Notes – Other Classes?

Short little poll to gauge interest (and to test the poll function). Self-explanatory, but basically I’m seeing if people would like pages similar to the current Cataclysm Notes for each class, and not just Death Knights:

I would separate them by sub-page, so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed by all of it on one screen, and so that you wouldn’t have to wade through the classes you could care less about. It would be a bit of work, time wise, but if there’s a desire for it, I wouldn’t mind doing them (and then maintaining them until such a time as either official notes are provided, or  the NDA is eliminated and a site like Mmo-Champion does its typically excellent job of compiling the information in a far superior manner than I could ever do).

Feel free to share your opinion, either which way. Honestly makes no difference to me, just figured I would throw it out there.

Edit: Do see my comments below if you’re concerned about this site as a whole. There’s nothing to worry about.

12 Responses to Notes – Other Classes?

  1. Roth says:

    Keep it DK specific, imo.

  2. Zeran says:

    Personally, I’d love to see you do this level of write up for each and every class. That being said, don’t bite off too much more than you can chew. Consider, you’re known for your attention to detail in the dk (specifically unholy) realm, and I would hate to see that get worse as you try to juggle the added weight of the other classes.

  3. Baadshah of Dawnbringer says:

    I voted “no”, because I appreciate the amount of attention and detail DKs are being given here. This is our first expansion, and we are still a relatively newer class with an entirely new resource system (which, coincidentally, is being revamped). As such, I believe there’s going to be a lot to talk about and discuss as more and more details pour in.
    I really like the organization and rapid updates I currently see on this blog, and wouldn’t want to risk you stretching yourself too thin trying to accomplish this for 9 other classes as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, aside from my DK I also play a Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest and Warlock. I try to balance out my theorycrafting amongst all of them equally. With that said, I’d like to see this become a forum for DKs and areas that affect us specifically. Other classes and specs have some great standalone resources going for them, such as Shadow Priests and Ret Paladins. I have yet to see a forum of that caliber emerge (and sustain itself) for Death Knights.
    This is obviously not counting stuff like EJ which, as you’ve noted, has a very cramped feel in the discussions and flow of topics.

    These are just my thoughts, but if you feel you can take on the added load and still maintain attention to DKs as much as you currently have, more power to you.

    • Consider says:

      Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with the actual blog itself, which would continue to be DK centric (aside from general game/raiding/expansion/etc posts, of course). It would simply be added pages with the current Alpha talent + ability changes for each class, organized near identically to the current Notes page, and that’s it. No analysis or whatever, just the pages as a resource, since a lot of the information isn’t necessarily consolidated elsewhere and, even where it is, it tends to be organized in a very lackluster manner (in my opinion, at any rate).

      It wouldn’t detract from anything else; I’ll still be posting/updating just as regularly, and these pages would obviously be prioritized behind the DK page and the other facets of the blog (although I should be able to do them in a timely manner regardless). As well, you wouldn’t see the pages unless you hovered over the current Cataclysm Notes link at the top (which would cause a drop down menu for each class to appear under your mouse), which means you would likely be specifically looking for them.

      As for my time and such, don’t worry about it. Wouldn’t throw it out there if I couldn’t handle it.

      Just some clarifications!

  4. Minaka says:

    I voted Yes, but I agree with the reasoning of the above posters; I love the level of attention and detail you give to the Death Knight class, and wouldn’t want to see that decrease because of more attention paid to other classes. If you could put notes from other classes as a secondary priority, to be done when/if you feel like it, fine. If it causes this site to turn into another general class site, then Consider This would be put to better use solely as a Death Knight Class website. So I guess my answer is more complicated then just “Yes” or “No” (an unfortunate flaw with polls, especially ones like this).

    • Minaka says:

      To clarify, I voted Yes because I play other classes, and would enjoy the attention paid to them( mainly Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue). If you value opinions from those who (intelligently) play the Death Knight Class more than those who play other classes (and if you want this to be mainly or exclusively a Death Knight website, you SHOULD), than your poll may not be as helpful as you hoped.

      • Consider says:

        Like I said above, this site would still be focused on DKs. It would just be the addition of those pages, nothing more, and those pages would likely be taken down once the NDA is out of the way and mmo-champ or WoR or other such sites do their usual top-notch jobs.

        People worry too much!

      • Minaka says:

        Ooh, JUST missed your comment, Consider, before making MY comments above ^. Please disregard my previous reservations. I would LOVE to see the other notes as an auxiliary to this site.

      • Minaka says:

        Ha, people worrying about your site changing too much is a GOOD thing. That means this site is becoming valued as a DK resource.

  5. Prejac says:

    Where’s the, “I don’t care, if you want to do the extra work, then cool.” option? 🙂

  6. Karesh says:

    I voted no as I am not interested in the other classes at this stage. But saying that if you want to post up other alpha class news then go for it. I have just got back into WoW and while I am not into the whole theorycraft aspect I do want to have a good understanding of my spec and class. Your Unholy write up on EJ has given me a great leg up into getting the best out of my class and to get my head around all the current changes and I am happy you sneaked in your blog link as I have been enjoying what you have had to say about all these new changes coming out.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. PB says:

    Other classes discussions would be a welcome addition, altho me as many others dont want the DK news to be put aside.

    Thanks for everything btw, your good work is sincerely appreciated. =D

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