Servers Up – Quick Notes

Some random things of the latest patch which I’m noticing, now that servers are up:

*They buffed Blightcaller. It now increases disease damage by 32% base, and an additional 4% per point of Mastery. This is up from 20%/2.5% respectively.
*There is no notification on when you hit 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion.
*Your ghoul appears as followed when under Dark Transformation:

*Ghoul ability tooltips have been updated/modified:

*Blood Boil got a new (large) animation. A single screenshot doesn’t do it justice. It’s big:

13 Responses to Servers Up – Quick Notes

  1. Waylandyr says:

    Dark Transformation ghoul looks beastly! I’m loving it! Man I need a beta key to play with all this stuff…..blech.

  2. Linuilas says:

    What happens when your ghoul is under the effects of Dark Transformation and you cast a death coil? Does Shadow Infusion continue to stack while it’s transformed or do you have to wait for Dark Transformation to end before you can start a new stack?

    • Consider says:

      The latter; it won’t start stacking again until after DT is up.

      Not a big deal though. In addition to the modified abilities, DT gives 100% increased damage for its duration.

      • HisDivineOrder says:

        That’s too bad. I was hoping we’d have a “Keep the dot up” mechanic with Shadow Infusion where you had to keep the five stack up for when the DT fell off, then you’d reapply it. Basically, our damage buffed around keeping DT up at all times except at the very beginning of a fight. The better dk’s being mindful of it, the worse ones not.

        I can’t help thinking that I’d love it more if Shadow Infusion was disease-based (not shadow), like, “Violent Infection – Each time a target with Ebon Plague is hit by Death Coil, your target’s diseases spread to your ghoul and it gains one Infectious Pustule,” with Dark Transformation being “Feverish Delerium – Once your ghoul is afflicted with Violent Infection five times, you empower your diseases within it to corrupt it into an Undead Monstrosity.” I just feel like it’d match the disease motif better.

  3. Insolence says:

    Nice new Animation on BB thanks for Screenshots of “Abomination” Ghoul too btw 🙂

  4. Vuvuzela says:

    Consider you personally believe this patch is a sign of changes to come,or things like new detailed virulence tooltip along with re addition of runic power mastery,make’s you believe that this is more like a one step forward,two step back mentality?

  5. Jonneh says:

    I personally don’t think they’ll get rid of the hit talent, because blood needs it so badly. I do tank a bit sometimes, and let me tell you.. missing your IT because you miss 10% of the time is bloody deadly.

    DK tanks will always suffer until they do something about the spell hit cap requirment for half of their threat and one of thier ranged pick up abilities.

    So consider, now you have something to get your teeth into, perhaps a bit of theory regarding rotation?

    • Insolence says:

      They could really just make it Baseline, they did it with the Paladin one…..

    • PennyRush says:

      Frost rotation is the same.


      Outbreak -> SS -> SS -> Festering Strike -> Festering Strike -> Death Coil -> SSx3 -> Death Coil -> SSx3 -> Death Coil for open.

      Then you rotate between SS -> Festering Strike -> Death Coil and SSx3 -> Death Coil.

      Weaving Outbreaks, Procs, Dark Transformation, Gargoyle, etc as needed.

    • HisDivineOrder says:

      I think the hit talent should be treated like it was treated for Ret Pallies (our closest analog) and have it become baseline. It’s a talent that everyone has to take to function properly. It was taken away as a talent for Ret pallies for the same reason.

      I’m more concerned that Necrosis is staying as it is. There has to be something more interesting for it. If Necrosis’s purpose is to give Unholy dk’s steady shadow damage in addition to the violent spikes, then why not have it give Ebon Plague a damage component instead, enhance your ghoul’s base strike in some way, or cause some kind of effect each time you attack a target infected with your diseases.

      I guess I’m big on Necrosis emphasizing some part of the Unholy tree other than vague shadow damage. Diseases or pets, I’d just like to see synergy with the tree’s hallmarks.

  6. Anaroth says:

    Hmmm… shadow infusion works off any DC, I wonder if it’s every worth using glyph of shadow’s embrace and healing the ghoul to get stacks up quicker. Probably not but could be worth considering.

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