PowerAuras – Color Me Impressed

I don’t usually just do short little posts like this, but I have to say: the new built-in PowerAuras are incredibly impressive. Not only is the artwork beautiful (and, more important, completely unmissable), the feature also highlights the affected ability (or abilities) on your bar with a golden glow. In addition, the auras “pulse”, and seem to speed up as the buff duration runs its course (although, admittedly, this could simply be my flawed perception).

Obviously it’s not as customizable as the original mod version, but it’s perfectly functional and plenty sufficient for myself and, I would imagine, most players:

Sudden Doom:

Freezing Fog:

Like I said, not normally the type of entry I like to make, but Blizzard really outdid themselves (in my opinion) this round, so I figured I would share.

Some other random facts noticed this patch:

  • Death and Decay is hitting rather beastly. Unbuffed as Unholy in Unholy Presence, it’s about ~1.2k/tick non-crit. Amusingly, that makes it stronger than SS (at least if you’re still using an ICC weapon, like myself) even on a single target!
  • Blood Boil is still rather sad. 1500 non-crits as Unholy, for instance. If they want to make that our main AoE move, it really needs to be pumped up a fair bit more – even if that means nerfing DnD, HB, and possibly Pestilence.
  • Blood Plague is no longer ticking for insane amounts as it was last build. Who knows what that bug was about.
  • Speaking of bugs, Outbreak still doesn’t apply Ebon Plague.
  • There’s still no notification on Runic Empowerment procs.

Expect something more substantial (Uldum/Twilight Highlands reviews? Dark Simulacrum mechanics? Pestilence discussion? Who knows!) next time.

Until then!

40 Responses to PowerAuras – Color Me Impressed

  1. Anaroth says:

    What’s DC doing all the way down that end of your bar …

    I have to say the highlighting of the abilities is nice, but you can also do that with mods on live of course.

    I’ve been wondering a bit about the whole death rune situation and RE. As a quick question, how useful are death runes for frost atm?

    • xtatik says:

      I think he has mentioned before that he uses a Razer Naga, so the placement on his bar might have nothing to do with what he actually has it bound to.

      The built in Power Auras is nice, the only thing it seems to be missing is a timer so you don’t have to look at your buffs to see how long it will last.

      • Consider says:

        One thing it does which I didn’t note (but should have) is that the bars for Sudden Doom “pulse”, and the “pulsing” appears to get faster as the buff runes it duration. Almost as good as a timer.

    • Consider says:

      As you’ll notice, I just specced into Unholy for that shot, and thus everything was simply thrown onto my bars. Don’t worry about it!

      Death runes are useful, I suppose. They let you trade two BS for one Obliterate over the course of 40 seconds. If BS do about 5k a piece and Oblit does 20k, that’s a 250 dps gain, for instance. It’s good enough, although I would still like to see death runes in a separate refresh category than blood runes (i.e, the two different types could refresh concurrently since they’re not the same type of rune), but otherwise they’re the same as ever. RE doesn’t really mess anything up; if it brings up one as Frost, you just have to BS. If you HB with it, then yeah, you’ll have issues.

      • Anaroth says:

        Hmmm so they don’t really do much for frost then.

        How easy is it to use a death rune with a RE procced Frost or Unholy rune to gain an obliterate?

        Death runes are an essential part of the unholy Festering Strike rotation, but there they interact badly with RE too, as you’ll end up switching a FB rune pair on a blood proc to FD or a DD pair on either proc to FD or DB. It seems pretty hard to work out what the best thing to do is.

        I’m just wondering if

      • Seamus says:

        Hmm. I have a question about RE: If a frost rune is currently flagged as a death rune and RE procs it, does it refresh as a frost rune or the death rune?

        Hmm, does it refresh independently? IOW if RE procs on that frost rune I get a frost rune immediately and it keeps refreshing as a death rune as if nothing happened.

  2. Disargeria says:

    I really like the cool and interesting mechanic that blood has that takes advantage of this.

  3. WaffleDK says:

    I love the new built in Power Auras, it makes dealing with most procs a lot nicer.

    Also: yay for having my rune mod back, no more staring at the upper left corner of the screen 😀

    Also also: My god they need to do something with Unholy presence to make it worth using…I did some testing on a dummy now that I can actually use recount and frost presence blew it out of the water, it wasn’t even a contest.

    • Anaroth says:

      Yeah. UP is bad. Diseases are supposed to be a main feature of unholy, and yet UP weakens them considerably because it doesn’t increase the frequency of their ticks.

      If it granted spell haste as well as melee haste then it would be closer to being viable, as the increased pet damage would probably compensate for the lost RP. However that only works if they sort out the gcd issues.

      • Jhadur says:

        Maybe have UP just speed up the disease ticks rather than add spell haste.

      • Anaroth says:

        No real reason not to give us spell haste, we could use the spell gcd reduction anyway, and it makes things even simpler to formulate: Unholy presence – increases your haste by 10% and your movement speed by 15%.

  4. Jhadur says:

    I do like the new power auras but I would like to see more customizability, especially for adding procs from gear using the generic images. Would like to see more effects added aswell like Killing Machine.

  5. Rebellion says:

    I know this is completly off the topic, but because I don’t have twitter. Consider, what do you mean by “If the ghoul was only half as awesome as the new Felguard… or the new Succubus… or even the new Imp…” ? Did I miss something and Warlockpets were changed, mechanics/graphics wise ?

    • Jhadur says:

      Changed quite a bit. Felguard had its stun seperated from its intercept, got mortal strike added to its cleave, and got a crazy good bladestorm. The Imp got the friendly dispell half of devour magic, which the felhunter lost it seems. Not sure if the Succubus had any changes beyond Whiplash from earlier in alpha/beta.

      • Rebellion says:

        awww… that makes me want to play my warlock even more. As if soul link baseline wasn’t enough.

      • Sag says:

        wow, somehow I missed those changes. That seems pretty powerful, makes me think something will change with those and I’m a big fan of warlocks, esp demo. Hell I thought the succubus buff and soul link baseline were pretty damned nice. I wonder why warlocks even got the dispell back. That seems counter to the new design.

      • Seamus says:

        I’ve always been a melee player at heart, but darn Locks have always been bad ass in pvp, at least from my view point. With these changes I think its time to finally roll one.

  6. Seamus says:

    So the power auras are not customizable? RE doesn’t have a PA? How about KM?

    • Aram says:

      RE and KM aren’t on Blizzard’s Power Auras UI.

    • Consider says:

      Not, currently, no, but I’m sure they will add it to the interface menu before it goes live. I mean, whatever else, there at least has to be an option to disable it for those who don’t like it!

      And, no, RE and KM don’t yet have any notification, although once again, considering its the first version, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had it by live.

      • Frostfright says:

        Yeah, I noticed that Killing Machine and Runic Empowerment don’t have any indicators. Since Art of War’s indicator is the Ashbringer, I was really hoping they’d make Killing Machine’s indicator Frostmourne. 😀

        Rime looks pretty awesome, so I’m confident they won’t disappoint.

  7. Frostfright says:

    Oh, and saw this on one of the beta DK threads: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/8730/shadowk.png


  8. Vuvuzela says:

    Hey its not like constant 15%mitigation and shadow damage from shadowform is anything noticable plus developers even said about dark simulacrum from twitter:
    “It’s been reduced to 1 minute in the latest build, but it’s also an extremely powerful ability with which we expect players to pull off fun and scary things.”
    So its only logical for it to be working on stuff like that

    P.S /sarcasm off

    • Rebellion says:

      Well I expect it won’t work on any kind of permanent selfbuff (because you could steal it via a duel before every fight), I also doubt it will work on any kind of temporary selfbuff with a longer duration (for the same reason).
      And further..
      – high damage boss abilities (the ones that oneshot non tanks)..
      – aoe is out of question anyway (or did the tooltip change yet again?)
      – summons (else I would steal one of milhouse’s godlike elementals)
      – scripted spells

      It might work on some CCs, debuffs, shortterm buffs and a few minor single target dmg skills.

      Everything else will be unbalanced (for PvE), but there isn’t much left anyway ^^
      I wish I were in beta right now, because now is the only time DSim will work on all the fun stuff, but obviously op of course. But I admit, that it will probably work on 1 or 2 gimmik fights like jaraxxus, where today mages reign supreme thanks to spellsteal ;).

  9. Vuvuzela says:

    On another subject Consider and rest of of people,do you believe that there is any particular reason on why they have not implented dk glyph’s in this stage?
    Because judging from ghostcrawlers input about the new glyph system and currently implemented glyphs for other classes it seems that they have reached a state on how they want each class to work more or less at least rotation wise

  10. Aram says:

    I noticed this in a Warrior thread. Might be relevant for Runic Empowerment.

    Our combat model (for nearly every spec) involves having to manage random events. We see every day players who want to minimize the influence of randomness in their rotation, but they’re looking for an experience like Street Fighter, not an RPG.


    • Rebellion says:

      The thing is just, that there is a diffrence between watching 1 resource system and a few ability procs (warrior) compared to 6 random engery sources, another one that builds up by using abilities, some random procs to make use of (SD/Rime/KM) and the the fact that a wise use of abilities includes combining the 6 diffrent resources for some abilities.

      Well, not that it is actually that hard. But I could imagine more fun things than staring holes into my rune addon (because the default one is baaaad) to utilize them properly. The bad thing is the rune UI will once again see no love as addons are now allowed no one will care for it anyway, but hey screw new players :P. What ever, we will have to live with it, so be it. More fun for me anyway, as I can watch all the “Arthas” clones out there fail miserably.

      Anyway, take the following words with a grain of salt, as I’m tired and a bit cranky:
      If they want streetfighter gameplay, sorry but they have to change alot to make the combat system more engaging, Atm I see neither beat’em’up nor RPG gameplay, all I see is a strategic game: Moving in prosition, smash a few keys to order my guy to do something, reteat if necessary, repeat. To be honest the comparison makes no sense. If I try to read between the lines..hmm.. not sure maybe they don’t want people to macro their entire rotation and go afk? That they could fix by just screwing that stupid castsequence macro – the worst invention ever anyway.

      Btw, it still baffles me how “random warrior guy complaing about dmg” gets an instant replay, while most others wait for months to get even hints about whats going on 🙂

  11. Minaka says:

    Interesting Ghostcrawler post at http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/26726013260/pestilence-replace-with-blood-boil/

    “We’re starting to think that the ship has just sailed on Pestilence. As I said, our original intent was that Blood Boil be the main AE attack, but now we’re considering making Blood Boil more for tanking, letting Frost use Howling Blast and letting Unholy use Pestilence, because, you know, diseases. “

  12. https://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=26726013260&pageNo=1&sid=1#6

    “We’re starting to think that the ship has just sailed on Pestilence. As I said, our original intent was that Blood Boil be the main AE attack, but now we’re considering making Blood Boil more for tanking, letting Frost use Howling Blast and letting Unholy use Pestilence, because, you know, diseases.”

    “Full strength might be too powerful, but we’ll see. Unholy still has a few too many talents like Improved Icy Touch and Corrupting Strikes, so this might be a good replacement (though likely deeper than those two examples).”

    My faith has ALMOST been restored.

    • Jonneh says:

      yeah, thats alot more like it.

      The thing is, if its not full strength diseases we’d probably still need it to be decently high. For one, we’ve lost WP anyway, which was a big chunk of the disease aoe ‘overpoweredness’. For two, as someone else said around here once.. if you don’t make it decently high, the temptation for unholy might always be to tab around and apply full diseases anyway in aoe sitations. Specific numbers needed of course to see when that might be.

      At a guess from his comments about HB, can we assume perhaps they’ll give it the strange split damage mechanic maybe? Perhaps it hits for 20k on one target or 20k+5k per target it hits (total split over all targets). Split damage pool with a slight increase per target to help is scale better with more mobs. Just a rough idea. It’d be pointless to make the top talent an aoe only ability anyway so, surely it means doing something to the skill itself rather than messing with the whole mechanic of the tree.

      But yes, I couldn’t imagine enjoying unholy as much if it wasn’t right up there at the top of aoe potential. It’d feel too much like just suddenly playing a different class.

      • Jonneh says:

        Reading that back through I don’t think the whole split damage thing was explained too well!

        Think like;

        HB single target hits for 20k

        Add another mob;

        HB on two targets his each target for 15k.

        Less damage on each target, but more overall dps (the essence of aoe). Plus obviously they’d still have 30% diseases and DND.

        Make more sense?

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