EJ – Farewell

To get straight to the point:

Yes, I’m done maintaining the EJ posts. I won’t go into the many reasons why – most of them have been stated here or elsewhere, and the rest are probably easy enough to infer or guess at. At any rate, I apologize if this lets anyone down, but if I were to continue writing my guides, the quality would have inevitably dropped. Sure, modesty aside, the posts would have still been superior to most of the equivalents of other classes, no matter how much I let my work slip, but it would have fallen below my personal standards, and that’s what’s most important. Thus, I figured it best to step down sooner rather than later.

Although I won’t go into too much at the moment, there is one question I’ve seen asked a couple of times, and I wanted to go ahead and address it: Will I continue blogging here about DKs?

I really can’t give a simple “yes” or “no” to that, unfortunately. As long as I play the game I will, of course, be theorycrafting for my own use – figuring out what spec is best, how to gear, and all that jazz. That’s something I couldn’t imagine not doing at this point, and I find it enjoyable anyways. Whether or not I need to say anything publicly all depends…

If whatever individual(s) who takes up my place at EJ is lackluster at the job (inaccurate information and/or slow updating and/or missing essentials, and those sort of faults), then sure, I’ll inevitably blog here so people aren’t left in the dark or, worse yet, misled into playing in a suboptimal manner. If they’re doing an absolutely abysmal job that I just can’t stand idle knowing I could do better, then I might do new guides, although it would be a different format (starting from scratch… oh the possibilities there would be!), and it would probably be located here, not there. I’m not saying “suck, and I’ll return!”, but if there is one thing I can’t stand is watching someone (for lack of a more polite term) suck at something, and causing others to suffer, while knowing I could do far better.

If there’s a particularly interesting change to the class or to the game, then yeah, I’ll almost certainly blog about it. After all, I am still playing the game, so if I find something particularly thought-provoking, I’m sure I would love to ramble about it.

If someone really, really wants my two cents on a subject (and if the subject is deep enough for me to write an entry about), and they email/tweet/comment here about it, then I might come out of the woodwork and talk a bit. Who knows!

If there’s interest, I might do some write ups on RIFT. I am playing it (although, to be clear, that fact has absolutely nothing to do with my EJ decision or current feelings about WoW), and there’s no limit to the number of topics I could discuss in regards to the game. It’s just a matter of whether anyone here would be interesting in reading such talk, and whether the game ends up lasting.

So, yes, I suppose I will still be blogging about DKs. The real question is how much and how often, and that is what depends on those three above factors. Time will tell, as it always does.

Anyways, I tried to keep this short, but I do want to take a quick second (as opposed to a slow second?) to thank everyone for their gratitude and such posted here and elsewhere. It truly is appreciated.


73 Responses to EJ – Farewell

  1. Pugnus says:

    Sorry to hear that … but I completely understand. I’m pretty blah about Cata and everything WoW right now. I’m just having too much fun in Rift. It might be something that’s long term, provided they can keep up the content and population.

  2. Deydron says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the DK community. I know if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have half of the knowledge about the class that I do today. Best of luck in your future ventures.

  3. ZsxKiNG says:

    I will like to hear more your idea about Rift.

  4. Zumal says:

    You will be missed, Consider. Hopefully someone can pick up the guides, as I can’t imagine a world again where DKs don’t know what they’re doing (yeah right). Hope to hear from you sooner rather than later. And I wouldn’t mind reading Rift updates here and there!

  5. Shikomei_TFC says:

    Hey Consider, just dropping by & saying thank you for your work on the Death Knight class & how well you maintained the DPS threads on EJ. It is greatly appreciated.

  6. Andeus says:

    Best of luck, don’t be afraid to make some Rift post. Personally I only played the open beta but would be interested to read about what people like regarding maybe balance or whatever is fun there.

  7. Orkchop says:

    Thanks for all that you’ve done and here’s to hoping that you find plenty of interesting things to blog about.

  8. dabbura says:

    Thanks for everything you did regarding DK’s, i know its helped me a lot, and i would love to read any blog entries regarding Rift as i am having a blast playing it atm

  9. Leviatharan says:

    When I started playing my death knight in Dec. ’08, I was totally lost.
    I distinctly one day while leveling when I came out of Org with a fresh pair of intellect shoulders and spirit bracers that I had bought out of the auction house with the money I got selling the greens from the Scarlet Enclave. I was THAT BAD. It took some time for me to figure out what expertise even was since I had only played warlock up to that point.
    But about the time ToC rolled around, a guildie of mine dragged me away from MaxDPS (been using it for about 3-4 months by that point) and turned me on to your Elitist Jerks thread… and at first I was still lost, hopelessly staring at numbers I didn’t understand and just gearing the way you wrote up- admittedly, even without knowing it at the time, this was still a massive boost in my damage. Sure, I had grasped the basics by that point, but I didn’t even understand the meaning of “stat weight” for months, and used macros for my rotations until a month or two after ICC came out.
    It wasn’t until I started reading your blog that I actually UNDERSTOOD what I was doing and why, rather than mindlessly following everyone else like a sheep; seeing your work theorycrafting for Cataclysm gradually opened my mind to what everything I did actually meant. I went from one of the worst- but trying!- DKs on the server to the top DK in my guild the night 4.0 hit, because of you.
    So I’d like to say thank you, Consider, for everything you’ve done for the DK community. I can honestly say that without you, I’d probably be running around asking “what’s Runic Corruption” or “why was Virulence nerfed” like so many of the DKs on my server (some days I forget that they might not actually be trolling, and that I was actually like them once).
    Again, thank you. The DK community wouldn’t be the same without you.

  10. Appreciation says:

    Your work to date on the DK forum has been phenomenal and I greatly appreciate the guidance you have given…it will be missed.

    If I may make a request. All the info you have fed us via your guides, perhaps you would now teach us to fish. A guide on the processes and tools you use to in theorycrafting would be invaluable.

  11. Dante says:

    Thanks for what you did for the entire DK community, hope you’ll enjoy Rift.
    You will be missed Consider, the best DK in my eyes.

  12. Sicnis says:


    Thanks for all of your help, advice and excellent write ups for DK’s. I will definitely miss your posts but I completely support your decision.

    You set the standard for Class Mechanic threads, being extremely in-depth and organized. I can’t tell you how many times I referred fresh dk’s to your posts.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work and theorycrafting! May be seeing you in rift… only time will tell.


  13. Superman says:

    Saw this coming a while ago, so I am not surprised. And I think your work speaks for itself. You will be missed by many. Although, it might be nice to be a bit clueless once again about best spec/stats/gear/etc, instead of being told by the master! Downside is there will be alot more Deathtards, if you can imagine 🙂

    Rift is pretty fun, but just playing it casually for now. Getting my third character to level 20 then will decide what to play.

  14. Karesh says:

    Damn, it saddens me greatly that you will no longer be working on your DK guides on EJ. Your work has been top notch and helped me go from a DK nub to someone who now understands the ins and out of the class. Your input will be sorely missed.

    I do hope you keep this blog as I am sure I shall enjoy reading what ever you have to say about what ever subject you wish to focus on next.

  15. Uthsamal says:

    I am saddened as well. Please continue to blog, about anything at all; it will most certainly get read. Thanks for your help; your efforts, among others, and the discussion created here has been awesome beyond words.

  16. Vuvuzela says:

    Dude i know i am another annon that just wants to thank you for hard work all this time and hoping whatever you plan doing to end up in success but i would like to know if is there some way we could help you out somehow for a change.

  17. Baphomette says:

    Not surprised, but still sorry to hear. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into the DK community.

    Have to second the request for a guide to fish, as it were. About the only thing going forward that I cannot work out for myself would be stat weights, and I suspect (particularly in light of today’s announced FS/HB buffs) Frost weights will be changing a bit. It wouldn’t be a content patch without relearning2play a DK to some extent!

  18. Wingwraith says:

    Thank you for all your time and dedication to keeping the DK community informed. Your efforts have definitely been appreciated.

  19. Wargoth says:

    Consider, I’m sorry to hear that your no longer going to be maintaining the threads on EJ. I’m also sorry to hear about your bland experience with WoW at the moment, not that I can necessarily blame you. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the work you’ve done on the Unholy thread and more recently the Frost thread. Call me lazy, but I don’t really understand much about theorycrafting, not so much because of a lack of interest but a lack of time (I work 14 hour days.) I’ve kept up with your unholy guide all through wrath and cata, as well as your recent contributions to the frost thread and its honestly made me a better player, and allowed me to play at a level with players that spend a lot more time in the game than I do, and they have also set the standard for future guides and for that I thank you

    p.s. sorry for wall of text

  20. Valdemar says:

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I started playing WoW when my guild was raiding ICC, and I would never have gotten up to speed without the valuable information that I found in your amazing guides. While I doubt that anyone will be able to continue your work, I certainly understand why you have chosen to move on. /salute

  21. Anonymous says:

    I want to throw out a thanks as well. If it wasn’t for your threads I would most likely have made some rather rediculous mistakes during the process.
    It will certaily be a new experience playing WoW without someone holding my hand every step of the way. Guess someone new will step up now though, but probably not with thehigh quality standard you’ve been maintaining.

    On behalf of me and everyone I’ve been able to help myself with your EJ threads, blogs and tweet, thanks!

  22. Fengore says:

    Consider, for the time you’ve put in to your theorycraft and the further time you’ve taken to share it all with us in an exceptionally well laid out and explained manner, thank you.

    I hope you do continue to blog, long time reader first time replier here. But I hope you choose to do so because you want to, not because you feel you should.

    The community has been bettered by your advice and help, and will miss you.

  23. Raelna says:

    Many thanks for all your hard work on keeping us DK’s up to speed on all things DK, will keep following you on here and on Twitter

  24. Koori Gamer says:

    Figured this would happen soon, its a shame too lose you 😦 Your guides helped me alot while I was playing my DK through Uld & ToC, they will be missed if I ever need info for my alt, I suppose I could try and fit time in for myself to theory craft, but it was always much easier to read your posts (I didn’t even know what theory crafting until I came across your post).

  25. Crovean says:

    I also want to throw out a sincere thank you in here.

    If it wasn’t for you I can’t begin to imagine what amusing faults I would have been making during my times in WoW.
    It will be an entirely new experience going through class updates without someone holding my hand every step of the way. I could use some help getting started with sims on my own though, as there have been some complications for me in the past.

    On behalf of me and everyone I’ve helped with your help, thanks!

  26. Jhadur says:

    Your work will certainly be missed.

    It’s sad I may be leaving the game just as my favorite spec (2h frost) is really getting pulled together but I haven’t logged in at all since Rift headstart began. 6+ years is a good run though.

  27. rawly says:

    Thank you very much for all your work from a sad panda in Germany!

    Yeah.. I am one of those who can’t figure out all the math and tactics and priorization but can put your advice to good use.

    Your threads were the main reasons that I could greatly optimize my playstyle. I can’t even recall how often I linked someone your threads @ EJ and got a “WOW, that really helped!”.

    I would (like many others already stated) appriciate it, if you keep on blogging about DK’s and also Rift… ’cause your postings made me curious and I think I might give it a shot.

  28. Charme says:

    How disappointing. I hope whoever (if anyone..) takes your position can match the level you’ve set the bar to.

  29. Tristra says:

    Consider, I have a story that has been told many times in this comment thread alone… but I will say I feel like i’m losing a mentor with your departure. I understand the basics behind DK mechanics thanks to the way you explained them in your neat and well kept EJ Forum. I want you to know that even though the game is bland, those who find it enjoyable (for the most part) are paying you a good deal of respect and homage. I guess, you found it bland but evidently you have made an impact (positive one at that in a game full of jackasses) in many peoples game. So I salute you good sir and may your blade never dull


  30. Vorga says:

    Hi. Thanks for all the helpful information. I went from baby dps to pwn deeps with the information you posted. It is very appreciated.

  31. Shíni says:

    Like everybody else, I want to thank you for everything you have done for the dk community.

    Tbh, your theorycrafting and guides were so superior to other classes’ that they were one of the biggest reasons I never gave up playing dk as my main. I just liked knowing what and especially why to do something. And if someone came up to me and asked me for tips or tricks, I could just post them the link to your guide and I knew they would get much out of it.

    Once more, thank you Consider for all your hard work.


  32. RokuNecrosis says:

    Like everyone else – I thank you again for your work on EJ threads and congratulate you on having two of the best guide formats and threads that they have ever seen.

    As for Rift blogs — Hell yeah. I think many of us are in RIFT giving it a try – would like to read others thoughts on build concepts, etc.

  33. Sag says:

    I’d love to hear your opinion on Rift, all of the souls make it somewhat difficult to figure out what is best, and why that is best. I’d also love to hear how you see their stats working and their value of crit and AP, as opposed to STR or Dex. I realize that there isn’t much of it at low levels in game, but it’s worth knowing. So what are you considering your main for rift?

  34. Coldam says:

    Consider, your guides have been insightful and immensely helpful. I would love to read anything you write in the future, since I love the strive for excellence you have.

  35. Jessica says:

    I’ll miss you. 😦

  36. ODK says:

    As you can see everyone loves you, great work you did for us, made the game much more enjoyable imho…

    Rift has been a blast, would love to see some writeups on that…i too dont think it will be a long lasting game at the molment but at the same time its gona be some great fun while it does last….

    They will have to work really hard to even keep up as 2nd best mmo…. seems they are trying hard right now – constant patching and fixing at the speed of light, even several reports ive made have been fixed within 24hrs time….

    They also support 2D Surround as of the Headstart (Beta it didnt work) so im able to run 5760×1200 over there as well, its the best way to play! 😛

  37. Kyzzie says:


    Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Death Knights. You’ve been a driving force for the DK community, and I will miss looking for those number crunches and clean threads on EJ. I’ll still keep coming over to this blog though. I know you’re not quitting blogging yet, right? 😀

  38. ravyn says:


    Thank you so much for your hard work.
    I can’t even begin to say how much your guides have helped me to not suck.

  39. DalamarD says:

    Thanks for all the work and effort you’ve put in making the DK community a better place Consider. I personally have benefited from your wisdom, and I know many others have as well. Sorry to see you go, but I would love for you to write your thoughts about Rift or anything else WoW-related as it comes up.

  40. Mysiana says:

    Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making the rest of us not suck! Your guides have always been a foundation block for everything I know and have learned about the DK class – in fact, I even linked both of your EJ threads and this blog in my guild forums for anyone interested in the DK class. It will be sad to see someone else take over, and I am afraid that they won’t live up to the standard you have created for us (and by looking at other class threads, your bar is set very high indeed).

    I look forward to seeing what you have to say about Rift. I have been having a lot of fun there. The game seems to hold a lot of promise… we will see what the endgame is like. Right now, the whole thing has the “new and shiny” factor, but I am hopeful!

  41. Tehax says:

    In some of my darker hours–generally at the tail end of an alcohol-soaked forum moderation binge–I wondered in horror how bad the DK forums might become if they didn’t have the saving grace of well crafted spec threads. I do not look forward to finding out. Sorry to see you go, and thanks for all your work.

  42. Caburrito says:

    Your efforts have been amazing! I’m gonna hate to see you go, I always looked forward to your input on changes. Anyways, thanks so much!

  43. Antitux says:

    Hey Consider,

    Please feel free to do write-ups about Rift. If your write-ups are at the same quality as your WOW ones, the Rift community will do nothing but grow.

  44. Branith says:

    I would love to see your musings on Rift so mark me down as solid YES!

  45. Majk says:

    Thanks for the time and effort Consider. You will be missed.

    Like many others above me have mentioned and I myself have mentioned before, I am interested in reading anything mmorpgish you feel the urge to write about.

    Good luck in Rift.

  46. Kobrinha says:

    Consider, thank you for the time and effort put into your guides. I’m another one of your “success stories”, as you’ve helped me become the best DK I could be in a top progression guild on my server.

    Good luck in future endeavours!

  47. Heartless says:

    I’d love to read more from you if your interest gets piqued by any of the upcoming changes. Like I’ve told others, if it wasn’t for you, I’d have been death gripped into a suspicious looking ice cream truck and never heard from again. Your guides have been such a staple for the class and kept us on the right track for well informed play, so thank you immensely.

  48. Wheva says:

    Farewell Consider, thanks for all the help throughout the years and GL with future endevors. You shall truly be missed by all of us DK(especially the Unholy’s)

  49. Deim says:

    Thanks for your efforts mate, they’ve been greatly appreciated

  50. xtatik says:

    I admit that I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction when I first read that you were going to discontinue doing the DK threads. Mainly because I can’t imagine anyone doing as good as you have. You have, by far, had the best theory crafting threads of any class/spec that I’ve seen. In fact, many classes have even started copying your format because it is just that good!

    Hopefully your successor will be just as good, but they have big shoes to fill. If not, I guess that will encourage me to do my own theory crafting. There have been *so* many times where I was unsure of something so I just said, “what does Consider have to say about this?” instead of actually figuring it out on my own.

  51. Rune says:

    I must thank you for all the things you have done for the DK community throughout the years. I spent a lot of time as a DK classleader when I played, and I can assure you that through your hard work and diligence that many DKs I came into contact with were better off! That EJ thread of yours, pure genius 😉

    On a separate note, regarding your blog here, I must say this is brilliant. I haven’t played WoW in almost 6 months now, and yet I still read your blog. Your insights, and general musings, are very interesting to read and I look forward to any information you provide on future games you play!

    Good work so far and I hope you keep on blogging, for your sake and mine! 🙂

  52. Sil says:

    Thanks for your blog & DK guides on EJ, they have been incredibly helpful to me, my guild and DK friends.

    As for me you are in the same league of excellence as Zakalwe for the warlocks and Theck for the Tankadins.

    I sure hope that you will blog about the DK changes as Blizzard is changing classes (too?) regularly.
    If you don’t I wish you well with your new endeavors.

    Regarding Rift I don’t have time to play both games so I’m concentrating on WoW presently. On the other hands many wow players like Rifts and I still would be interested to read about the game even if I don’t play it.

  53. Aielman says:

    I’ll be quite sorry to see you go. I’ve never had any interest in theory crafting. But I do enjoy reading your thoughts on the subject for the class I play the most. I am quite sorry to see you leave your post as the head guru writing up the EJ DK threads. It’s because of them, and the completely asstastic rogue section, and the only slightly better warrior section, the I almost exclusively play my DK. It’s through your guidance that I was as successful as I was during WotLK…and maintained number one in dps in my guild throughout the entire expansion.

    I too am finding it really difficult to find reasons to log on. I hate the grind up to end game raid content, and the content there just isn’t interesting me as much this time around. So perhaps your departure is a sign that I play something else.

    Perhaps I’ll see you in Rift. Thank you so much for your sage advice over the years.

  54. Dascylus says:

    Consider’s departure from managing the EJ threads marks the last time I will ever use that site for stat weights and such. I plan to go back to using Mr. Robot since the stat weights and BiS lists are almost similar to each other. After seeing all the people in the Frost thread using Simcraft as the basis of their findings, I just couldn’t stand to use that as a source for information anymore. Simcraft’s stat weights are completely wrong, that site is no more credible than the people who were saying excess hit increased their dps.

    • Grief says:

      yeah gg wp

    • ODK says:

      i havent played with it atall, but i remember in vanilla as a fury warrior, every bit of hit i got increased my damage more than any other stat i could stack, meters were kinda newish and i remember i use to have people yell at me sayin that it was stupid ect, then i would go on a run with them with = gear and end up puttin out like 30% more damage than them…..or anyone really, toppin the meter heavily…. sucked that tanks were needed so bad, was the only avail possible tank and the guilds best damage, they hated havin me tank but didnt have anyone else to take the spot, so then i wasnt able to show most people what the +hit was capable of, i think i was at like somethin redicilous like 19 or 21% or somethin. been so long i dont remember….

      i was just taught, Stack hit,….they never said when to stop, then when i started gettin laughed at i tried everything else, the hit came out on top…..

      not to say that it means a damn thing now, that was vanilla….but shrug, maby they were past fury warriors?

  55. Raaj says:

    Rift blog please! What class/spec… er, soul are you playing?

  56. ODK says:

    So fuck wow, can we have our Rift information now? show us how well you rip that mmo to pieces and theorycraft the pants off their playerbase….

    I highly suggest playing around with Cabalist for dps as a cleric (ive only played tripple healer cleric so far, with just a few mins with cabalist/purifier/sentinel) and i found it pretty insane for defending an invasion or really anything where you can gather your prey (or if you have a good tank with ya for sure)
    then when your havin issues with mana (which most battles will last long enough it can happen, if you dont wish to walk out of combat and lose out on stuff) you can pull a Sigil that so far at level 27 is able to recover somethin like 30-35% of my mana every 2 minutes, while blowing the hell outa a whole group of npc’s (as many that you can get in a 7 meter radius, which i think im gona talent +range to AOE next hah!)

    but yea, so ive only played with 4 souls so far on a single class…..and im LOVING the game, its also making me really want to have one of each character ALL with 4 roles…. probably more than one of each character, theres just so much fun in building a character and finding the most efficient way to play it and how you can switch jobs in an instant…. healing/tanking/dps, all at the ready if you wish them to be…

    it may be a short lived game if the end game content doesnt get more interesting than just rifts and reforming hedge mazes for raids……but my god that game has alot of potential, give them the same money blizzard has been working with and see what happens!

  57. Krabat says:

    For the tweed on Simcraft.
    I send a PM to Zimeron at EJ and got no reply…..
    When i was siming some days ago testing SImcraft i got some odd numbers only by switching between UP and FP ….. The Damage per Execute said that the any Damagesource increased by 10~30%, when i switch from FP to UP.
    That’s not only heavy RNG for one simulation. I got this results anytime i did this .

  58. Senusret says:

    Definitely consider blogging about RIFT classes I think a lot of WoW players are at least given the game a 3 months subscription to see how it turns out.

    • Dascylus says:

      I tried Rift during beta, just wasn’t my thing… WoW burned me out on the whole Fantasy MMO thing, only interests I have now are in the Sci-fi genre. Not really interested in anything Star Wars related either, so the only MMOs I am currently watching for is the Warhammer 40k one in development and Blizzard’s MMOFPS

      • RokuNecrosis says:

        You should look at EVE. It’s completely different and really a cool concept. Hard as hell to get into – meaning the learning curve is hard — but – gotta love a game where your choices matter – killing or getting killed really has significance – and strategy and smart game play is what makes you successful – not gear or arbitrary level. I mean – where else could a level 2 player defeat a level 85 in full resilience gear? (this is just a wow analogy – not how EVE works or its mechanics) — Again — hard game to get into – but really open and a blast once you can get over the learning curve.

  59. ODK says:

    so wheres our rift blogging?

  60. ODK says:

    Hope this isnt Skeleton Jack part 2…. where we lose our amazing writer to busy days and burnout…. disappointed to not have anything to read but i assume that means you have a nice (hopefully happy) full life goin on, hope all is well in your world…

  61. Sartharion of Terenas says:

    @Latest few tweets:

    1. If your boredom entails more deliciously sarcastic posts (laced with a heady dose of DK theorycraft), then… Don’t hate me, but: May you remain bored! I jest, I jest…

    2. Yes. More than once, unfortunately.

    3. I know nothing of your financial institutions, nor of your real life job qualifications/leanings. However, I can tell you that I’ve been trying out living/working in Washington, D.C… and liking it a lot. Yes, it’s an expensive city and yes, the job pickings are slim. But assuming you find said job? Oh man, best fun I’ve had in a while! Well organized, lots of diversity, good nightlife, etc.
    It also doesn’t hurt that everything is in walking/biking distance, which basically just forces one to stay in shape.
    If you’re looking to start over in a new place, there are few (though I won’t say “no other”) places I can think off, that would be better.

    I am of course, assuming you wish to stay in the United States. If you’re not adverse to the idea of moving to Canada however: Montreal. That is all.

  62. ODK says:

    Heh, checkin every day still hopin for rift posts…. Definately SkeleJack Part 2 – burnout killed the writer!

  63. gravity says:

    hey buddy, I just stopped blogging too. Was told you had a while back.
    Hope you’re enjoying your free time.

  64. Haardrada says:

    A way of “fixing” 4P T12 for Unholy: Have it proc off the ghoul’s damage as well. Also, the ghoul is now on fire.

    (there’s no way that the set bonus is going to stay that good for Frost)

    • Leviatharan says:

      Or perhaps they could just change it to certain abilities only, like the DPS Warrior 4P- Scourge Strike and Frost Strike, for example- having an X% chance to activate, separate from crit (Curse you KM!). That… seems like it would even out, at least in terms of raw numbers.

      • Leviatharan says:

        Oh I was so close… proccing automatically off Scourge Strikes and Obliterates…
        Gotta wonder if the bonus stacks though, or if it’ll make Scourge Strike Spam slightly… frowned upon. 😛
        Granted that Scourge Strike is still much higher priority than the 6% DoT’s uptime, but it would be *nice* if the DoT wasn’t wasted like old Runic Corruption procs.

      • Haardrada says:

        We’ll be lucky if the procs from physical and shadow portions of SS don’t overwrite each other.

  65. Demosthenes says:

    I dont spose you could/would do a new write up on Dk’s anytime soon? Miss hearing your thots on it all, maybe something you could tackle is our trinkets I have been following the forums and for the life of me the discussions and numbers for trinkets change day to day. Just a thought. Hope all is well in Consider Land.

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