Virulence – Dream Come True

Virulence has been buffed! It now increases spell hit by 3/6/9%, up from 2/4/6%.

And people say Blizzard doesn’t listen!

I believe this change speaks for itself, and out of respect for the special place in my heart that Virulence holds, I will honor it with what is likely my shortest blog post ever.

That is how overwhelmed with raw emotion I am.

69 Responses to Virulence – Dream Come True

  1. Insolence says:

    I say why the hell is it still a Talent?

  2. Nahela says:

    And here I thought we had already seen the most ridiculous DK design decisions so far, I stand corrected.

  3. Angvard says:

    I guess this shows us two things… first, Blizzard reads forums and actually adds things from there to their to-do list. And second, they reached the very bottom of that list 😉

  4. Mikami says:

    they still need to fix the “weirdness” of blood death rune reneration (which dont get used, jsut more DS spam)

    • Insolence says:

      Totally, its not like they grant us 6% Damage Reduction when they’re on Cooldown right?

      Besides, if you’re DS Spamming you’re doing it wrong. You should only DS every 5-7 seconds, spamming it makes no sense since Blood Shield doesn’t stack.

      • Mikami says:

        your argument make a lot of sense.

      • ODK says:

        when your dpsing unholy with ~25-30% haste, it becomes a problem quite often, where your runes refresh faster than you can machinegun GCD fire stuff…. where you end up with your left over runes bein 2 frost before your back to useing the blood/unholy again loseing the regen time on the frost set of runes, only way ive found to avoid this was to use FeS instead of SS when i have 1 of each rune and runic empowerment hits and im about to have solid death runes, i just end up fireing a FeS then all SS’s — unless the FeS isnt going to make it into Frost runes, then its pointless reguardless….

        its an issue all to often imho, more when you have to run around and get back into combat with full runes, it annoys the hell outa me cause you go from having to much resources – to useing them in bad order due to bliz code – to not having any resources and kinda waiting for them to regen while if the code had used them correctly, youd be perfectly fine with plenty of resources to work with in those droughts…

      • Insolence says:

        What I meant (sorry was half asleep) is that Blood Runes are fine, we use them to get 6% Damage Reduction, there’s a reason to use HS. If they switched Blood Rites to grant us Blood Death Runes then we’d have no reason at all to use Heart Strike unless for Death Rune purposes, so we’d use it even less. AKA: Blood Rites will only get WORSE if they change it to Blood Runes. We’ll use DS more, HS less and people will start whining about 2-button Rotations.

  5. Dascylus says:

    The real question is: is it still worth anything for specs that aren’t Unholy?

  6. Jhadur says:

    WTB 2-3 more months before release so they can actually finish the expansion before they release it. Paying for mid beta quality class design is just peaches.

    • Insolence says:

      Its not like they haven’t had time, there’s totally separate people working on Content and Class Design, they just don’t want to. We’ve gone through so many Builds with plain nothing on DKs.

      Sure, they ARE kind of hurrying this a bit (Silithus and Winterspring development was dropped for example) but the Class Devs have had more than enough time to think up of a replacement for Virulence, they just don’t want to, its that simple. They know the class works as-is, so they’ll just wait for 4.1 or whenever to start focusing on the DKs.

  7. Nijeak says:

    Maybe next patch it’ll get a new icon!

  8. Magdalena of Turalyon says:

    I read this post and burst into tears because of how much joy and light it brought to my life. Virulence is just so perfect, it’ll soon be called OP and have to be nerfed!

  9. Dalavita says:

    The sarcasm was so thick I couldn’t actually make it out at first.
    Well played Blizzard, WELL PLAYED!

    • ODK says:

      hahaha i was right there with ya….. its so sad the sarcasm is basically to the level of – laugh so you dont cry…

  10. Kirre says:

    I don’t get this change at all. Does this actually, y’know, do anything for us? At all? Or is it just one of those ‘look see we care about the class we change things’ changes?

  11. Griefpb says:

    DW frost gets left out in the cold

  12. Vuvuzela says:

    Virulence for life!Paladins still deserve to have it baked when they choose talents but i guess ours is worth the 3 talent points for a total gain of +1% whole spell hit compared to them,(assuming touched by the light went to 8% in beta).Now that they “fixed” it perharps they could fix other tier 1 talents that are either mundane or way too archaic…

  13. Silarn says:

    Now that the Unholy tree has been perfected, it’s clearly time for Blizz to take a look at Frost.

    Now, they could do something snarky and inefficient, such as reworking Nerves of Cold Steel by removing the hit component and adding something like “when wielding a 2H weapon, Frost Strike deals 15% more damage but costs 25% more runic power.”

    Of course, we all know the ideal change is something else. We can only hope that they will mirror this change to Virulence by increasing the range of Icy Reach by another 5y.

    • Silarn says:

      Okay. Those numbers may not math out, but maybe you can see the multiple issues I was trying to cover with that example.

    • ODK says:

      hehe honestly, i wouldnt mind a 45+yard icy touch…. with our max range being 40y atm, 45-50 would be awsome for hybrid specs for specific purposes or even pvp (great for reaching pricks up ontop of buildings, course that will become moot with flying in cities)

  14. Leviatharan says:

    It’s almost like Blizzard is saying “Good news everyone! Virulence now brings you up to spell hit cap when you’re melee capped! Great news everyone! Virulence still hasn’t been folded into the class passives!”

    • Insolence says:

      Really you don’t even need to be Meele-Capped. Its 9% Spell Hit so as long as you have at least 7% Meele Hit you should (in theory) be fine I believe. Paladins only needed 8% to be capped, plus 8% to be meele capped so 16%. We have 17% if we meele-cap ourselves with 3/3 Virulence.

  15. Haardrada says:

    Also, the Death Pact nerf got reverted and Zin’rokh got nerfed to be more in line with the other ilvl 359 weapons (lost 33 strength, minor ratings changes).

    And with Shendralar being removed from The Insane, I might actually do that now.

    • Haardrada says:

      Never mind, the Death Pact nerf is still in, misread the patch notes on Wowhead.

      • ODK says:

        NOOOOOOOOO! you got me so EXCITED! i hate this stupid Death Pact nurf— if they wanna say DK tanks have to much cooldowns, then take away from one that only they get, not the most effective one for Non-Tanks – it was barely a Save my Ass from a few secs of damage as it was, now its Save my Ass from ~1 Hit? its like they devalued it QUITE a bit lower than bone shield, bleh, sucks…. was my favorite oh-shit button…

  16. Xinia says:

    If only someone would had asked about Virulence on blizzcon, would had been interesting to hear their great reason for why we get that talent when all other classes get those hit talents baked in.

  17. Tarciryan says:

    Just delete the tree, Virulence is now all we need!

  18. It’s funny how often they touch Virulence, but don’t remove it. You’d think it’d be obvious that it should be gone, but I guess they’re trying to make it easier for us to put just 2 points into it and not suffer as greatly? I think that’s …nice, I guess, but I’d rather they put something in that spot that was not required for every DK to take. I thought the point of these talent revamps was to dump talents that everyone had to take to function properly, but there’s Virulence, there’s Bladed Armor. Both required and not at all optional.

    Both having word for word copies in other classes (where they were originally copied from: warriors (bladed armor) and pallies (Virulence). Both having their versions removed because they WERE required and not at all optional.

    But I’ve said this before. I said this six months ago and someone said I should be more optimistic. I think now that we’re getting Cata in three weeks, we can assume that Blizzard is fine with DK’s having boring, stale talents that are carbon copies of the same boring, stale talents they took out of their golden child classes, pallies and warriors.

    Man, I wish someone with a brain had been at Blizzcon to ask REAL questions about the dk class. There were a trillion pally and warrior players there, clearly. Is it a coincidence that dk’s are losing to every other class except rogues in that mmo-c poll about which player is going to be your main, I wonder? Or that pallies and druids (both classes capable of every role in the game) are dominating it?

    • Jonneh says:

      I don’t really see how they’d ever remove it without giving us another way to cap spell hit. I mean, sure, they could just make all our spells work off melee hit… Not sure if that’d cause problems technically though. Sounds like the kind of thing that you’d just be pissed off about when the bugs around it flew in ;p

      If they made it a glyph then.. yeah, maybe. Be just as mandatory as the talent then though wouldnt it, so whats the difference? (From a design standpoint)

      Passives for the class/trees seems the most likely way. For every hit rating we get, it doubles up as spell hit. Sounds like a horrible tooltip in the making, but it’d work.

    • Noin says:

      The anti-Virulence crusade has become ten thousand times more annoying than Virulence itself. This is a buff, however small and silly it may be.

      Virulence is simply boring. It is not a major problem; it’s not even close to being a major problem. Hearing so many people get so angry about something so trivial, meaningless, and harmless a thing is utterly maddening. People have been whining about it for close to six months. Do you really think at this stage in the game they’re going to change it?

      You know what happens when someone makes a new DK? He doesn’t spend hours and hours of playtime going from 10-20 and trudging through his few scant, precious talent points. No, he goes through a very fun, unique, and awesome series of quests that flood him with talent points. By the time he finishes the zone, he has access to Tier 5 abilities. Do you think he gives a damn about how boring Virulence is?

      The lower DK talent trees are boring, but the equivalent offerings of other classes aren’t that much better if you would take the time to actually look at them. By design, the higher talent tiers are going to have echoes and remnants of the old talent trees. That’s the best way to make them somewhat attractive to the other trees, something that Blizzard has said time after time since they implemented this change.

      Virulence doesn’t matter. Get over it.

    • Faceless Minion says:

      In all fairness, Bladed Armor at least gives us something that we would not normally be getting. Virulence, however… well, having it still in place when they added the spell hit to holy and prot pallies is rather insulting. In an ideal world, they would nix it, bake it in, and move Runic Corruption down to that slot instead. =/

  19. Lexikhan says:

    The Virulence buff might be beneficial to a tank wanting to avoid Dark Command resists. My guess is this is the replacement for the DC glyph.

    • Insolence says:

      Wouldn’t have been a bad idea if it truly was, but it has nothing to do with DC unfortunately.

      Its not the most commonly known fact, but our Taunt (not to say all Main Taunts) are on Meele Hit now.

  20. Magdalena of Turalyon says:

    Darkflight has been nerfed from a 70% speed boost to a 40% boost. Hmmm…

    • Jonneh says:

      I’ve not done any pvp, but aparently this is a knee jerk due to the premade alliance chars doing pvp being like upwards of 60% worgen ;p

      Its pretty OP for rogues, warriors and DKs all who have non racial gap closers. Not to mention how useful it was for healers and ranged.

      • Leviatharan says:

        I’d think that the ‘upwards of 60% worgen’ statistic can be related to the original ‘~70% DK’ stat at the beginning of WotLK when it comes to the PvP brackets: They’re new, so they’re being tested by the curious. Difference of course being one appears in 4 more brackets than the other.

      • Sag says:

        I have a gap closer? Please tell me how I am supposed to catch up to that demo in ilse of conquest again? Wait run like hell right? Oh forgot, swtich to Unholy presence and run like hell.

      • Leviatharan says:

        I think he means Death Grip. 😛
        Not the most DPS-friendly gap closer in PvE, but works fine in PvP when on level-enough ground.

      • Leviatharan says:

        Although for a demo you should just get out of combat somehow, mount up, and chase. But on players, Death Grip, certainly.

      • Sag says:

        Kind of what I am saying. Our one gap closer has flaw the more vehicles play a part in combat. I really wish the when something was immune it’d do a warrior spell reflect thing. Yes Flying DKs is a bit absurd, but 1 it serves it’s purpose no matter what, and it is kind of fun to go flying across the screen.

      • Noin says:

        Actually, the 70% speed was becoming mandatory for raiding to the point that Paragon requested the nerf. I can understand the nerf completely in that light.

  21. Dascylus says:

    I’ll be impressed when they make Virulence baseline for DKs (I.E. trainable like Runic Empowerment)

    • Leviatharan says:

      I still say Runic Focus is the best thing to tack it onto. “Your spells deal double damage on crits and have a 9% increased chance to hit”. Makes sense.

      And I don’t know but I was pretty sure the spell hit cap is 17%. Anybody know?

      • Insolence says:

        Why does it have to be in Runic Focus? I’ve seen that suggestion before several times, it makes no sense to me. The two are entirely irrelevant to each other:
        Runic Focus: Unlike most casters, a Death Knight’s spells cause double damage on critical hits.
        Virulence: Increases your chance to hit with your spells by 9%. Spells are all Death Knight abilities that are not direct weapon strikes.

        So how are they possibly related? That would be like giving Frost Unholy Blight without explanation.

      • Sag says:

        It’s 17% for my warlock right now in Wrath. Don’t know if they are changing that at all. if you have no hit at all your chance to hit a lvl 83 mob (also know as skull or boss) is 83%, yeah it drops off a lot after two levels above.

      • Sag says:

        I’m pretty sure the 200% crit was baked into all casters without talenting for it as it used to be. I know it was talked about, but remember talents like that were supposedly removed, so it seems likely that casters just got that buff.

      • ODK says:

        17% spell hit cap, and yea i heard the same thing about all casters now have “Runic Focus” type ability baked in

  22. ODK says:

    I just noticed something awkward…

    i was trying to fix the text SIZE of my default blizzard floating combat text, with 2D Surround you end up with 72 point font all over the screen, it really sucks, but in this testing i was tryin to get alot of random numbers popin up and i realized that in Ironforge, i the level 80 prac dummies across from the BOSS dummy would not take Unholy Blight damage, UB gets placed, occasionally i would get 1 tick of 1 damage, then it would dissipate, where as the boss dummy would tick as usual?

    any idea why?

    also any help as to how to fix my floating combat text SIZE would be GREATLY appreciated…

    ive tried MANY MANY addons, i want the bliz combat text so i see it over the heads of the npc, but in ALL of them, when you change the size (height) flag, nothing actually changes….

    if anyone knows how to get the damage and healing combat text font size changed id greatly appreciate help tho, so far the problem im noticing is DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT = font, height, flag — font and flag work but height doesnt change anything, then even if you get the font changed, your healing and procs and whatnot are still different…

    also wierdly enough, the procs/healing that doesnt change with that damage text font, is the right size by default and perfect, which is why i dont understand why the Damage text is all screwey….

    sorry for off topic, but ive spent like 3+ months tryin to fix this, im going insane, i need help with this badly please….

    • Chainblade says:

      I believe that, like the old Necrosis, the damage from UB won’t overkill. If you’ll notice, those dummies have only 1 health.

  23. Leviatharan says:

    I know this is a little off topic, and you’re prolly all tired of seeing War-tools over and over again after the wishlist fiasco, but this was the closest thing to an opportunity to allow myself to present this.

    My attempt to remedy many many issues (including Virulence!) with the trees. And maybe throw in a few new toys. Getting boring talents out (at least the ones we could bear to remove) was the main priority.
    In an effort to save space on Consider’s Blog, I’ll request that suggestions or comments be posted on the war-tools page.

    • Leviatharan says:

      You uh… may need to create an account to see it.
      Small consolation, at least you don’t need to provide email. 😛

  24. Faceless Minion says:

    So. If they moved Runic Corruption down to Virulence’s spot and just got rid of Virulence, baking it into the class, who would complain? Furthermore, would they perhaps change Runic Empowerment when they had to accept the fact that 80 percent of DKs got RC?

    • Insolence says:

      I wish. RE is Blizzard’s baby. If they like it they won’t give a damn what we think of it.

      Runic-Whack-A-Mole-Empowerment needs to die. Blizzard just won’t let it.

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