Cata BiS – Unholy

Self-explanatory title; best in slot lists for Unholy based off of the stat weights generated and discussed in my post from last evening.

Doing this “by hand” (meaning without the use of a gear optimizer, program, or spreadsheet of some sort) are somewhat annoying, and thus it may be a day or two until I bother to tackle Frost. Gear choices and gemming is easy to figure out, for the most part; it’s reforging which can be taxing on one’s brain!

Anyways, jumping right into it:


A few notes:

  • I didn’t include any profession specific BoP epics. I never do, for obviously reasons; you can’t have every profession!
    • Even though everyone can use archaeology and thus Zin’rokh, due to the RNG nature of obtaining the item, I believed it best not to include it. Obviously if you get lucky enough to stumble upon it, it’s BiS.
  • I didn’t include most profession BoE epics. They all require Chaos Orbs to craft; Chaos Orbs being the Cataclysm version of Frozen Orbs. Considering Chaos Orbs are only available from heroics and they happen to be BoP, even though you can pay someone else what is sure to be a ton of gold initially to craft using them, it doesn’t seem appropriate to include them in a pre-heroic list, as someone still has to be doing the heroics.
    • Darkmoon Card: Hurricane is the exception to this rule, as it doesn’t require orbs, interestingly enough.
  • I did include Justice Point loot, as one can see. Although they’re mainly earned via heroics, you do get them from normal dungeon dailies, not to mention everyone should have 4k points stockpiled from level 80.
  • No, the relic is not a mistake. There’s very, very few options there.
  • Conquest (i.e, Arena) gear was excluded here, for obvious reasons.


Only one thing to say here: I didn’t include Valor Point rewards. Considering you start at 0 (unlike with Justice Points in the pre-Heroic setup) and can only get 75 a day at most, without raiding, it would take you three weeks straight to get your first item. Seemed silly to include them, although of course any strength items available from them would be BiS here.


Aside from the fact that I couldn’t find the specific boss half of the loot comes from, nothing to note.

[No Restrictions]

Aside from the fact that I couldn’t find the specific boss half of the loot comes from, nothing to note.

25 Responses to Cata BiS – Unholy

  1. Ledge says:

    So it’s not actually better to use the tank boots off Sinestra?

  2. thefiretruck says:

    Noticed you reforged the resilience on the sigil to hit, you cant do that on live atm, does it work in the beta?

  3. Skullflower says:

    I don’t think resilience is a reforgable stat unless it was recently changed (looking at the Bloodthirsty sigil) 😦

    • Consider says:

      Ah, didn’t realize. That’s rather silly, but I guess it helps prevent stat stacking in PvP, where it may have undesirable effects. Who knows. At any rate, you’re still stuck with that sigil; simply reforge the crit instead. I’ve fixed it to reflect as much.

  4. Baphomette says:

    Anyone else relieved to see they won’t be using a Darkmoon Card for four tiers? Mindset-inertia will probably price them far higher than I’m willing to go for something I can replace in current content 🙂

    • Andeus says:

      Νο, because I wanted to sell some 😛

      Chances are we might get some new ones along Cataclysm since it’s the only way of making money as a Scribe and Blizzard mentioned that this is something they are worried about.

      • ODK says:

        Well they ripped the value out of enchanting by givin everyone the mats, now its nearly impossible to make good with enchanting, people always wanna tip like 5g if your Lucky

      • Frozen says:

        Charge em’ 10.

  5. Elysium says:

    Can you explain why Elementium Deathplate is better than Breastplate of Raging Fury? Using the stat weights you posted earlier for first raid tier, and reforging mastery to hit on the Elementium Deathplate and crit to haste on the Breastplate of Raging Fury, and also gemming 2 +40 str gems in the Breastplate of Raging Fury, I came up with the following DPS weights:

    Elementium Deathplate: 1466.82
    Breastplate of Raging Fury: 1520.4

    I know the stat weights you posted aren’t exactly accurate for pre-raid gear, so perhaps that is why Elementium Deathplate comes out on top.

    • Consider says:

      When looking at items with hit, you can’t evaluate them in a vacuum. If you did, you would end up with hit items in near every slot. You have to look at the greater picture; if an item has hit, what stat is that allowing you to pick up more of on the rest of your gear or, alternatively, if an item doesn’t have hit but others do, what stat are your sacrificing to have hit on the rest of your gear?

      With reforging, things become a bit simpler to evaluate in this area. For Unholy, you can consider hit as good as haste or crit, essentially (which depends on the specifics of your gear, of course) – it’s not that hit is as good as those two stats (it’s obviously better), it’s simply that if you need to make room for hit, it’s one of thsoe two stats which you’re sacrificing, and if you have too much hit, it’s one of those two stats that you’re gaining.

      Thus, when all is said and done, Elementium Deathplate comes out ahead. It’s a rather small margin (about equal to the one you got with your flawed numbers, simply in the other direction!), but still. Better in the scheme of things.

      • ODK says:

        Yea people dont seem to realize you can take a haste/crit item (which normally would be the best 2 stats to have on a single item when hit capped) turn crit to hit in order to over cap yourself so that you can take an item with hit/crit on it and change that hit into haste, in the end basically changing the first items Crit into Haste….

        when you put mastry in the scheme of things, you just loseing that 60% from any other stat than mastry, thats all it will ever be, only the other 40% can be swapped out and leavin 60% mastry is, well, ICKY for unholy….just CRAP…

        Another thing ive found that i really dont like, because they killed the “Hybrid” with the new talent systems, now i have my Tank set all set to mastry and my DPS set is specifically avoiding mastry, so tanking in dps gear or dpsing in tank gear – for a hybrid effect – is Extreemly inefficient, also fights like the 2nd to last boss in ZA, use to be able to kill him cause i could hybrid some blood spec with unholy and get Master of Ghouls, making it possible to kill that boss, now we couldnt make a hybrid, even if we were willing to sacrifice the mastry just to do things we use to be able to in the past….kinda depressing imho, solo’ing raid content has been highly smashed into the ground compared to Pre 4.0 – bosses i use to kill Every week (even when my best gear was 245) i either have trouble or cant kill now) – cases like magtheridon, use to kill him in 232-245 gear easily, now im in 264+ on everything and it feels like im in 232 or worse gear, but atleast he is still doable, so not to terribly crappy — or Al’ar – was doable in 232 gear no prob, now i cant do enough dps in tank gear/spec or cant survive in dps gear/spec – just random QQ but the reason i loved my DK was solo’ability of old content with a challenge, now its either to easy or just not doable – theres no “make a specific hybrid spec so you can try another method” type of action goin on, i really dont like it atall…. they took away my favorite part of the game other than Raiding – but they definately did improve raiding quality if they dont nurf it into the ground..

        kk, Sorry for the Off Topic QQ..had to get it out tho…

  6. Magdalena of Turalyon says:

    Question: With these new stat weights, I’m wondering if it has any effect on racial benefits. Specifically, I was wondering if the gap between Worgen and Draenei was closer to being bridged by this.

    Obviously Darkflight is worth a huge amount, but given that we now need to resort to Reforging to take care of our hit caps, wouldn’t the Draenei aura be slightly more valuable? Or does Viciousness still win out?

    • Consider says:

      Draenei aura is the equivalent of 120 hit rating. From reforging, it’s ultimately translating to (by means of opening up one of the stats, in one manner or another ) 120 mastery, expertise, crit, or haste. You can essentially write off mastery/expertise, because you’re always reforging those anyways (be it to crit, haste, or crit). Thus it comes between 120 crit or 120 haste, which is about 96 or 132 dps gained.

      Viciousness is the equivalent of 180 crit rating. Period. That’s about 144 dps.


  7. Branith says:

    Consider; Is the Ebon Plaguebringer/Festering Strike bug fixxed on Beta? You know the one that doesnt refresh EP to 6 sec.

  8. frostdk says:

    There’s no new thread for me to ask it, but can you elaborate on your twitter post about tier (10/11?) being bad for frost?

    • Consider says:

      Oh, it just has lots of haste (four of the five pieces), and haste is the worst stat for DW Frost. That’s all. You’re stuck using it, because the set bonuses are pretty decent (and the alternative options in most of those 5 slots have haste as well), but it’s a bit annoying. It would be like if all the pieces had mastery and Unholy had no choice but to grab it!

  9. Mustkass says:

    Looks like with lv 85 UH stat weights leather working is pulling quite a bit ahead from other standard 80 Str professions. It pretty much boils down 50 hit or 65 haste vs leather working (130 – 80) 50 Str. Also if you happen to be off spec tanking sometimes, there is only 50 dodge or WotLK 40 stamina enchant compared to leather working (195 – 120) 75 stamina.

  10. Rixin says:

    Was curious if you had a web-link for the Justice/ Valor point vendors and gear?

  11. Drusas says:

    Quite a few of the pre heroic bis items are exalted reputation rewards. Is exalted obtainable from questing to 85 in your experience? Or are we looking at several days to weeks of dailies to get there?

    • Consider says:

      Just questing won’t get you exalted, no, but it should get you honored/revered (depending on the specific one), and each of them have dailies associated with them too, so heroics with a tabard aren’t the only means of hitting exalted. How long it would take by just doing dailies after completing all quests, I don’t really know off the top of my head, but it shouldn’t be all that long. Less than a month, surely.

  12. Griptard says:

    Great work as always Consider. Many thanks.

    • Ðemøsthenes says:

      One thing I have noticed and wonder if the work around is worth it but on EJ post your saying to use the Chaotic Shadowspirit Meta, but in the BiS works ups you did (which are AMAZING btw) you are suggesting that the Enigmatic is the meta of choice… WIth my testing on the beta I have been able to activate this gem using Green Hit/Haste gems, is this viable option? And then which meta should we be using? There have been many people advocating the change of this gem requirements on the forums, this of course will probably have no effect on outcome but it is an issue I have been wondering about.

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