Patch Live – What Wasn’t Datamined

I almost always end up having to make an entry such as this following a released patch. Despite how thoroughly one digs through the spell IDs and the like, somethings just cannot be datamined – and somethings which are datamined inevitably prove to be false or misleading.

What can you do.

  • As a commenter noted and as I then confirmed, Festering Strike now increases Blood Plague and Frost Fever by 8 seconds, buffed from 6. It’s enough to ensure Unholy doesn’t need to use IT or PS in PvE… ever.
  • Dark Transformation now has a combat log entry, floating combat text notification, and poweraura upon hitting 5 Shadow Infusion stacks on your ghoul. It’s relatively ugly, but  it’s functional, which is what’s most important. Also, for the PvP crowd: Dark Transformation is no longer a magic debuff (nor a disease/curse/poison, of course), meaning it’s no longer dispellable.

  • Killing Machine now has a (beautifully done, in my opinion) poweraura attached to it.

  • Frozen Heart, the Frost Mastery, was nerfed – from 20% (meaning 2.5% per point) to 16% (which is 2% per point). Mmo-champion was right about what had happened, just not about the specific numbers.

  • The Frost Presence buff is currently a curse. Most amusing, and almost certainly just a bug.

  • Runic Empowerment still doesn’t have a combat log entry, floating combat text notification, or poweraura… but it does flash and highlight the rune (on your default rune UI) upon a proc. The highlight lasts for about 5 seconds or so, and is quite noticeable, although it still requires you to stare at the upper left (which is more a fault of the default UI than anything else).

  • Dancing Rune Weapon did not have its cooldown decreased, spell ID to the contrary.

  • Runic Corruption works perfectly. It has a combat log entry and a floating combat text notification, but no poweraura (yet).
  • As a ghost you get a “Return to Graveyard” button at the top of your screen. It… returns you to the graveyard you spawned at, shockingly enough! It has no cooldown, and can be used as much as needed. Nice little tool if you get your ghost stuck somewhere, I suppose?

66 Responses to Patch Live – What Wasn’t Datamined

  1. Nessad says:

    Also looks like uldum is itemized, according to some of the quests in my log. Not that it is DK related though.

  2. Insolence says:

    Bottom of the “Ghost” Screenshot there’s a green arrow, near bags, next to Dungeon Finder. What is that?

    • Consider says:

      Oh, just the menu button. When you hover over it, in addition to displaying FPS and Latency (as it does on live already), it also shows bandwidth and download percent (although, obviously, if you’re not streaming a patch, both read as 0).

  3. Grave says:

    After some testing on the PTR, Killing machines ACTUAL functionality has not appeared to have changed. Hopefully obliterate was only tested to be affected by KM and it was decided it was a bad idea : /

    • Consider says:

      There is a bug where Howling Blast still consumes it (but doesn’t benefit), but aside from that, it’s working just fine from my experience. Obliterate (and IT/FS) both consume and benefit from the buff.

      Of course, my testing is from the beta, not the PTR, but still.

      • Grave says:

        Just retested, on the PTR obliterate neither consumes nor benefits from KM, while HB consumes and benefits. Perhaps the beta build got more changes pushed, but I thought tooltips were usually last on the build changes. Interesting. Well wither way, I can only hope they do not make it affect Obliterate.

  4. Grave says:

    Also, on top of that, it almost looks like the new KM power aura was made to go with rime, you get completely surrounded by ICE and it is basically the green light to blast away an auto crit howling blast.

  5. otherDK says:

    A couple of other notes from the PTR:

    Reforging has been added…so we can send all that extra haste away. 🙂

    Also, Razorice, Cinderglacier, and Lichbane appear to be GONE from my runeforging list. I don’t have any weapons pre-enchanted with them so I can’t check if they’re still there, but can someone from the beta confirm what happened to them?

    • Freestaila says:

      My pre-enchanted weapons didnt lost Razorice but I also dont have it on my runeforging list, hope this is a bug.

    • Vuvuzela says:

      I have not been able to recopy my character over in eu ptr but if what you say about those runforges beign not there,may actually be a clutched solution to lower the disparency between dual wield access to razorice and 2h not having access to it.But i am positive that Consider would have posted such dramatic change by now.
      Also just wanted to ask if
      1)bone shield still has an ICD in this patch.
      2)Anything changed about diseases benefitting from haste/crit in all 3 specs,till i can get myself up in the ptr.

  6. Wake says:

    Still nothing for Rune Strike? :/

  7. xcelsion says:

    some interesting things I noticed on the beta:

    Festering strike seems to increase the duration of diseases by 8 seconds now as opposed to 6 (note tooltip hasn’t changed) however it still uses 6 seconds for ebon plague (I assume this is a bug)

    Also the default rune display sometimes (a lot of times actually) displays unholy runes as available but when trying to scourge strike it keeps spamming me with not enough runes error message.

    • Noin says:

      I’ve been having the same problem, but it only seems to happen when the Rune UI bugs out. This happens sometimes on Live when you press a rune button too quickly and it seems to misread which runes you’ve consumed or something, but on Live it always recovers by the time the runes refresh, and things continue as normal.

      On the PTR, however, this starts a cascade, and once this bug happens the Rune UI will tell you have a Rune, and the abilities using that rune will be highlighted, but the game won’t let you use them. It’s maddening.

      Also, testing with PVP gear (or not gear at all on lower level dummies) on the PTR is the way to go to get a better picture of a 0 Haste rotation at 85. The GCD cap situation is absolutely incontrovertible from any player experience.

    • Eidi says:

      Haha, I came here to post almost the same thing, I had noticed Ebon Plaguebringer getting really out of sync with the other diseases. Even Frost Fever is getting slightly out of sync with Blood Plague.

      The rune display is bugged for all runes, it seems. I was trying to use Festering Strike when I saw a death rune and a frost rune up but it was telling me I didn’t have any runes.

      • Consider says:

        I haven’t had any issues with the rune display on the beta. It sounds like the PTR has someone received the bug which afflicted DKs for the first month or two of beta!

      • Noin says:

        Apart from the aforementioned bug, the new rotation, although terribly GCD capped, is actually pretty fun compared to Live. *shrug*

        Just wish I didn’t feel like I was playing Guitar Hero sometimes. 😛

  8. Keith. S says:

    Been reading your blog see very first post great work.

    Can you do another preemptive theory crafting post for Unholy for the CRIT, HASTE, and MASTERY STATS? Mastery went up slightly in value to 0.8%. Haste decreased in value due to no longer affecting diseases. Crit didnt change much even with the absence of Necrosis.

    I am thinking stats would be as followed for unholy:

    strength > hit > expertise > crit > mastery = haste

    • Consider says:

      I’ll do it sometime this week. Assuming we remain GCD capped, hit and expertise are going to take precedent over every other stat. Where strength, crit, mastery, and haste all lie relative to each other will depend on the number tweaking whenever they get around to it, but the four stats should look much, much closer to one another in value than they did in my previous post.

      • Jonneh says:

        kinda pointless with the stat weights (as in, % per rating) are still not confirmed isnt it?

        Also kinda pointless while still GCD capped, since it’ll put haste from the best to worst stat!

      • Consider says:

        They’re not confirmed, but they’re not unconfirmed! They have to not be final though. I mean, my Dk on the PvP realm (I have one copied to each beta server =p) just hit 85, and had 9% haste just from leveling gear. Even once I reforged away as much as I could (to hit, of course), I’m still sitting at 5%. The conversion rates, even if they were balanced between each different stat, are just way too low in general. We’ll probably have 10% haste in entry level blues, reforging aside, and that number is likely to go up by an additional 5% or so each tier. It’s just too much.

      • Keith. S says:

        It is just to give us a idea of where things are at. I know things may change later. And I like all the theorycrafting 🙂

        And to Consider, I figured that Unholy will probably hit a soft haste cap where is becomes a problem at about 12-15%. And the crit will hit a soft cap around 33-35%. After which mastery moves up in priority and becomes top priority for reforging.

        After playing around on the PTR, here are my predictions i think the Sim will come up with:

        hit=expertise (missing is no longer an option) > Strength > Crit = haste >mastery

      • Jonneh says:

        well thats what I mean really. Just feels like wasted time when we could be droning on about GCD capping and doing all we can to raise the profile of the issue until its done with!

        Still not in the beta, still cant post myself :/

        Am I right in thinking that there hasn’t been a word said on GCD capping since GC dropped the “oh thats cause you’re not 85 and you’re in old hasty gear!”

        Did anyone do the 0 haste gcd cap video? Even if so, could probably do with more since the RC change.

      • Jonneh says:

        Crit being the same or almost the same as haste is a pretty unlikely prediction imo. For a start haste now has 2 benefits, which are actually different sizes and weights for each class.

        Crit is inherantly weaker because for all intents and purposes its a proc, where as haste is always on.

        I would assume that they would like to keep the balance for most classes similar to hit/expertise -> main stat -> haste -> crit/mastery

        They always want us stacking hit and our mainstat because at least thats controllable. Stacking pure haste or mastery (and having it be effective) will cause itemization problems on the whole. Plus nobody really wants to repeat the whole ArP scene.

        Mastery in particular is obviously meant to be more of a gradual increase per tier, rather than something you all out stack. I mean they can’t really expect us not to sacrefice some stats for extra strength or alike… but they will probably make sure that its hard and pointless to overly stack things like mastery. Which will be kind of hard when you think about it, since they’re all passive bonuses.

        Again this just highlights how pointless it is to worry about numbers when stuff like the rating conversion rates are just totally wrong, and we know they are.

        Better to focus your attension to mechanics feedback.

    • Roth says:

      Is it confirmed that our diseases wont get Haste benefit?

  9. Kraav says:

    I would seriously like to see some Frost love.

  10. Anaroth says:

    If we’re close to being gcd capped then at present the solution is to run in frost presence, which may actually be optimal anyway depending on the relative contributions of our different damage sources.

  11. Anaroth says:

    Even assuming a fairly low DC rate of about 2 per cycle, my calculation suggests that with RP we’re talking about a 7.6 second rune cycle in frost presence, (so with the new festering strike that would lead to infinite diseases), and maybe a 6 second cycle in unholy presence (so assuming you could actually do your abilities that fast you’d have infinite diseases with even a 6 second increase on festering strike).

  12. Jhadur says:


    All of the GCD math you’ve done for Frost was with 10 sec rune regen w/ 0 haste right? Have you tried to figure the math with a 12 sec regen/ 0 haste setup? Cause Imp Icy Talons seems to be bugged, at least for me, and its making Frost’s rune cooldown last 12 sec before haste.

    • Consider says:

      Yes. That’s nothing more than a bug, and even if it wasn’t and was intended (and you couldn’t avoid it by just bypassing IIT), you still end up near capped anyways, once you factor in raise dead and what have you… and that’s not even counting MotFW for 2H frost.

  13. Kraav says:

    Necrotic Strike is stacking with itself LOL.
    -Debuff gets refreshed before 15 seconds, it is refreshed and the healing absorb amount stacks with what ever is remaining.

  14. Kraav says:

    hmm sorry more testing Raise Dead.

    When you have a pet out as unholy and sac him to Death Pact you can instantly summon another pet then Raise Dead goes on its 2min cooldown.

  15. Oshi says:

    Forgive me for what may be a simple or already widely known question, but I was trying to figure out the usefulness of Unholy Frenzy for a PvP spec.
    Does the haste granted by it affect rune cooldowns, or is it simply improved attack speed?

  16. ODK says:

    nice it use to be that way, i just hate the 2min cooldown, i miss my 30 sec cooldown, i also notice the ghoul dies nearly instantly in almost all situations on beta right now… and disappears alot with a cooldown even without dying (mounting zoning ect)

  17. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    Assuming Patch 4.0 does hit within the next few days (tops, weeks), I think I speak for many of your readers when I say we’d like to hear some thoughts on how to adjust to our brand new talent trees, skills, etc, in ICC and Ruby Sanctum. It’ll be a lot of fun to test out these new goodies (albeit without the new skills and 5 talent points missing) in this environment!
    I’d certainly be interested in hearing about our makeshift specs until Cata hits!

    • Consider says:

      There is no way in the world it’s going to hit live in the next few days, or even the next couple weeks. Most likely mid-October-ish (the 12th).

      The number of problems – not so much for us (although we have our fair share!) – but for all the classes and the game as a greater whole are just too many for it to go live without a bit more time.

      • Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

        You know, I’ve been saying the same thing but everyone in my guild keeps insisting it’s this Tuesday or the next. I’d begun to wonder if they were right and I sincerely hope they’re wrong- I want at least one full week to test out Unholy DPS with a BiS weapon!

        With that being said, the aforementioned semi-guide would still be awesome, even if it’s just for 2-3 weeks 😛

      • Noin says:

        Don’t forget: the expansion could be delayed too.

        Prophecy is generally a bad idea. It’ll be released when it’s released. Until then, keep testing and sending in feedback. After that, send in more feedback. 😉

      • Hinenuitepo says:

        While Boub makes his share of mistakes, he’s generally been good on predicting expansion drop dates. If it really is Nov 2, then the live patch has to be within a couple weeks. Yes, the release can certainly slip – MMO is not Blizzard lol – but Boub’s sources usually being pretty solid seem to indicate the pre-Cata patch can’t be far off.

        There seems to be so much unfinished, which is at odds with the predicted dates, so I guess we’ll see.

    • Jhadur says:

      Seriously, if it hit this week I’d suffer through ICC for my last 20 or so shards and then quit till Cata was released. But no, PTRs typically run for a month or more and are down for a few days to a week before a major patch.

      I do worry though, they are pushing out the preloaded patch parts really damn fast.

      • Insolence says:

        I was worrying about that too, but I figured its just UI and System changes so far. Plus Background Downloader information can get over-written.

  18. Kraav says:

    2nd or 3rd week in November for Cata going live.

    • Insolence says:

      Those are nothing more than guesses, we don’t know anything. Maybe it might be scheduled to (assuming they’re still on schedule and ready to launch by then) and suddenly – Oh. Gnomes take over Blizzard Headquarters.

      What I know for sure is that there’s a lot of testing left – Heroic Dungeons and Raids will take over 2 months, and they haven’t even finished itemizing normal mode Dungeons yet……

  19. All are guesses. My guess is end of Sept/beginning of Oct, we see Patch 4.0. Then right before (or during) Blizzcon, they announce the final release date, the video, and said date turns out to be beginning of Nov. Probably, the week before, they announce the date. During Blizzcon, they release the video. Within the next week, Cata is in stores. (I doubt they’re stupid enough to release Cata before or during Blizzcon because of how many people would skip Blizzcon to be leveling in Cata or how vicious the people would be for having “lost” the time they could have been leveling having to listen to GC laugh at dk’s for wanting things everyone else has that they used to have.)

    They started the Gnome/Troll events, which was the beginning of the transition to Cata. Then they started preloading the data, two stages so far. Of course, a lot of data they’d be sending would be finalized anyway, like the new textures, the new quest data, sound effects, videos, etc. These would already be complete. Really, few things like talent/skill balancing would be left to do and at lvl 80, they’ve already stated they don’t care about balance. They only care about 85. In truth, not needing balance, all they really need is to have the talents trees in place with the talents they’ll have and do number passes to be sure things are AROUND the area they want. Making the numbers perfect can happen during the month-ish timeframe that usually exists between when the big number patches’ release and the release of said expansion.

    And Blizz has released WoW in a state where it needed to be patched before, so it won’t be the first time this time, either. As the class that started getting its update the last, dk’s will be the least iterated on by Blizz and the least tested by the community before Cata release. Someone has to be last, I guess.

    If the GCD issue isn’t dealt with by the time Blood and Frost trees get their updates (and I still think there are some talents that are obvious candidates for culling there), then I don’t think it will be for this expansion. Reminds me of the promised ammo change or the Dance Studio that was coming in WOTLK. Never happened in WOTLK. Or how freeze trap was going to get the functionality of bear trap (doesn’t break right away on damage). It didn’t.

    To quote Ricky Bobby, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

    • Insolence says:

      No way they’ll give us around a 4-8 weeks warning before release date for sure. Maybe release date during BlizzCon, then they release it 4 weeks later or so.

      Actually I believe Rogues are behind on getting updated for Cata, or so according to what people are whining about.

      If they don’t fix the GCD issue in 4.0 they’ll start fixing it for 4.1 or 4.2, they’ll have months to try different settings, if they don’t they’ll just be slacking, and thats a bad dev team.

      • Hinenuitepo says:

        Don’t take this as an angry response, because it’s not. 🙂
        One thing you’re correct on – until I’m playing Cata on my computer, I won’t know FOR SURE the release date.
        OTOH, Boub’s guesses have more information behind them than mere speculation. He has a pretty good track record on this, so even though Cata seems to be such an unfinished product, I’m inclined to believe him on his Nov 2 release date. This suggests a 4.0 release of about two weeks out.
        I only comment regarding your several comments here, Insolence and not because I have a vested interest in the outcome. Well, I have every week in November scheduled off at the moment, so I can take whichever week it comes out off and cancel vacation for the other weeks. 🙂 If it’s after that, I’ll have to figure something else out. 🙂

    • Jhadur says:

      It hadn’t occured to me that whats being preloaded are probably the finished old world zones and transition event info we probably never saw or thats going on ptr soon.

  20. woohaa says:

    This may have been asked already and i apologize if it was.

    Does the damage buff from Dark Transformation stack with new stacks of Shadow Infusion?
    Also, if you manage to get 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion before Dark Transformation drops. Does it extend the duration or just refresh it to 30seconds?

    • Jonneh says:

      I would imagine its intended to stop the DT buff before it allows you to stack SI again.

      Seems kinda strange to allow us to contantly have the extra pet DPS. More likely its supposed to be a cycle. If we were balanced around constantly having the DT pet, it’d be a real bugger for DPS drop off at the start of a fight, or after a phase change where you couldn’t stack SI.

      Unless they imagine AotD to compensate for that in some way! (and/or garg, ofc)

      I kinda visualise DT to be more of a something to mix up the rotation a bit further, rather than a constant DPS source or a burst cooldown.

    • Kraav says:

      Shadow Infusion is the name of the buff your ghoul gets when you Death Coil +10% damage buff per stack up to x5, the buff lasts 30seconds. If your ghoul is at x5 stacks you can continue to DC at least once ever 30 seconds and Shadow Infusion will remain at x5 stacks ready for you to use Dark Transformation.

      Once you spend the x1 Unholy rune to transform the ghoul (costs a GCD) the ghoul can no longer gain stacks of Shadow Infusion until the Dark Transformation buff fades.

      The Transformed ghoul hits pretty hard actually and the control you are afforded by it not auto rolling from Shadow Infusion to Dark Transformation at x5 stacks is quite nice.

      • Waylandyr says:

        The pet also receives a +100% damage buff while DT is active…so it’s a loss to not use it immediately 😀

      • Kraav says:

        Ya i was speaking from a pvp angle on the point about it being up to the DK to activate Dark Transformation.

      • Sag says:

        This does make me wonder though. Why would I ever want to go into unholy prescence if getting the runic power for more DCs to get more DTs is important. Is there a CD on DT that I missed possibly making this irrelevant? Even if DT did have a CD wouldn’t getting to 5 stacks of shadow infusion be a priority in any situation?

        Also I don’t suppose that DT resets that gnaw CD? Not that I want an extra stun or anything… Really just curious because I’d like to have all of the ghouls moves available when I hit DT.

  21. Jonneh says:

    Quote of the day:

    “Mana reducing talents — We just disagree that rogues are singled out here, though if you see some dps classes that can spend all of their points on dps and skip anything utiltiy related, please bring them up so we can evaluate them. It’s always possible that the community (correctly or incorrectly) perceives a talent we intended to be optional utility as mandatory dps. “

    Cant speak for anything but unholy atm, but we’re still totally saturated on DPS increase talents right?

    • Jonneh says:

      Dunno if they’re even the right talents to take math-wise. The point is thats about as far as you get taking all DPS talents. 2 points left over, which really tbh can still be spent in a DPS talent, Magic Suppression.

      Hate to ask for another post.. but someone should probably point that out!

    • Jonneh says:


      33 potential talent points to be spent on something that increases DPS
      7 points to be spent on “utility” (only 1 of which has any PVE application; AMZ)

      You can make an argument for Desecration, but as I have said before now sometimes a slow that you cannot control has the potential to hinder your tanks if they need to position an add somewhere in a hurry. Think Anub’arak HC, and the add needs to be on the ice before it burrows.. but goes over your desecration on the way and … ooops!

      So 6 points of pure PVP only talents, and 1 of some ‘utility’ which we can’t afford because it means giving up DPS from another tree.

      Breaks the policy quoted above, does it not?

      Obviously we’re also forced to put a point into one of said crappy talents to move down the tree.

      • They didn’t say it was utility we could use. They said it was utility, non-DPS. I think it sucks, but this is clearly how they see it.

        The thing that concerns me is the fact he responded to a rogue who is complaining about how much non-DPS, helping-healers-not-have-to-heal-so-much talents while leaving DK’s with the absolute worse self-healing in the game when self-healing is a core mechanic of the class as its the “schtick” of one of its three trees.

        Rogues complaining they can stay alive longer while dk’s are busy on the ground eating nearby, waiting for a group to NOT kick him for lacking a CC. Meanwhile, he’s watching the rogue complain after he sapped a nearby mob for his CC, whining about how he’s got too many heals and ways to stay up.

        And still the DK munches on his food, waiting for his health bar to go up slowly but surely.

      • Jonneh says:

        Actually the point he’s making is if anyone can skip utility and spend every point they have increasing DPS.

        I would argue that fits the situation for Unholy!

  22. Pik says:

    Does the amount of RunicPower you gain from Magic Suppression scale with more talent points or is 1 point enough in a dps specc?

  23. Waylandyr says:

    So KM also had a duration nerf, it went from a 30 sec duration to 10 sec. so you can’t really sit on it any longer. Not a huge deal really, but still.

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