Build 12759 – Let’s See

Death Knight:


  • Old sigils reworked: view here for the two most prominent examples.
  • Masteries completely implemented and mastery rating integrated.
  • Armor specializations implemented.
    • Automatically gives 5% stamina for Blood specs, and 5% strength for Frost and Unholy.


  • Blood Shield – 50% base shield, increased by an additional 6.25% per point of Mastery.


  • Frozen Heart – 20% base frost damage, increased by an additional 2.5% per point of Mastery.


  • Blight Caller – 20% base disease damage, increased by an additional 2.5% per point of Mastery.
  • Blood Plague – Damage approximately doubled. Cause currently unknown; BP tooltip in the spellbook remains the same relative to FF.
  • Death and Decay – Cost reduced to 1 Unholy rune, down from 1 Blood, 1 Frost, and 1 Unholy. Damage the same as last patch.
  • Dirge – Now provides 5/10 Runic Power from Blood Strike, Plague Strike, and Icy Touch. No longer affects Scourge Strike and Festering Strike.
  • Morbidity – Now increases damage of Death Coil and Death and Decay by 5/10/15% and 10/20/30%, respectively. No longer reduces the cooldown on Death and Decay.

39 Responses to Build 12759 – Let’s See

  1. Insolence says:

    Interesting change to Morbidity, and Masteries are in, whohoo!

    Is that Mastery (Gear) + Masteries (Talents/Abilities like Life Shield) or just Masteries?

    • Consider says:

      Both appear to now be in and working.

    • Dude1 says:

      Kinda getting annoyed with the lack of changes to dks while so many of the other classes get a decent amount of changes each push, and of course paladins which have major changes each push.

      Whatever tho, if i’m not happy with the class I just won’t keep paying for the game. I won’t be waiting till 4.1 for my class to be as good as the rest.

  2. Orkchop says:

    It looks like Blizzard is implementing some of Consider’s suggestions! =D

    • Consider says:

      Hey, hey! I want no association with whatever they’re currently trying to do. I mean, Dirge is now 100% worthless for Unholy! It’s not kinda bad. It’s not slightly subpar. It’s literally worthless – BS, PS, and IT are three skills you’ll never use now! I don’t know what they’re thinking, but it’s most certainly not the sort of clueless change I would ever make.

  3. Leviatharan says:

    Now our rotation opener has to be PS->IT->BS instead of Outbreak->PS(EP)->FeS…

    Dear GOD look at the runic power per minute we just lost… That’s like 1 extra death coil every two rotations at the cost of about a dozen…

    I’m just going to leave the map as it is. There’s no point in changing it at this point.
    I s’pose there is a small, tiny shred of sense to it: a little bit of incentive to save Outbreak for switching to adds instead of opening your rotation, but this just utterly wrecks our DPS as a whole. They’ve also just destabilized Festering Strike somewhat as a piece of our rotation, since we now have only two talents (if Reaping counts) that support it, which seems just a little unfair to me compared to the support other specs have for their Death Rune-giving abilities.

  4. Vulgor says:

    Having just had a read of the cata beta forums, it seems Fire mages just stole our Pestilence just like warlocks have.

    To quote a poster there:
    “Impact spreads DoTs, as mentioned, and does so at their existing duration. It affects all targets within 12 yards. This includes living bomb, so… y’know… big AoE dps implications here. “

  5. cold says:

    Besides from having one of our unique class abilities handed out to everyone else it kinda bugs me that with rets movement speed increase we are now officially the least mobile melee class. I guess with all the casting while moving abilities implanted they are heading to even more movement oriented encounters and with neither (pve-) gap closer nor movement speed increase I really don’t know how this will work out. Am I just a bit over concerned here ?

    • Waylandyr says:

      Actually I’ve been wondering/worrying about this myself. Hopefully we’ll see some blue love soon and our concerns will be laid to rest!

  6. Roth says:

    Why not simply remove Dirge instead of making such a stupid change?

  7. Jonneh says:

    Another useless build with what seems like random changes to make us feel like they are doing something, when in fact it offers no tangible benefits at all and just confuses us even more!


    • Jonneh says:

      Seriously, for my sanity, one of you yanks ask for a blue/gc response about what the hell is going on.

      I saw a whine thread from a paladin that Holy wasn’t getting enough attension that got a GC response. I mean, seriously?

      They’ve had a whole iteration pass or ten and have a butt load of changes to play with.. but they make a whine thread and get a response! Seems to me like its the only way to find out whats going on.

      • Rebellion says:

        While I’m not big fan of whine threads on the official forums, I guess you are right at this point. At least a hint where they are going with the DK design would be more than appreciated, because at the moment, it seems like we are treated as if everything were perfectly working out – which is not the case. More than that, they nerfed some of our signature abilities into the ground while giving it to everyone else for no reasons. What happened to “AoE needs to be tuned down a few notches”, when the only ones that actually suffer from it are we DKs alone ?

        What about the substential flaws with our resource system? The random and utterly useless changes ? Even seeing how awsome the little paladin holy power bar looks like makes me wonder where the prioties are at the moment and what blizzard thinks about the class. As you said, GC responded to things way less of an issue than the current state of DKs. Just looking at the amount of QQ-responses they left for paladin and warriors so far puzzles me, because they need number tweaking at best, while we need a substential overhaul, or at least a change of a few key abilities…

        I’m not asking for detailed theorycrafting or something like that. I just want a vague design goal to cling to, because at the moment the DK class looks nowhere near as fun as it used to be.

        @cold: A PvE gap closer .. thats something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time as well now, given how shamans and we are the only ones without one at this point.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s very disheartening that we get the least amount of changes of every class, every patch. Makes me feel that Blizzard thinks we’re currently alright, which scares me.
    “Hey guys let’s nerf Pestilence but then give the pre-nerf version to nearly every other class.”
    “Wait, but isn’t that unfair to DKs?”
    “Screw DKs, they were overpowered for 2 patches, now it’s time to phase them out of the game.”
    “Oh okay, let’s do it!”

    • Suffer says:

      There’s 10 classes in this game. It’s going to be hard to focus on every single class every patch they release unless you want patches to not come out as often due to having to work on more classes at any given time.

      However, I am EXTREMELY annoyed that pestilence got nerfed, yet all the other classes are being given pestilence like abilities.

      My biggest question is …. Why in the hell was Chains of Iced nerfed? What’s the point of it now? I’ll just end up using Icy Touch with Chillblains (I’m a frost DK). It’s 10% less effective but that isn’t going to make a difference at all. 10% difference between slowing effects is nothing at all.

      And furthermore, how the hell is Frost going to be using Necrotic Strike at all? I mean, we could ignore oblit. But are we just going to use Howling Blast after Necrotic Striking? Rather see Necrotic Strike use Runic Power.

    • Insolence says:

      Thats just whine. Every Class that entered Beta with minimal changes from Alpha said the same things you said about their Classes. They re vamped Blood to be a Tank only Tree, now they are sorting out the Death and Decay issue while finishing up Paladins. Due to the lack of changes we are getting lately I think we could even be next on the list. Paladins, Priests and Mages were the major focus lately, they will move on at some point. Patience.

  9. Roth says:

    So not only did we lose Wandering Plague and receive a 50% Pestilence nerf…but now every other class is getting a “Pestilence” without any kind of damage nerf? And in fact, their “Pestilence” actually DEALS damage, unlike ours?

    These changes confuse me more than anything.

  10. Aku says:

    Warriors lost their Armor/AP talent last patch (while DKs still have one) – so I guess if everybody got a full dmg pestilence we will get it too. Those abilities indicate our class-rework is not nearly finished and still in Blizz’ pipeline.

    The lack in communication about DKs (from GC / Blizz) is a bit frustating but understandable given there are 10 classes / 30 specs and only a few class designers / developers. Cataclysm is still months away and I have faith we will get our proper design pass.

  11. Raxxnamus says:

    Sooooo Outbreak doesnt apply EBP and they changed Dirge to affect IT/PS/BS

    Anyone other than me seeing a pattern here?


    • Rebellion says:

      Outbreak was never intended as the sole means to apply diseases. Still, even if you use these abilities every time to apply your diseases anew, you will do so every 1 or 2 minites. Which makes the talent simply horrible.

    • Aku says:

      The Dirge change could be an attempt to make the current Runic Empowerment mechanic more appealing: refreshing a random Rune = additional IT/BS/PS (more likely SS though) = more RP…

      I really doubt it will stay that way – both RE and Dirge will likely change.

  12. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    Feel free to collect me if I’m wrong, but it currently seems to me as if the clases getting the “Pestilence-esque” abilities are pures. We have warlocks, mages and hunters with confirmed versions of these abilities. Are there any hybrid (besides us) who can claim the same with no damage penalty?
    I sincerely hope this isn’t an attempt to make Hybrid Tax “more” present.

    • Rebellion says:

      Not at the moment, still the fact that warlocks got even more – stronger – aoe is ridiculous. They have the single most powerfull aoe ingame since they introduced SoC in TBC.The only time this is not the case is in gigantic pulls like the ones before Sindragosa.

      As for the hybrid tax, lets hope they won’t introduce that nonsense again. It is unjustified and should no longer exist. If anything hybrids should be rewarded by beeing equal, because they are the ones that are constantly forced to tank or heal…

    • Vulgor says:

      To be honest I’d argue that hunters don’t have a “Pestilence-esque” ability.

      Assuming Consider’s Tweet referred to:
      # Serpent Spread *New* (Tier 6) – Targets hit by your Multi-Shot are also afflicted by your Serpent Sting equal to 50% of its total duration.

      To me that just sounds like a talent to make a cleave leave a dot. I call it a cleave since Mutli-shot only hits 3 mobs unless i missed a change somewhere something;

      That sounds a far cry from our ability to spread dots to everything in range, the ability that warlocks are nicking with SoC and mages with Impact.

      • Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

        Speaking as someone who started playing seriously during WoTLK, I will admit that I have been thoroughly spoiled by the use of constant AoE and no CC. I will also admit that I like it. I don’t like CC. I enjoy huge, flashy numbers and I enjoy working towards those numbers.

        What I am getting at: Why not simply remove the idea of CC? Seriously, if you want CC-esque abilities, go PvP.

        Give all of us DPS-ers “Pestilence like AoE”.

        Obviously I know this isn’t likely to happen, and I’m probably just just being preemptively nostalgic about losing the uniqueness of Unholy DPS. What I definitely don’t want is for Unholy DKs to lose that uniqueness and have it transferred to another class.

      • frozenblows says:

        Its also a tier 6 talent so even if it was a better version of pestilence unless every hunter goes survival it wouldn’t be a standard ability.

  13. Insolence says:

    Bug Fix: Rune Tap Cooldown 30 seconds. (Previously bugged, had no Cooldown).

  14. Andeus says:

    Give them time. The data for this build seems like they were taken while they were messing around with a few ideas just to see how they work and they ended up going public. It’s happened before with other classes.

  15. Leodar says:

    Well, its clear we aren’t ready or done. As I review paladin, shaman, and warrior changes for Cataclysm the level of polish compared to DK’s isn’t even close. The tough thing for me is that with a DK specific blog, cross-comparison is hard. I mean between plate wearing classes.

    I also assume that the discussion with AoE refers to leveling, since AoE storming in dungeons and raids is no longer going to be the play-style. If that’s the case, for the time being at least – it makes sense to me that classes with less armor and survivability be given stronger AoE abilities. If a DK pulls 4 mobs while questing, it might be tough, but we’ll get the job done, even if they don’t die at the same time. If a warlock pulls 4 mobs, and can’t kill them quickly, the warlock dies.

    If this is the way that Blizz is thinking, I can’t completely fault their logic. However, I have no idea how Paladin and Warrior AoE looks like.

    To me, stuff like this doesn’t matter. I could give a crap about my AoE numbers. We have big issues that need to be resolved in all 3 specs that take precedence.

  16. Raxxnamus says:

    With the current changes, if a DK pulls 4 mobs at the same time, of the same level, it is likely he will die, quickly and horribly xD

  17. xtatik says:

    I wish Blizzard would give us SOMETHING. Right now there isn’t anything to discuss. The class is such a mess that all we can really do is wait to see what happens.

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