Also, figured out why Ebon Plague wasn’t activated by Outbreak:
        “Your Plague Strike and Icy Touch abilities also infect their target with Ebon Plague, which increases damage taken from your diseases by 10/20/30% and all magic damage taken by an additional 8%.”
        Keywords Plague Strike and Icy Touch. Blizz MEANT IT when they said Outbreak wasn’t supposed to replace PS and IT, EP isn’t activated by other diseases anymore, just those two abilities. Since it’s still a disease, Pestilence will probably go back to the old tooltip saying that it will still spread “the death knight’s diseases” instead of naming specific ones, while Outbreak still only applies BP and FF. 😛

  10. Rebellion says:

    What numbers are you guys seeing with Necrotic Strike ? How much healing is absorbed ? Is it worth it compared to Scourgestrike/Obliterate ?

    • Jonneh says:

      Impossible to even put into context until we know how much healers heal for and so forth. I suspect the main thing with pvp is going to be back to mana wars (arena anyway) so it’ll be worth using every cooldown to waste mana anyway, even if it only absorbs like 10% of full hp.

      • Rebellion says:

        I was more interested in a first comparison of the numbers. Shouldn’t be that hard to test with a healer as well as the dmg of Obliterate, ScS and NS. Im just curious about the actual diffrence Blizzard has in mind. As of now a MS debuff certainly looks more usefull in manawars than a few thousand dmg, especially in the 5 man arena bracket. The the uselessness of NS in PvE is obvious anyway.

      • Wake says:

        Agree. Also, balancing “flat” numerical modifiers will always be harder to balance.
        The power of it varies quite much depending on the amount of incoming healing.
        An effect like MS will always have the same power no matter how much healing it reduces.

      • Roth says:

        I think its fairly safe to assume that the anti-healing bubble coefficient is going to go up. Assuming we have 10-12k AP at lvl 85 with lvl 85 gear, that anti-healing bubble will only absorb 3-4k. Thats pretty weak.

        I think we can safely assume the coefficient will be increased to 0.6-0.8.

      • Sag says:

        I’d really like to know how necrotic strike works with shields. If the entire amount of damage is blocked by a shield then is there no NS debuff? If it isn’t this could make it very good against disc priests, as their healing numbers have traditionally been low due to shields.

  11. Vandal Dome says:

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