It’s True – It Hurts To Be Right!

As predicted, the information fansites were able to release at midnight were indeed about guild talents, archaeology, and Path of the Titans (among a couple other minor points of interest).

I’m off to sleep shortly, but below are some initial thoughts on the various topics covered. I would recommend reading the news at the linked site, or any of the others which have it printed in full (Mmo-champion, Wowhead, etcetera). There’s no need for me to reprint it all, of course.

Scrapping Path of the Titans = Good.

  • I never saw the point. Each class/spec/role was going to have a specific path they had to go down in order to maximize their damage/healing/tanking. What purpose would it serve?
  • Redundant and complicated. Normal glyphs, then ancient glyphs, the latter of which worked off of utterly different rules/mechanics than the first?
  • Balancing it would have been an absolute nightmare. A PotT glyph which would have been fine and dandy on one class could be ridiculous on another. Blizzard would have had to either make all of the glyphs bland enough that none were too noticeable for any one class, or we would have had to live with the balance implications of some specs getting these amazingly synergetic new abilities. Lose-lose situation.

Improving/extending the current glyph system = Good.

  • There are very, very few minor glyphs at the moment (we, as Death Knights, have a total of 6). That’s not much to choose from, when we have three slots available.  A look over at the system almost certainly means improvement/additions.
  • Minor glyph were suppose to be flavor-oriented and “fun”, but most haven’t really lived up to that initial claim. Leaving minor glyphs as is (convenience oriented type things), and then giving “fun” glyphs there own category is most welcome.
    • $5 there’s a medium glyph to change how our ghoul looks.
  • Majors vary wildly in effectiveness. Some are great. Some are kinda iffy. Giving them a second look through such that all specs have awesome choices available is good.
  • Being able to swap glyphs without having to carry stacks around? Absolutely awesome. No explanation needed, really.

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Guild Talents – The Point?

Digging through Alpha spells revealed a couple new gems:

  • Fast Track – Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5/10%.
  • Mr Popularity – Reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5/10%.
  • Mount Up – Increases speed while mounted by 5%. Not active in Battlegrounds or Arenas.

Due to the fact that all of these spells have ranks (including Mount Up, although it appears to only have one currently), there’s little else they could be aside from talents, and due to the fact that all of these spells are unlinked to a specific talent tree or class, there’s little else they could belong to aside from guilds.

Before judging these, one has to question: What is the intent of guild talents?

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